Scholarship Assistance

Need help finding money? 

Many colleges and university's will have scholarship opportunities for incoming transfers!  Make sure to check it out when applying!

Scholarship Service for Colleges:

This is a free service with a listing of over 200,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, internships or loans. Approximately 1,200 awards are added to the database each day. You will create your own profile and set up your mail box to receive new financial information that fits your profile.

Career Cruising

Once you create a user name and password, you can do a search for scholarships through CareerCruising/US Schools/ Financial Aid/ Search for Scholarships.  This is another great opportunity to see which scholarships you might be eligible for!

Petersons College Scholarship Search

Create a free StudentEdge account with Petersons and start your search for the 1.68+ million scholarships, grants, and awards.  Once logged in- complete a profile and the search tool will allow you to research scholarships that match your qualifications or simply search for a scholarship using key words.

 External Scholarship Opportunities

Check out this page which SUNY Delhi has created to provide additional resources in your search for scholarships.




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