Tri-Atelier Fraternity


Founded: 1938 at SUNY Delhi
Refounded: May 5, 2011 at SUNY Delhi


Symbol: Delta superimposed with a torch

Mission: Construction, Architecture and the Trades



Chapter Leadership
President - Caleb Heinrich
Vice President - Dominic Galasso
Secretary - Nate Sayre
Treasurer - Ryan Schoenherr
Sargent of Arms - Nate Sayre
Community Service - Spenser Davis
Greek Council Rep -Josh Rowlands
PM - Nicholas Lynch
Faculty Advisor - Jared Yando

Chapter Website - Tri-Atelier Fraternity

Tri-Atelier Fraternity - Spring 2013

triat spring 2013



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Contact Info
P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342

Naomi Birch
Department Secretary
P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342

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