Upsilon Delta Epsilon - UDE

Upsilon Delta Epsilon - UDECrest for Upsilon Delta Epsilon

Founded - Fall 2000

Colors - Blue, Orange, and Silver

Mascots - Fox and Moonflower

Purpose - The purpose of Upsilon Delta Epsilon shall be to:         

Motto - Unity with Diversity, for Eternity

Chapter Leadership
President - Miguel Vargas
Vice President: Spencer Lightfoote
Secretary: Melissa Wright
Treasurer: Shalequia Jones
Sargent of Arms: Emily Namer
Community Service: Liana Salzano
Greek Council Rep: Spencer Lightfoote
PM: Shalequia Jones
Faculty Advisor: Josh Gregory and Patti Hoyt

Upsilon Delta Epsilon - Spring 2013

ude spring 2013

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Contact Info
P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342

Naomi Birch
Department Secretary
P: 607-746-4565
F: 607-746-4342

Last Updated: 3/11/14