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Reopening SUNY Delhi Fall 2020 FAQ

Reopening SUNY Delhi Fall 2020 FAQ

This page is outdated and no longer valid. It is for historical reference only.


Academic FAQs

How do I know if my classes are in person, online, or hybrid this fall semester?   
Student course schedules in Bronco Web reflect whether courses will be in person, online, or hybrid. An email was sent to all students from the Provost regarding academic schedules on Tuesday, August 4. Please refer to that email for detailed information. 
I am not sure when I am supposed to come back to campus and start classes. Whom do I speak to?
Students should email their academic school for assistance with all academic questions. Please refer to the contact list at the bottom of the reopening web page to direct your questions to the appropriate office. Information about moving in to your residence hall will be sent via your SUNY Delhi email. You may also email the Office of Residence Life at   
What if I do not know what my academic major or school is?
Please see our list of academic schools and click to find majors in each school. You can also email the provost's office at who can assist you with this question.
My friend said they have to be on campus in early August to take classes, but my department told me I did not have to be there until August 31. Why are there differences?
Some students will be returning to campus earlier if they have lab requirements from the Spring 2020 semester that they need to complete prior to starting the Fall 2020 semester on August 31. All students will begin Fall 2020 classes on August 31, either online or in person. Students will be asked to return to campus at different times this fall in order to reduce density. Students in different majors and different class years will have different schedules. Please make sure you are reading your SUNY Delhi email often for specific information about your schedule. Contact your academic school with any questions.
Will student internships, clinicals, and practicums be allowed both on and off campus this fall semester?
Our current plan includes internships, clinicals, and practicums both on and off campus. If health and safety concerns change, we may adjust our plan according to guidance from SUNY, the NYS Department of Education, and the Governor’s Office. Please check your email frequently for any updates. 
I don’t do well with online classes. How can I ensure my academic success?
Many students do not initially think they will like or succeed in online classes. Most students, however, do very well. Our goal is to help you be successful regardless of how the course instruction is delivered. SUNY Delhi has created a self-paced, student online orientation designed to help students be successful in online courses and learn how to use Vancko Hall effectively. Please use this resource prior to starting your online courses this fall semester, and refer back to it as needed while you are taking your courses. If you ever need assistance in your courses, please reach out to your instructor or academic advisor for assistance. We are here to help!
Will I be able to meet with my academic advisor? 
Academic advisors will be available to assist students starting on August 20. If you have questions before that date, please email your academic school.
Will I have to wear a face covering in my classes?
Yes. All students who are taking classes/labs in person must wear a face covering unless there is ample space to adhere to the six-foot social distancing guidelines.

Face masks are required in all instructional spaces including classrooms, lecture halls, and laboratories, and all common areas including residence halls and all buildings. Please note: There is misinformation circulating about exemptions from face mask requirements connected to interpretations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). At this time, the ADA does not cite a blanket exemption from face covering requirements for individuals with disabilities, and has not issued documentation to support this exemption (e.g., "ADA cards"/letters/flyers). Please refer to the ADA and Face Mask Policies Guide for more information.

Any students or family members concerned about wearing a face mask on campus due to a disability should contact the Office of Access and Equity at 607-746-4744 or by visiting the Office of Access and Equity's web page.
What will the spring semester look like?
The college is focused on providing a healthy and safe Fall 2020 semester for our students. Given the constantly changing situation surrounding COVID-19, no plans have been set for the spring semester at this time. Our goal will be to have students on campus in the spring, modifying the schedule as needed to keep everyone safe. Details regarding the spring will be made available as early as possible.

