Purchasing Office

Purchasing Office


Purchases using New York State funds are governed by the appropriate sections of the State of New York finance law, the Office of the State Comptroller rules and regulations, State University of New York policies and procedures, and other applicable requirements. The basic procurement objective is to secure the most appropriate materials, supplies, equipment and services from the most reasonable and responsible source, consistent with quality requirements and delivery needs as will best promote the interests of the State University of New York and SUNY Delhi.

Effective Monday 1/23/2023 a new spending review process was implemented. Effective July 5th, the process has moved to Team Dynamix (TDX) workflow software. All purchases must be submitted for review via the Purchase Requisition Justification Form. 

Currently, offices are not permitted to obligate funds without the prior knowledge and approval of the Purchasing Office. This is accomplished by submitting an electronic requisition through FMS (Finance Management System) to the Purchasing Office showing the intended purchase or service required. The Purchasing Office should be allowed sufficient time (up to five working days) to process the request and finalize the purchase. Purchases that do not follow this process may be rejected. Purchases without this requisition and a valid purchase order may be at the purchaser's own expense.

For directions on how to use FMS, please contact the Purchasing Office at 607-746-4500 /  procurement@delhi.edu.

The total dollar amount or value of a procurement is used to decide what procurement method the Purchasing Office will follow (e.g., soliciting quotes, formal bids, request for information, request for proposal, etc.). It is important to note that when determining the total dollar amount or value, the total contract term must be considered. SUNY Delhi is not permitted to enter into one-year contracts with the same vendor in order to avoid obtaining a multi-year contract or soliciting competition. SUNY Delhi requires reasonableness of price for purchases of $2,500 or more. You should refer to the SUNY Threshold Chart for more information on what procurement method should be used based on the total dollar amount of the purchase you need to make.

Split ordering (also known as the $2,500 60-day rule) is not permitted. Split ordering is defined as the practice of splitting a transaction or group of like transactions into two or more individual smaller dollar value transactions to avoid competitive bidding requirements. In addition, our procurement guidelines state that multiple purchases by an agency of similar materials, equipment, supplies, and services within a 60-day period shall be considered a single purchase. As an example, two departments could simultaneously submit requisitions at $10,000 each for similar equipment. The Purchasing Office would be required to treat that as a single purchase and follow procurement requirements for a $20,000 purchase.

Purchases cannot be finalized, services cannot be authorized, and contract work cannot begin until all necessary approvals are granted. Authorizing a purchase, services, or contract work before all approvals are received is beyond the scope of a state employee's authority, and the employee may be held personally liable.

Selecting a Vendor The SUNY Delhi purchasing hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Preferred Sources must use if form, function & utility are met
  2. NYS Contracts
  3. NYS Certified MWBEs
  4. NYS Certified SDVOB

SUNY has been tasked with spending 15% of discretionary funds with MBEs and 15% with WBEs, and 6% with SDVOBs.

Local Vendor Options: We have charge accounts with several local vendors: Curtis Lumber, Delhi Auto & Truck, Dubben Brothers Hardware, Ace Hardware, McDowell & Walker, O'Neill's Shire Pub, Price Chopper, and Tuna III. These local vendors each have different requirements for you to be able to charge with them. Contact the Purchasing Office (607-746-4500 / procurement@delhi.edu) to find out what is required.

*Failure to comply with local vendor requirements will result in your inability to utilize these vendors for State purchases.*

Project Sunlight

Project Sunlight is a government-mandated component of the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 with which all state agencies must comply. It is an online database that provides the public with an opportunity to see what entities and individuals are interacting with government decision-makers. For our campus, we are most focused on complying with Project Sunlight for procurement purposes. When there is communication with a vendor (known as a "vendor appearance") via video or in person, this communication must be reported. Written communications such as letters, faxes, forms and emails are not considered appearances and telephone conversations are now optional for SUNY to report. Please fill out and submit the appearance form (pdf) to your appropriate campus liaison within 24 hours of communication. Communication via phone is optional to report and letter, email or fax does not need to be reported.

All decision makers and advisors to decision makers are required to complete a training every two years and provide the Project Sunlight Coordinator with a copy of their training certification form (docx)

Please contact the Purchasing Office, 607-746-4500 / procurement@delhi.edu, with any questions.

Helpful Hints

  • If an item is available through a NYS Contract, please include the contract number on the purchase requisition.  Most contract numbers begin with "PC," "PS" or "PT" and are followed by a five-digit number.
  • Written price quotes should be obtained whenever possible.  You must have at least two (2) written quotes or reasonableness of price if your order totals $2,500 or more.
  • The Purchasing Office has the final determination of vendor.  Preferred source, NYS Contract and MWBE vendors should be utilized as required by law and regulation.
  • Departments must contact the Purchasing Office for assistance with finalizing any contract or agreement that obligates SUNY Delhi.

** Chelsea Mathieu, Interim VP of Finance & Administration and Maureen O'Connor, Director of Budget and Accounting are the only persons authorized to sign agreements or contracts. If you sign an agreement or contract you are NOT binding the college and may find yourself liable for payment. **

Questions may be directed to the Purchasing Office at 607-746-4500.