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Resident Assistant Application

Resident Assistant Application

Student Development Role

  • Meet regularly with floor residents to explain and promote the residence life program.
  • Make efforts to get to know the students and any specific issues or problems that they may be having. Refer problems that are beyond your capabilities to your supervisor.
  • Create opportunities for students to interact through social, community service, co-operational, and cultural programming on your floor.
  • Strive to develop an atmosphere that is conducive to study, sleep, and respectful group living.
  • Maintain the behavioral standards established by the college and deal firmly and respectfully with violations including full participation in any investigations and hearings stemming from any incident in which you are involved.

Programming Role

  • Work with the Professional Life Staff and the students to develop programs which emphasize a variety of social, cultural and academic interests.
  • Assist the Professional Residence Life Staff in developing and evaluating residence hall programming.
  • Complete all programs within the timeline created and set forth in the RA Manual.

Administrative Role

  • Submit maintenance requests, surveys and other assignments.
  • In addition to the regular duty schedule, maintain general availability and consistent hours on the floors that are necessary for success on the job.
  • Fulfill the tasks required of on-duty staff with regard to office operations, hall security and emergency procedures.
  • Become knowledgeable of the policies and procedures for residence hall living, including the Student Code of Conduct, and act as a liaison in explaining these to the students and in communicating their concerns to the Professional Residence Life Staff.