Housing FAQs

When can I move in to the residence halls?
Information regarding residence hall move-in dates and times are available by logging in to the Housing Management System. Please find the link at the residence life web page or email with any questions.
Will room and board fees reflect the duration of time that I reside on campus? If I leave mid-semester (after completing in-person classes), will I be reimbursed for room and board?
The charges for room will be adjusted to reflect the amount of time students will reside on campus through November 20. Students who choose to leave campus early (before November 20) will not receive additional credits unless the college is required to close earlier than November 20. Information about the board charges will be sent with the fall semester bill. Students who wish to officially withdraw from the college will be required to follow the formal withdrawal process.
If I choose to leave campus after my labs are done and my instruction moves online, will I be able to change my mind and return to live on campus?
No. In order to reduce the risk of infection, once a student moves out of their residence hall, they will not be able to return for the remainder of the semester. 
I will be living on campus in the fall. Will I be able to leave campus to go downtown or Oneonta, or go home on the weekends?
Students are strongly encouraged to minimize all travel off the SUNY Delhi campus to reduce the risk of exposure. Therefore, we are asking that all students remain on campus once they arrive and only leave campus for absolute necessities. If you leave campus, you agree to not return to campus if you have knowledge of exposure to COVID-19. You may not return to campus for at least 14 days from the date of exposure or the cessation of symptoms as cleared by a healthcare professional. You must report any exposures/symptoms to Health and Counseling Services immediately. 
Will my family or friends be able to visit me on campus?  
No. At this time, no visitors (including family or friends who are not part of the SUNY Delhi student body, faculty, or staff) will be allowed on the SUNY Delhi campus or in campus buildings. This includes day and overnight visitors in the residence halls. To aid in identification, all SUNY Delhi students, faculty, and staff must visibly wear their valid SUNY Delhi ID when on campus and in common spaces.   
Will everyone have their individual room or will students be sharing rooms?
Residence hall rooms will be both single and double occupancy.
Can I pay for a single room if I don't want a roommate?
In most cases, no. Priority for single occupancy rooms is given to students with approved medical requests, including those who are most vulnerable to infection due to underlying medical conditions. Health and Counseling Services will utilize current medical record information to contact students who have self-reported immune-compromised conditions or comorbidities and will offer consultations regarding their options and needed accommodations. (If you need to report an underlying condition, please contact the office of Health and Counseling Services.) Requests for room changes or upgrades will be taken after the 10th day of the semester by contacting your building’s residence hall director. 
Will I have to wear a face covering in my residence hall?
Face coverings will be required to be worn in all public or shared spaces and buildings, including residence halls (such as in the common areas, the hallways, and the bathrooms) and when traveling around buildings. Face coverings do not need to be worn while in your assigned residence hall room when alone or in the presence of your roommate. 
What if I don’t feel comfortable living on campus? Can I take all my courses online and stay at home?   
You should begin this conversation with the dean of your academic school to discuss your options to complete your coursework online. Contact information for the dean of your school can be found at the bottom of the reopening page. Please also contact Student Financial Services to determine what impact this decision will have on your financial aid. If the decision is made for you to study online from home, email the Office of Residence Life at to discuss your next steps. 
Do off-campus students have to abide by the same rules when living in an apartment?   
Everyone must abide by the New York State mandates surrounding COVID-19 including restrictions on gatherings, rules about face coverings in public, quarantine regulations and more. Specific details can be found on the NYS COVID webpage. As a reminder, all students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct and college policy regardless of their place of residence. Students living off campus should communicate with their landlord regarding any other possible rules. 

Financial Aid, Billing, And Student Employment FAQs

Will there be any student employment on campus this fall?
There will be limited campus employment opportunities this fall semester. If you are interested in working, please see the Student Employment web page.
If I attend SUNY Delhi full time and reside on campus, will I be paying the full amount for tuition and room charges?
Tuition – yes. Room – no. Tuition is set by SUNY system administration and based on the cost of instruction, regardless of how the instruction is delivered. Although students will be completing all classes online after Thanksgiving break, students will still be receiving the full 15 weeks of quality instruction for the Fall 2020 academic semester and associated academic credit for the courses they take. The cost for room will be prorated for the last three weeks of instruction that will be completed at home. More information will be included in your fall semester bill.
Will we be getting a refund/adjustment/reduction for tuition since the last three weeks of the semester will be online, and not in-person? 
No. Tuition is based on the cost of instruction to receive academic credit, regardless of how that instruction is delivered. Although students will be completing all classes online after Thanksgiving break, students will still be receiving a full 15 weeks of instruction for the Fall 2020 academic semester.
Why do I still have to pay the mandatory fees if I am living at home this semester taking classes online only? 

