Early Financial Aid Refunds

Early Financial Aid Refunds

Update as of December 7, 2021:

Student refunds for the Spring 2022 semester will begin to process on or after February 16, 2022, for eligible students.  At that time, refunds will be processed using the student's refund preference through Bank Mobile. For more information about refunds or setting up a refund preference, visit our College & Financial Aid Refunds page.

To accommodate the needs of our students, we are accepting requests for students to receive a portion of their financial aid refund prior to the scheduled refund date to help cover the cost of books, materials, rent and/or other educational expenses.

Note: Early refund requests will be reviewed and released at the discretion of the college. Requests for funding prior to the scheduled refund date (listed above) may be reduced and/or prioritized based upon available funding. 

Early Refund Information & Instruction

What is a refund?

A refund is a payment due to the student (or parent) when a student's financial aid and/or payments exceed the costs listed on their semester bill. Sometimes, refunds are caused due to over borrowing student and/or parent loans. Loan borrowers should consider borrowing only what is needed to save money over time.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Start by checking the status of your semester account balance. If your balance reflects a negative amount (credit balance), this means that you can anticipate a refund due to excess funds. A positive balance instead indicates the amount you owe to the college. Follow the steps below to review your account:

1. Log in to Bronco Web.

2. Click on ‘Student Account.’

3. Click ‘View your Bill’ (Right click the link and choose to open in a new tab if the page does not load).

4. Within QuikPAY, choose ‘View & Pay Accounts.’

How will I receive my refund early?

You will be refunded directly through your Bank Mobile refund preference

How do I request my refund early?
Within Bronco Web, click on the ‘Student Services & Financial Aid’ tab, then click 'Student Accounts' and follow the link to submit the ‘Early Refund Request’ form. This form is typically available at the beginning of the semester.
How much of my refund can I request early?
You may request an early refund up to the amount of your negative current account balance (credit) listed in Bronco Web. All requests must be justified and approved prior to receiving the funds. Typically, students only receive a portion of their refund early to cover their immediate educational expenses. Remaining credit balances will be refunded on or after our scheduled refund date (listed above).

Important: There are situations that will require a student to return some or all of their refund to SUNY Delhi. For example, students who withdraw, or if their aid eligibility changes, would subsequently owe a balance due to SUNY Delhi that may include the amount of their issued refund.

How do I use my refund to purchase books, supplies or cover other educational expenses?
Your refund will be sent directly to you based on your refund preference (direct deposit or through a Bank Mobile Vibe account). Once you have received the funds, you may use them to make purchases as you normally would.  Refunds will not be transferred to the Barns & Noble Bookstore as a credit.
How long will it take to receive my refund after submitting the Early Refund Request form?
Requests are reviewed daily during our normal business hours. Typically, funds for most approved requests will be available within two to three business days based on your refund preference in Bank Mobile.