Residence Life Forms

Pet Request for Riverview Townhouses

Pet Request for Riverview Townhouses

Students who chose to live in a veterinary science townhouse at the Riverview Townhouses may request to have a pet. Please review the following criteria before submitting your pet request form.

By completing the form you agreed to the following:

  1. Pets that are not permitted are dogs, cats, snakes, and birds. Other animals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Having a pet on campus is a special privilege that may be revoked at any time by the Riverview Townhouses Director or his/her designee. All decisions regarding the status of animals are final and there is no appeals process for such judgments.
  3. Anyone living in a double room must have the approval of their roommate.
  4. Pets must be in cages whenever the owner is not in the room.
  5. Pets and pet supplies must be kept in individual student rooms and not in common areas.
  6. Harboring any unapproved animals will result in disciplinary action and the resident may be asked to send all of his/her pets home. This includes allowing a friend or faculty member’s animal to be brought into the townhouse for any amount of time.
  7. Pets must be brought home during any break if the pet owner is leaving the premises.
  8. All pet‐related materials and waste must be properly bagged and disposed of in the trash dumpster located outside the townhouses. Litter or pet‐related waste improperly disposed of in the toilet or left in the townhouse may result in disciplinary action and cleaning or damage charges.
  9. The resident is responsible for cleaning/changing the pet’s litter box regardless of which animal uses it. In addition, if a pet defecates in an improper place (any area outside of a litter box, such as a carpet, bed, hallway, etc.), the resident must clean it up immediately and may be held responsible for any property damage occurring due to the pet. This may include the cost of cleaning supplies to remove any lingering smells or stains, or the replacement of furniture.
  10. While a resident may be allowed to have a pet in the townhouse, it must first be cleared by the Director of Riverview Townhouses. If at any time a roommate, housemate, or neighbor becomes bothered by the pet, the Director of Riverview Townhouses may require the resident to remove the pet from Riverview Townhouses at their discretion. Generally, a 24‐hour period will be allowed for removal, after which time the animal may be confiscated and the resident may be subject to disciplinary action and/or charges incurred as a result of failure to comply with the timely removal of the animal.
  11. The resident must provide all required veterinary records for the pet (rabies shots, spayed/neutered, etc.) if requested. Only animals that have been spayed/neutered (if this procedure is available for the animal) will be permitted to live in Riverview Townhouses.
  12. The Veterinary Science Department at SUNY Delhi is not a veterinary provider. Arrangements for veterinary care should be made with a local veterinary clinic.

REQUIRED VACCINES AND PROCEDURES: Ferrets: Rabies (first vaccination good for one year and boosters are good for three years, depending on the vaccine used) Ferret/Canine Distemper Series (three vaccinations at a few months old and then yearly boosters).

Hamsters, Mice, Guinea Pigs: No approved vaccines available.

Other animals will be decided on a case-by-case basis.