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Chosen Names Frequently Asked Questions

Chosen Names Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can choose or change a chosen first name?

Only you as a member of the SUNY Delhi community can choose or change your own chosen first name. You cannot choose or change anyone else’s chosen first name.

Can anyone update my chosen first name?

No. Only you as the student or employee thought the Registrar’s Office or Office of Human Resources can update your chosen first name.

Can I choose any chosen first name?

Yes. Although students are generally free to determine their chosen first name, inappropriate use of the Chosen First Name Policy (including but not limited to avoiding a legal obligation or misrepresentation) may be cause for denying the request. If a chosen first name is questioned by the reviewer, it will be directed to SUNY Delhi’s Equity Inclusion Advisory Board and/or the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO). The CDO has ultimate responsibility for approving or disapproving a chosen first name request. Individuals should be aware that students, staff, and faculty at SUNY Delhi will see their chosen first name.

Can I change the chosen first name I’ve chosen?

Yes. Simply complete and submit another Chosen First Name Request form reflecting the change. Additional name changes beyond one chosen first name request will be met on a case by case basis.

How long does it take the college to begin using my chosen first name?

The College typically will begin using a chosen first name within two business days following the appropriate office’s receipt of a Chosen First Name Request Form.

Can I use my chosen first name for everything at the College?

No. Your chosen name can only be used and will only appear in the places listed under, “where can my chosen first name appear?” Your legal name will appear on all other college records and documents; refer to the section labeled, “where will my legal/official first name of record be used?”

How do I correct or change my Legal/Official Name at the College?

Individuals who wish to change their official name of record must submit official documentation (e.g., court order, divorce degree) directly to the Office of the Register (students) or the Office of Human Resources (employees).

Where can my chosen first name appear within campus systems?

Please refer to the section labeled, "Where can my chosen first name appear?"

What about my ID card?

Individuals can request with CADI that their first ID card contain their chosen name. The chosen name will appear on the front of the card, while the legal/official name of record will appear on the back.

Do I have to pay for a new ID with my chosen first name on it?

There is usually a required $15 reissue fee charged for new cards. Individuals updating their ID cards with their chosen first name will not be charged upon returning in their old cards.

Questions and/or comments?

  • Students should contact the Registrar’s Office via phone at 607-746-4560 and/or via email at
  • Employees should contact the Office of Human Resources via phone at 607-746-4495 and/or via email at
  • Alumni should contact the Alumni Association via phone at 607-746-4520 and/or via email at