Mandatory fees support several college activities and services and are essential for the college to operate. Mandatory fees are not user-based fees and students are encouraged to take full advantage of the benefits these fees provide. For Fall 2020, the Athletics Fee, Student Activity Fee and Transportation Fee have all been reduced by 20%. The 20% reduction is automatically factored into student billing with no other action needed by the students. In addition, except for the Transportation Fee, services and programs provided by these fees will be available remotely through the course of the semester. 

Remote services and programs will be announced in Delhi Today and BroncoCONNECT. 

Health and Safety Questions FAQs

Do I have to test negative for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus? What protocols are in place before a student returns to campus to study? 
You do not have to be tested for COVID-19 prior to returning to campus. However, all students must complete a mandatory pre-screening procedure no more than 14 days prior to arrival on campus. Once you are cleared by a member of our medical team, you may arrive on campus at your assigned time. Once on campus, ALL students must complete a daily health assessment prior to attending class or leaving their residence. Details regarding the mandatory pre-screening and daily screening process have been sent to students’ SUNY Delhi email from Health and Counseling Services. For further questions, please email   
Is SUNY Delhi conducting surveillance testing?
Yes. Residential students, students taking in person classes or labs, and other groups of students will be required to participate in the mandatory surveillance testing. Detailed instructions will be emailed to students.
What do I do if a student is not complying with the campus health protocols and expectations?
Please politely request that the student comply with the established campus health protocols. If the student does not comply and it is deemed warranted, you may complete a violation report.
I have a pre-existing condition. What protocols are in place to protect my health?
SUNY Delhi takes the health and safety of our campus community very seriously. Anyone with a pre-existing condition is asked to take extra precautions when in a public space, including wearing a face covering at all times, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a minimum distance of six feet from others. Please refer to the vulnerable population section of the reopening plan web page. It will ultimately be your decision to either stay on campus and attend classes or study remotely from home this fall.
Will the campus provide face coverings for students?   
All on-campus students will be provided with two reusable face coverings. Students living on campus will be given the face coverings at move-in. Commuter students must stop at University Police in North Hall to pick up their face coverings. Face coverings should be washed daily so we recommend that all students bring an additional two or three washable face coverings to campus to avoid having to wash face coverings every night. Face coverings will also be available in the campus bookstore for purchase.

