Delhi Dollars Account

Add Delhi Dollars today through GET!

Have you ever stopped to wonder what you were going to do with all your book money in order to keep it safe? Books can be expensive, and you really don't want large sums of money laying around your dorm room. Maybe you want to change it up and eat a meal in downtown Delhi or Oneonta. We have the answer - open a Delhi Dollars Account! Your Delhi Dollars Account is a personal deposit fund electronically accessed using your SUNY Delhi ID card. Your Delhi Dollars Account provides an easy, safe and convenient way to make purchases both on and off-campus (at participating establishments) without having to handle cash. Check out how to add Delhi Dollars through GET.  *Please note, you cannot withdraw cash from your Delhi Dollars Account.

Delhi Dollars are Easy

Once you have opened a Delhi Dollars Account, simply use your ID card to purchase goods at special on and off-campus locations. Please see the list below for off-campus merchants or visit the following page: Delhi Dollars Goes Downtown.

Delhi Dollars are Safe

Your Delhi Dollars Account can only be used by you. You no longer have to carry cash. In case of loss or theft, your online Delhi Dollars Account can be deactivated by contacting the CADI office at 607-746-4755 (during business hours) or the MacDonald Dining Center 607-746-4774 (after 4:30 p.m.).

Delhi Dollars Account is Convenient

As long as your Delhi Dollars Account has funds to cover your purchase, your ID card will be welcome at any of the following locations:

  • Coca Cola & Snack Vending Machines on Campus
  • MacDonald Dining Center
  • Barnes & Noble College Bookstore
  • Campus Convenience
  • Barnes & Noble Café 
  • Farrell Commons
  • Treat Street
  • ID Office for Replacement IDs
  • Subway, Delhi, NY
  • McDonald's, Delhi, NY
  • Applebee's, Oneonta, NY
  • Moe's, Oneonta, NY

Simply present your ID card to the cashier and ask that your purchase be put on your Delhi Dollars Account. For your convenience, on the bottom of each receipt you will find the remaining balance in your Delhi Dollars Account.

No Fees!

There is no fee required to open your Delhi Dollars Account. There is no minimum balance requirement on an open account and there is no minimum purchase requirement when you use your Delhi Dollars Account.

Easy to set up!

Check out the online GET Delhi Dollars registration form, or simply stop by the CADI office with the application and your deposit (cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa or American Express), or mail the application and deposit (check, money order, MasterCard, Visa or American Express) directly to the CADI office at 230 Farrell Center, Delhi, NY 13753.

Additional Guidelines

Resident students may participate in the Delhi Dollars Account program in addition to their meal plan. This does not, however, exempt resident students from mandatory participation in the meal plan programs.

Manual deposits will be available for use by the end of the next business day after receipt of deposit by the CADI office. Online deposits are real time and are available immediately.

Your Delhi Dollars Account may be closed (less any financial obligations to CADI or the college) either by using up all of your funds or upon receipt of documentation that you are leaving the college through an official process such as leave of absence, withdrawal, dismissal or graduation. Only accounts with balances greater than $20 will be considered for refund. A request for withdrawal of your balance can be made in writing at the CADI office. Prior to the release of the refund, any outstanding balances due to CADI and/or SUNY will be deducted. For Delhi Dollars Accounts that are inactive after 30 days past the date the student leaves SUNY Delhi, there will be a $20/month inactive account fee until such time as a refund is requested or the balance is depleted.

Refunds made on items purchased with your Delhi Dollars Account will be credited to your Delhi Dollars Account.

If you have any questions regarding a Delhi Dollars Account, please contact the CADI office at 607-746-4750.

*Please note, you cannot withdraw cash from your Delhi Dollars Account. Policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

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