Construction Management: Student Projects

Hands-on Experience!

SUNY Delhi prides itself on the extensive amount of hands-on experience that our students receive, allowing them to practice their skills and deepen their knowledge. The Construction Management program has partnered with Campus Facilities, giving students regular opportunities to work in and around campus. Walking around campus, you will see many projects that were completed by students from beginning to end.

south rampSouth Hall Handicap Ramp

pavillion Delhi Village Pavilion Repair

smith pavers Smith Hall Steel Education Statue & Pavers

soccer Soccer Field Athletic Storage Shed

track Track & Field Storage Garage

4H Local 4H Cabin

smith sidewalk Smith Hall Sidewalk Rehab

lark pavers Clark Field House Pavers

display 1 Smith Hall Display Cabinet

lab 18 Smith Hall Lab 018 Sound Attenuation

trailways SUNY Delhi Adirondack Trailways Bus Stop & Sidewalk

autolab Auto Lab Compressor Room & Storage Addition

presidents President's Residence Entrance

salt Grounds Salt Storage Shed & Bunkers

Fountain Smith Hall Water Fountain & Pavers

benches Smith Hall Water Fountain Bench

Kiosk Mount Tremper Catskill Interpretive Center Kiosk

murphyMurphy/Dubois Hall Smoking Shelter

Clark smoke
Clark Field House Smoking Shelter

Pergola Foreman Hall Pergola

bronco bus SUNY Delhi Bronco Bus Shelter

display 2 Smith Hall Display Cabinet

Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall