Student Employment

Do you know who the largest employer of students is on campus? If you guessed CADI, you are absolutely correct! CADI offers many employment opportunities. You may apply for work up to an average of twenty hours per week, or as little as four hours per week. Shifts are scheduled around your classes. Positions are filled according to availability, prior experience and skill.

If hired, you must provide the CADI Human Resources Office with two forms of ID, so if you're interested in on-campus employment, be sure to bring the appropriate IDs with you. Common forms of ID are a passport, a driver's license, a student ID, a social security card or birth certificate.

Remember, however, you are on campus to get an education. Extra spending money is great and those who are able to balance a part-time job and excellent grades are sure to prosper in the future! Applications are accepted during orientation weekend. Once you receive your final schedule, stop by the CADI office, 230 Farrell Center, or any dining unit, and fill out an application.

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