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A Message from VP Carol BishopFall leaves on campus

Welcome back!

We have had a busy summer preparing for the new academic year. We also took a little time for self-reflection, working to build our own team and help us identify our core values and who we are. One of the outcomes has been a change in division name to Finance & Administration. Two years ago when the business office merged with the administrative areas, we did not change the division name to correspond. While the name change is minor, it is more representative of all of our functions: Business Office, Facilities, Human Resources, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Student Financial Services and Risk Management. We have an awesome team!

Have a great semester!
Carol Bishop
Vice President for Finance & Administration

Who we are...

Office Functions

  • Business Office: Travel, Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable
  • CIS (Computer Information Systems):  ARGOS Reporting, Network Admin, Telephone System, Classroom & Lab Support, Help Desk, Banner
  • Facilities: Capital Construction, Custodial Services, Energy Management, Maintenance, Mailroom, Grounds, EHS
  • Risk Management: Audit, Contracts, Internal Control, Insurance, Legal/FOIL
  • Human Resources: Affirmative Action, Benefits, Ethics, Employment, Labor Relations, Payroll
  • Student Financial Services: Student Accounts, Financial Literacy, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Call Center

Baby holding parent's hand

Staff Spotlight: Babies!

The past few months have brought new additions to several F&A staff families, with a couple more to come. Three staff members share some of their story.

Jessica Escobedo, Student Financial Services

"It is amazing how having a second child changes everything! Our 10-year-old daughter has been a great big sister to her new little brother and the bond between them is already so strong. It was quite an eye-opening experience for my husband and me to try and re-learn everything we learned many years ago with our daughter. Our baby boy has brought us so much joy and watching him grow every day is so rewarding. He has an easygoing spirit and is only fussy when he needs something (quite the opposite of our daughter). We look forward to all of the fun times ahead!"

Chris Keaney, Student Financial Services

"Having our second child was very different than our first. When our son arrived we expected challenges similar to those we had with our now 2½-year-old daughter. So far, much to our surprise, our newborn does not need to be held constantly and walked around, nor has he had colic as his big sister did. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Ironically, I’ve noticed though that there is a more distancing I have with him than with her. Since he is often content in his swing and doesn’t require as much holding, I don’t end up having the same time with him that I did with his sister. Sometimes things are just meant to be, since we are very lucky my son has been a bit easier going with such big changes as moving to the area and starting a new job. We are extremely blessed to have little man as an addition to our household!"

Grady Miller, Computer Information Systems

"Our baby girl has been a true source of joy for my wife and me. God's word says it well: Children are an inheritance from Jehovah; The fruit of the womb is a reward (Psalms 127:3). Our oldest daughter, Clara, was almost two years old when her baby sister, Emma, was born. It is beautiful to see the love Clara has for her little sister; she was so excited when she first met Emma and has been full of love for her ever since. Lately, Emma has been full of smiles. Those precious smiles and occasional giggles are such a treat. And, of course, it’s amazing to see how fast they grow!"

Energy-Saving Tips

While few if any of these are likely to be new information, they are good reminders to do what we already know.

Heating/Cooling, Doors/Windows  

  • Make sure doors and windows are closed and in good repair when heating or cooling the area.
  • Report any problems, needed repairs, or excess heating/cooling to Facilities (x4020, 
  • When the heat is on in winter, open your shades during the day to let sunlight in, and close them at night to reduce heat loss; do the opposite for summer. 
  • Keep vents, radiators, sensors and thermostats clear of obstructions so they can do their job. 
  • Dress for conditions; be aware that the temperature set-point on campus in summer is 76 degrees and in winter it is 68.

Computers, Equipment, Lighting

  • Look for energy-efficient equipment (e.g., EnergyStar-rated).
  • Turn on computers, printers, monitors, etc. only when needed; plug them into a power strip to make it quick and easy to turn them off for extended absences (breaks/vacations).
  • Utilize daylight and task lighting rather than overhead lighting when possible, and choose LED or fluorescent lightbulbs.
  • Turn the lights off when you're the last to leave home, office, classrooms or conference rooms, or when you see unoccupied areas.
  • Share printers, refrigerators and other appliances/equipment rather than individually plugging in your own, and remember to turn off or unplug small appliances like fans and phone chargers when not in use.
  • If you're feeling more ambitious, consider taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or perhaps test out replacing a car trip with walking, bicycling, or carpooling one or more times a week.
  • Varying the choices we make can open up a greater awareness of the impact they have, personally, monetarily and on the planet.

Joint Commission on Public Ethics Newsletter

The JCOPE 2019 Spring/Summer Newsletter is now available!

NET Cards & Travel Cards: What's the Difference?Net and Travel Cards

The Non-Employee Travel (NET) Card and Travel Card programs are intended to reduce the amount of employee out-of-pocket expenses and alleviate any undo financial hardship when traveling on behalf of SUNY Delhi. These cards are certainly helpful when paying for travel-related expenses, but it’s important to remember the following:

  • Travel Cards are used for travel-related expenses ONLY for the cardholder. They cannot be used to pay for dinner or hotel expenses for anyone other than themselves. 
  • The NET Card is used to pay for travel-related expenses for a student or visitor traveling on official State University business; it cannot be used for any NYS employee. The exception to this is when coaching staff are traveling with a team, or an instructor is traveling with a class or students for a group trip. In these cases the traveler can use the NET card, or they can use their own personal funds and seek reimbursement.

For further information in regards to the proper use of the NET and Travel Cards, please review the Travel Cards section of the Travel Policies & Guidelines Manual located on the Travel web page or contact Casey Flynn.

Fall 2019 Quiz

Zero-Sort or NOT Zero-Sort? That is the question.

With Zero-Sort recycling bins throughout campus, let's make sure we know what goes where. 

If your answers are all correct, you'll be entered into a drawing for a prize!

Spring 2019 Quiz Winners

Callie Cash, Barb Scherer and Katie Schultz were randomly drawn from those who provided correct answers to all the quiz questions. 

1. At least how many days before travel should a Travel Request be submitted to the Purchasing
    & Accounts Payable Office?  2 weeks (10 days)
2. What is the current mileage reimbursement rate (effective 1.1.2019)? 58 cents per mile
3. What is the current maximum per diem you could claim for 3 nights in Buffalo, NY?
     $66 x 3 days = $198
4. What is the current maximum lodging rate per night in Albany, NY?  $113
5. What is the web address where you can find the Car Rental Calculators?


Finance & Administration

The Finance & Administration Team services a wide range of administrative support functions that include the campus’s Budget Office, Business Office, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Facilities and Physical Plant, Human Resources, and Student Financial Services.

We deliver:

  • Physical Operations & Support
  • Technological & Financial Leadership
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving
  • Education & Training
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Planning & Reporting Tools

Our team strives to provide high quality services, effective solutions, and regulatory guidance to promote responsible administration of the campus’s physical infrastructure, technology, financial resources, and human capital in support of SUNY Delhi’s strategic vision.