Teacher and student outside working on a project

Excellence & Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Center for Excellence & Innovation in Teaching & Learning

The Center for Excellence & Innovation in Teaching & Learning serves as a space for faculty, staff and students to feel supported as they explore concepts of teaching and learning, best practices, and pedagogy. The Center encourages life long learning, thoughtful reflective practice and creative endeavors.


The Center for Excellence and Innovation at SUNY Delhi supports our teaching and learning community by providing opportunities for connection, scholarship, and personal growth. We are committed to providing the highest quality learning experience for our students at Delhi and that starts with an effective and innovative teaching and learning practice.


The Center for Excellence and Innovation at SUNY Delhi seeks to build a vibrant community of practice while serving as a hub for professional development, scholarship, and personal growth.

2020-2021 Theme: From Surviving to Thriving


  • Promote professional development, scholarship, connection, and personal growth on campus.
  • Foster learning communities and high impact practices across campus through partnerships, mentor programs, research-based instructional strategies, and sustained professional development.
  • Increase the number of faculty, staff, and students engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Create meaningful new programming and opportunities that meet the needs of our faculty, staff, and students.
  • Demonstrate a coordinated community of practice that impacts student learning, retention, and graduation rate, while engaging a larger cohort of faculty, staff, and alumni.

Partners/ Stakeholders

  • Assessment
  • Callas Center
  • Deans & Program Directors
  • Resnick Library
  • Resnick Academic Achievement Center
  • Office of Student Life
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Health & Wellness Committee
  • SUNY Center for Professional Development