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Request for Release from Housing Obligation

Request for Release from Housing Obligation

This form is for students currently living in campus housing who want to live off campus this academic year.

Please note that per the Housing Policy Guide, "Once a student completes a housing application, agreeing to the terms and conditions for on-campus housing, they have entered into the housing license and they are financially obligated for the entire academic year...Students who are approved a release will be assessed a $350.00 Housing Cancellation charge." In only rare circumstances are students released from their housing agreement. 

Students who are released from the housing contract have ten days from their release date to contact the CADI Office in the Farrell Student and Community Center to make changes or alterations to their meal plan.

Once you submit your request, you will immediately receive an email to your Delhi email address confirming we have received your request to live off campus. Within three business days you will receive an email from the Office of Residence Life letting you know if your request to be released from your housing agreement has been approved or not.

By completing this form, you are not guaranteed that you will be released from your housing agreement.