Campus Committees

If you want to learn more, or join a campus committee, please go to BroncoCONNECT.

Academic Policies Committee – Lauren Sloane, Chair 

Access and Equity Services Team - Gabriella Vasta, Chair 

Alcohol and Other Drug Committee – Lacey Williams, Chair 

Assessment Committee – Marc Evans & Caitlin Bartlett, Co-chairs 

CADI Board – John Padovani, President 

Calendar Committee – Nazely Kurkjian, Chair 

Campus Campaign Committee - Morgan Moore, Chair 

Chancellor's Award Executive Committees - Cheri Rossi and Lori Ciarardoni, Co-chairs 

  • Excellence in Adjunct Teaching – Michele Frazier, Chair 
  • Excellence in Classified Service - Tracy Hoeppner, Chair 
  • Excellence in Faculty Service – Joseph Piasek, Chair 
  • Excellence in Librarianship - Shelly Jones, Chair 
  • Excellence in Professional Service - Kristy Digger, Chair 
  • Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities - Laura Raner, Chair 
  • Excellence in Teaching – Dana Jayakumar, Chair 
  • Student Excellence - Nicholas Sinstack, Chair 

Collaborative Data Governance - Kristy Fitch, Chair 

College Council – Jack Schumaker, Acting Chair 

College Senate – Alice Krause, Chair 

  • Academic Promotion Committee – Nancy Winters, Chair 
  • Budget and Planning Committee – Doug Holub, Chair 
  • Campus Life Committee – Yassir Semmar, Chair 

Commencement Committee - Nazely Kurkjian, Chair 

Conduct Council – Lacey Williams, Chair 

Continuing and Term Appointment Committee – Chris Jones, Chair 

CSEA Labor/Management Committee – Laurie Jones & Ruth Ehrets, Co-chairs 

Curriculum Committee - Lars Schweidenback, Chair 

Electronic Information Technology (EIT) Liaisons Group – Gabriella Vasta & Shawn Brislin, Co-chairs 

Employee Assistance Program - B Davis, Chair 

Equity Council - Erin Wagner & Sebastion DeCrescenzo, Co-chairs 

Green Team - Peter Brusoe, Chair 

Honors Program Advisory Committee – Shelly Jones, Chair 

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) - Andrea Balcom, Chair, & Bret Meckel, Attending Veterinarian 

Institutional Review Board – Lindsay Walker, Chair 

Intercollegiate Athletic Board - Laura Raner, Chair  

Microcredential Committee – Misty Fields 

Online Instruction Committee - Jason Cash & Jeanette Reinhardt, Co-chairs 

Policy Committee – Lacey Williams, Chair 

Rave Mobile Safety Alert - Martin Pettit, Chair  

Retention Council – Nazely Kurkjian, Chair 

Staff Development – Carrie Fishner & Abby Brannen-Wilson, Co-chairs 

Student Veteran Support Team – Ann-Lis Glenn, Chair 

Traffic Appeals Board – Elizabeth Hoyt, Convener  

UUP Labor Management Committee – Kelly Keck & Ruth Ehrets, Co-chairs 

Voter Engagement Committee – Elizabeth Hoyt, Chair 

Workplace Violence Prevention Task Force – Ruth Ehrets, Chair 

Writing Across the Curriculum – Ben West & Amanda Holland, Co-chairs 

Office of Admissions

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