Multicultural Youth Education Series

Multicultural Youth Education Series

The Multicultural Youth Education Series is a collaborative initiative with the Delhi Campus Child Care Center, Inc. (DC4). The program is designed to provide youth ages 2-4 and K-6th grade students with opportunities to learn about cultural diversity. Any club/organization, class, or group of students may join MOSAIC and DC4 for this opportunity.

Why participate in the Multicultural Youth Education Series with MOSAIC Multicultural Center and Delhi Campus Childcare Center (DC4)?

You will:

  • Develop personal and professional skills related to diversity;
  • Engage youth for a diverse world;
  • Earn community service hours for each visit to DC4;
  • Foster essential skills related to facilitating events, working with a diverse team, and much more intentional skill development to prepare you for life after SUNY Delhi!

DC4 youth are exposed to cultural diversity through:

  • Multicultural children’s books;
  • Sharing of cultural cuisine;
  • Song, dance, and much more!

Is transportation provided?

Yes. MOSAIC staff provide transportation to and from DC4.

What activities can we do?

You have so much freedom to do something fun with DC4’s youth. MOSAIC provides multicultural children’s books to read to the younger children. We can also help your organization plan a program with the older children. For example, many students might want to talk about their heritage (being African American, Dominican, Dutch, German, Irish, Polish, etc.), teach a song or dance related to a culture, and so much more! We have a great board game in MOSAIC (Keep It Real!) that works great with older children.

What days can we visit DC4?

Any day that works for your group! The younger children (ages 2-4) meet between 9 and 11:30 a.m. The older children (K-6th grade) meet between 3 and 5:30 p.m.

To participate, fill out the Multicultural Youth Education Series form