Tool Lists

Some programs require more than books.  The tools of the trade allow each student to expand their education experience by adding a hands-on component that puts theory into practice.

Check the list below to see if your major will require you to purchase additional materials as part of your education.

All Hospitality Programs including Club Management, Culinary, Hotel & Resort, Restaurant & Food Service, Travel & Tourism.

Automotive Technology  First year (AAS, AOS, CERT.)

Automotive Technology   Second year (AAS, AOS, CERT.)

Carpentry and Building Trades (AAS, AOS, CERT.)

Club Management (BBA) 

Computer Aided Drafting (AAS, AOS, CERT.)

Culinary Arts (AAS, BBA)

Electrical Const. & Maintenance (AAS, AOS, CERT.)


Hotel and Resort Management (AAS, BBA)

RN / Nursing (Cert, AAS) 

Plumbing, Heating, Pipefitting (CERT.)

Restaurant and Food Service Management (AAS, BBA)

Travel and Tourism (AAS, BBA)

Welding Technology (AAS, AOS, CERT.) 

Woodworking/Cabinetmaking (AOS, CERT.)


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