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Engagement Opportunities

Monthly Engagement Opportunities

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Watershed Wednesday on Tuesday!

May 22, 1 to 2 p.m., Bush 233 Topic: BS on the Job


May Workshops

  •    May 22   Argos Fundamentals
  •    May 22 & 23   Intro to Flat Water Kayaking
  •    May 23   Seriously Good Smoothies
  •    May 23   CSEA Benefits
  •    May 23   Assessment the SUNY Way
  •    May 23   Pottery Workshop
  •    May 24   Excel for Beginners
  •    May 24   Recruiting for Diversity
  •    May 24   Residence Hall Tour
  •    May 24   Argos Training II
  •    May 24  Zoom Game Changers
  •    May 25   Security Training & Security Refresher
  •    May 25   Technology Projects
  •    May 25   Wines of Italy
  •    May 29   Excel Intermediate
  •    May 29   Moodle Gradebook
  •    May 29 & June 12   Beer Making
  •    May 29   CSEA Supervisors Training
  •    May 29   Compliance Assist Refresher
  •    May 29   Open Resources Exploration
  •    May 31   Internal Control
  •    May 31   Classroom Technology Basics
  •    May 31   Social Media  & Interconnectedness
  •    May 31   Glazing Techniques for Pottery
  •    May 31   Evaluation Process for UUP Employees

June Workshops

  • June 1  Research & Creative Day
  • June 1 Free Golf Lessons
  • June 4  Forest Bathing
  • June 4  Compliance Assist Refresher
  • June 4  Paddle Boarding
  • June 4  Do the Right Thing Training
  • June 4  Diversity Dialogue*
  • June 4  Banner 9
  • June 5  Safe Zone Training *
  • June 5  Digital Clean-Out
  • June 5  OCCE What's New
  • June 5  Sugar, How sweet it is!
  • June 6  UUP Benefits
  • June 6  Delaware County Landfill Tour
  • June 8  Diversity Micro Aggressions & Implicit Bias*
  • June 11  Happy Gut
  • June 12 Religion & Spirituality*
  • June 12  UUP Supervisor Training
  • June 12  Beer Bottling Day
  • June 12  CPR/ AED Training
  • June 12  Driver Improvement Course
  • June 13  Promotion Process Update for Faculty
  • June 13  Botanical Illustration
  • June 13  Accessibility *
  • June 14  Converting Assignments for Turnit-In
  • June 15  Diversity Round 2 Champion*


Academic Advising Series

The Academic Advising Series will be offered during the Spring Semester for participants to enhance their knowledge of advisement issues, financial aid, transfer credit, and more. The series has seven sessions at different times during the semester giving faculty the opportunity to explore key topics in advisement. Participants that attend all sessions will receive a certificate and badge of completion. This series will be recognized for promotion and advancement at SUNY Delhi. Sign up today on Bronco Connect.

Academic Advising Series Dates      Zoom Link

  • June 6,  11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Farrell 211 A/B  Roundtable Discussion


Diversity Series

The Delhi Differences Series pilot will be offered again during the Spring Workshops for participants who wish to enhance their knowledge of Diversity issues. Participants will meet six times, having the opportunity to explore key topics in a variety of ways. Participants who attend all six sessions will receive a certificate and badge of completion. This series will be recognized for promotion and advancement at SUNY Delhi. Sign up today on Bronco Connect.

Delhi Diversity Series Dates: All Meetings in Bush 131

6/4 Diversity Dialogue   (9-10)
6/5 LGBTQ+ Community   (10-12)
Bias & Micro aggression (9-10)
6/12 Religion & Spiritual Life   (8-9)
6/13 Marginalized Groups  (11-12)
Diversity Champions


Sharing Teaching Ideas Reading Group

Join your peers for the upcoming meetings to discuss research on different educational issues. This group meets in the Alumni Hall Boardroom to discuss topics of interest. Research articles are posted on Vancko Hall on the Sharing Teaching Ideas Reading Group page. Refreshments are available. Come talk, listen, and learn! Sign up on Bronco Connect

Check Back for Fall 2018 Semester Reading Group Dates

Meanwhile: Summer Reads Recommended by your Peers...



Find Out or Reach Out

OER is here to stay. Open Educational Resources are adaptable and cost effective for your classes. If you are using OER materials or want more information, contact Carrie Fishner at 


Healthy U

This new Personal Development Series will feature activities and workshops focused on self-care and skill development with topics like food, nutrition, fitness, mental health, and Life 101. Look for activities hosted by your own peers around campus for better working and living at SUNY Delhi this semester! Sign up on Bronco Connect.


Mental Health

 Life 101



Tech Talk Tuesdays

Callas Center Discussions on Best Practices in Using Student Forums    Sign up on Bronco Connect


Open Hall: Building Campus Connections

Campus connections are key to better teaching, learning, and working. Staff and student retention rely on relationships and a sense of place. Come see where your peers work and all of the amazing resources we have at SUNY Delhi. Increase your Campus IQ and maybe even find ways to collaborate on an upcoming project!

Join us for our next Open Hall in September!         More Details on Bronco Connect

Applied Tech Open Hall.   Meet our staff and see our facilities. Get free resources, try your hand at an electrifying quiz, and tour the four buildings. Refreshments will be provided. There will be giveaways and door prizes. Increase your Campus IQ and learn more about this department's programming, faculty, staff and students


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  • Leadership Series
  • The Buzz: Online Learning Community
  • June Workshops