What other safety protocols does SUNY Delhi have in place to keep me safe while I am studying and living on campus?
SUNY Delhi is following the recommendations and guidelines of the CDC and the NYS Department of Health to help keep our campus community safe. It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with these guidelines and take the necessary actions to help keep themselves and those around them safe. Please refer to the Reopening Plan web page for details about the new health and safety protocols that have been established on the SUNY Delhi campus.
What additional cleaning protocols is SUNY Delhi using to keep everyone safe?
In accordance with CDC regulations and cooperation with the health department, SUNY Delhi has established enhanced cleaning and disinfectant protocols.
Do I have to wear a face covering if I am outside?    
You don’t have to wear a face covering when you are alone and can maintain a 6-foot distance from other people. If you are walking with others and you cannot stay 6 feet apart, you must wear a face covering. When in doubt, it is best to wear a face covering. 
Why do I have to wear my SUNY Delhi ID?  What if I lost my ID? 
  • Due to outside visitors or guests not being permitted in campus buildings, your valid SUNY Delhi ID card will help you be identified as a current student, faculty, or staff. Only residential students and approved faculty/staff are allowed inside the residence halls and must have the residence life sticker displayed on their ID cards.  Lanyards and other badge holders will be distributed to students and employees so that they may visibly wear their SUNY Delhi ID while on campus. (Residential students are provided a lanyard during move-in. Commuters and faculty/staff can pick up a lanyard from University Police in North Hall.)  
  • New students will be provided an ID at check-in.  Returning students who have lost their ID should follow replacement instructions on the CADI webpage. Employees who have lost or need to replace their SUNY Delhi ID should contact the CADI office at x4750 as soon as possible to get a replacement to be compliant with this requirement. 
My friend at another college has to do a daily health check. Do we have anything like that?  
Yes. Students as well as faculty/staff who plan to be physically on campus are required to complete a daily health screening. The health screenings can be accessed via a smartphone or computer and are mandatory for every day you will be on campus and should be filled out in the morning prior to leaving your residence hall or arriving on campus.  We recommend creating a shortcut to the links below on the home screen of your phone or computer for easy access to the form every morning.  
Daily health screening for students  
Daily health screening for faculty and staff
What do I do if I have any of the symptoms of COVID-19? 
  • Students can call the Health & Counseling Center at 607-746-4690 to schedule an appointment to be seen. Please identify that you are experiencing symptoms so special accommodations can be made for your appointment.   
  • If the Health & Counseling Center is closed, you can call O’Connor Hospital at 607-746-0300 or your medical provider. The NYS Department of Health also has a COVID-19 Hotline at 888-364-3065. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 off campus, you must report your diagnosis to the Health and Counseling Center.   
  • Faculty and staff should call their primary care physician or local urgent care center or hospital to schedule an appointment to be seen. The Health and Counseling Center cannot treat faculty or staff.  
  • If you answer yes to any of the daily health screening questions, you must STAY HOME/IN YOUR ROOM. After you submit the health screening, you will be contacted by a member of Health & Counseling Services (if you are a student) or the Office of Human Resources (if you are an employee).    
What happens if someone on campus is diagnosed with COVID-19?   
  • In accordance with recommendations from SUNY and New York State, students who test positive for COVID-19 will be sent home via private transportation unless they are not able to leave campus. Students who are not able to leave campus will be assigned to the designated isolation/quarantine spaces in collaboration with Health & Counseling Services and the Delaware County Department of Public Health.   
  • Faculty or staff who are diagnosed with COVID-19 can consult with the Office of Human Resources regarding sick leave and other details, and should follow the New York State Department of Health isolation protocols. 
  • Contact tracing will be completed by the Delaware County Department of Public Health. 

Student Life FAQs

Will there be different expectations for students this year due to COVID-19?
Yes! Please carefully read the expectations in the Student Code of Conduct Appendix 11 for all students. Any student who remains registered for the Fall 2020 semester agrees to abide by these guidelines.
I am a commuter student. What will be different for me?   
Like all students, commuters must complete a mandatory pre-screening health questionnaire no more than 14 days prior to the first day of class, as well as daily health screenings before arriving for any on-campus classes, labs, meals, activities, or appointments (details regarding the health screenings will be sent to your SUNY Delhi email). Along with the rest of the campus community, you will also be required to wear a face covering in public buildings and classrooms and adhere to social distancing rules. Commuters can pick up a free package of PPE at University Police in North Hall.   
I am a student athlete. What is happening with athletics this fall?

Following a decision from the North Atlantic Conference (NAC) to suspend all conference contests and championship seasons for Fall 2020 while not limiting member institutions from individually conducting practices and athletic events, the SUNY Delhi athletics department has announced its plan for athletic activities for student-athletes this fall.

SUNY Delhi will conduct team practices, workouts, and strength and conditioning activities in Fall 2020 while adhering to institutional reopening safety guidelines that include social distancing, face coverings, and enhanced disinfecting procedures. Intercollegiate contests with other member institutions will be considered on a sport-by-sport basis later in the semester.

Please visit the athletics website for more information, or email

Student-athletes will be returning to campus based on their academic major and class year. Please monitor your emails for information about your return dates from your academic department.

What do I do if I see people on campus who aren’t following social distancing protocols?
Please politely request that the student comply with the established campus health protocols. If the student does not comply and it is deemed warranted, you may complete a violation report.
Will the bookstore be open?
The bookstore will be open in Farrell Hall with new safety protocols in place.  The staff is also able to assist students online. Please visit the bookstore website for the most up-to-date information or use their customer service form for any questions.  
Will I be required to quarantine if my roommate or someone in one of my classes gets sick?   
SUNY Delhi is working closely with Delaware County Public Health who will perform the proper contact tracing and identify people who had close contact with the infected individual.  If you are a person they identify as a close contact, they will reach out to you with instructions.
Will there be activities and events on campus? Will clubs and organizations be meeting?
The Student Senate and Student Programming Board have plans for many virtual events and activities this semester, including a virtual club/activities fair, trivia nights, game shows, and more. Weekly movies in The Okun Theatre may be held if allowable with proper social distancing. Keep an eye on BroncoCONNECT for a full calendar of events happening.
All meetings will be hosted virtually. Every student has access to Zoom to use as a platform for online meetings. In-person events may be allowed on a case-by-case basis for very small groups with proper safety protocols in place, if there is an event that cannot be held virtually. Requests for in-person events must be submitted for approval to the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement.
A full list of the new rules and policies can be found in the COVID-19 document on the Student Senate's BroncoCONNECT page. You must be logged in to BroncoCONNECT to view the document.
Will the fitness center, gym/arena, bubble, racquetball courts, pool, dance studio, and other indoor recreation facilities be open this semester? 
  • New York State has announced guidelines for gyms and fitness centers that will require special procedures in order for facilities to open. The SUNY Delhi athletics department is currently working on a plan to implement safety measures such as temperature checks, social distancing on equipment, venue capacity limits, and more. Once facilities are ready to open to students, an announcement will be made on the athletics website.    
  • The pool is also developing a plan for use this semester. Updates and announcements on opening will be made on the pool webpage.   
  • All recreation facilities on campus will be closed to off-campus community members for the foreseeable future.  
Are the outdoor basketball courts, track, tennis courts, and other athletic fields open?
Yes! As long as you can maintain a 6-foot distance between yourself and others, you are welcome to use the outdoor recreation facilities to play games that don’t result in physical contact. Games that result in physical contact or require players to be within 6 feet of each other (3-on-3, 1-on-1, etc.) will NOT be allowed on any outdoor field or court.  
Will the Bronco Bus Shuttle be operating for on and off-campus trips?
  • The Bronco Bus will transport students to the valley campus (farm, auto lab, turf center, construction lab, utility pole yard, etc.) for classes and labs. Transportation to and from Riverview Townhouses will also be provided. Face coverings are required while riding the shuttle. A schedule can be found on the shuttle webpage.  
  • The Center for Student Leadership and Student Senate will not be sponsoring the weekly/weekend shuttle to Oneonta this semester. Students are strongly encouraged to stay on campus as much as possible. If you have a concern about needing an essential item not found in Price Chopper or another store in Delhi, please reach out to your Residence Hall Director to discuss your options.      
Will mail room services be available?  
Yes! Residential students can still receive packages and mail on campus. The procedures for the mail room are subject to change to respond to demand or social distancing requirements.  You can find updated information on the Student Mail Center webpage.  

General/Community FAQs

Is Bluestone Pub & Restaurant open?
Yes. Bluestone is open, serving lunch and dinner with a new seating format for the dining room and patio for the summer. Visit the Bluestone website for more information. The plan for Fall 2020 is still being developed.
Is the College Golf Course at Delhi open?
Yes, the College Golf Course at Delhi is open for business seven days a week with new social distancing and safety rules in place. For hours and details about the changes, please visit the College Golf Course at Delhi website.
Are campus facilities such as the library, athletic facilities, and other common areas open to the public? 
No. At this time, the campus and its facilities are closed to the public. 
Are the dining halls open? Is the BN Cafe/Starbucks open?   
  • Dining halls access is limited to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. Please wear your SUNY Delhi ID so the dining staff can verify your access. No visitors are allowed in any dining facility (including BN Café) at this time. 
  • Farrell Commons and MacDonald Dining Center will both be offering hot and cold meal options, including take-out, a la carte items, and pre-packaged grab & go items. There will be no buffets or serve-yourself options.  Seating will be reduced to 50% capacity.    
  • The campus convenience C-Store will be relocated to Treat Street for small grocery and convenience purchases.     
  • Treat Street will be open for normal take-out and grab & go options.   
  • BN Cafe will be open for normal grab & go options.    
  • More information and hours of operation can be found on the CADI webpage.   

The Bronco Pledge

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