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Faculty / Staff Mobile Device Registration
Faculty/Staff Mobile Device Registration

Use this form to request an exception for non-computer Internet-enabled devices in Bronco Wireless. Examples are WiFi-enabled phones (such as the iPhone, Droid, etc.) and mobile devices (such as the iPod touch).  This will circumvent the need to login to the browser in your phone for Internet access.

Mobile device registration is a courtesy extended to faculty and staff, NOT students. SUNY Delhi does not guarantee any service or Internet use, which is not academic by nature, to operate correctly on Bronco Wireless. SUNY Delhi reserves the right to deny any request.

A help desk ticket will be created under your name, and a correspondence e-mail will be sent to you once the request has been completed. Please allow up to ten business days for the request to be processed.

Your registration will be good for two years, you will need to submit a ticket for renewal if you still have the device after the two years is up. View your ticket correspondence for your expiration date.

WiFi MAC address:

A MAC address is a unique 12 digit serial number written in hexadecimal notation. It is written in different notations depending on the manufacturer of the device. Some examples are below.

* 00065BDD1338
* 00-06-5B-DD-13-38
* 00:06:5B:DD:13:38

To register your MAC, you will need to obtain the WiFi network card's hardware address. Depending on the device, there are different ways of finding this.

Settings >> General >> About >> Wifi address:

Settings >> About phone >> Status >> Wi-Fi MAC address:

If you are still unable to find your MAC address, please refer to your product manual or contact the manufacturer of your device.

Click below to register your device.

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