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General Education Assessment
General Education Assessment Plan

Assessment of general education student learning outcomes occurs on a three-year cycle in accordance with the SUNY Delhi General Education Assessment Plan.  (A complete list of approved general education courses can be found on the Provost's web page.)  In 2008, SUNY Delhi completed the General Education Closing the Loop Report documenting how results from general education assessments were used to improve student learning.

Students pursuing a Bachelor's degree who enter SUNY Delhi in the Fall 2011 semester or later are required to meet revised general education requirements.  These revisions were made to provide flexibility in completing general education requirements.

Assessment Schedule

General education student learning outcomes will be assessed according to the following schedule:

Social Science (one-third of courses)
Mathematics (one-third of courses)
Basic Communication (objectives 1 and 2)
Natural Science

Foreign Language
American History
Other World Civilizations
Western Civilizations
Natural Science
Social Science (one-third of courses)
Mathematics (one-third of courses)
Basic Communication (objectives 3 through 5)


Critical Thinking
The Arts
Social Science (one-third of courses)
Mathematics (one-third of courses)
Information Management
Basic Communication (objectives 6 and 7)

Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment
Monica Liddle

Institutional Research Assistant
JoAnna Brosnan

Assessment Committee Chairs

Steve Tucker

Monica Liddle 

Last Updated: 1/9/15