Greek Organizations

Welcome to Greek Life at SUNY Delhi

Fraternity and Sorority Life here at SUNY Delhi is unique. Under the Greek Council, there are 16 recognized fraternities and sororities. The recognized organizations are supported and overseen by the college. Recognized organizations have the ability to utilize on-campus resources and development. It is recommended that students seeking the opportunity for membership into a fraternity or sorority pursue organizations that are recognized.

Unrecognized organizations operate outside the knowledge of the college and because of that, it is not recommended for students to join these organizations. Unrecognized organizations do not share any operational information with the college, and often the college is not giving resources, such as leadership development and risk management, to these organizations.

For students seeking membership into an organization, please visit the chapter pages on BroncoCONNECT, become acquainted with the chapter information and attend one of their events to get to know the members better.

For questions, concerns or to report an issue with any of the recognized fraternities and sororities, please contact the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement.

Expansion Statement

The Center for Student Leadership & Engagement (CSLE) at SUNY Delhi is not accepting or considering applications for expansion at this time.  We will resume accepting applications at such point in the future when the conditions for doing so are agreeable.  Presently, the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement and the Greek Council are supporting both the existing 16 chapters that have been part of the Greek Council for many years as well as providing guidance to a few chapters seeking recognition. This support includes helping our chapters navigate expectations set forth in the Standards program, as well as working with alumni and national boards.