Student Code of Conduct Appendix 11

Student Code of Conduct Appendix 11

Effective February 1, 2021

This agreement makes clear the expectation that we all commit to a strong regimen of personal hygiene and responsibility that protects individuals and the community. In turn, the college has developed an intense sanitizing and cleaning plan for classrooms, residence halls, and other common spaces. What students should know about returning to campus.

Signage will be posted across campus to encourage and reinforce the message of personal responsibility to protect the health and safety of the community. Students are urged to abide by the expectations displayed on these signs and encourage others to join them.

The college reserves the right to update and make edits to this document to be in line with the latest guidance from local, state, and national public health agencies as well as government officials. All updates to the document will be clearly noted with the date and posted on the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities website. This document supersedes any previous policies or practices.

  • All campus policies and procedures as described in the Student Handbook, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Terms and Conditions for College Housing (Housing License) are in effect during the spring semester.
  • Students are responsible for all applicable fees and charges during the semester.
  • All students will be tested upon arrival to campus during residential move-in and at a designated time/day for commuters and other students who plan to use campus facilities for any reason. Only students who can show verification of a positive COVID-19 test result within the past three months and who have since recovered will be exempt from the test upon arrival to SUNY Delhi.
  • Students will report to Student Health Services (Foreman Hall) immediately if they have been exposed to the coronavirus or person(s) exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Students must comply with Campus Health Protocols for attending and obtaining diagnostic or surveillance COVID-19 testing weekly under published protocol.
  • Students will abide by all guidelines and policies of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and New York State. This includes but is not limited to travel bans and restrictions, personal and public hygiene, and limiting the spread of coronavirus.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to remain on campus/Delhi area once they arrive for the semester. If a student leaves campus, they agree to not return to campus if they have knowledge of exposure to coronavirus/covid-19. They may not return to campus for at least 14-days from the date of exposure or the cessation of symptoms. Students must report any exposures/symptoms to Student Health Services (Foreman Hall) immediately.
  • Entrance to the residence halls/townhouses is limited to students assigned to that residence hall/townhouse only. Students may not enter any other residence hall/townhouse but their own, enrolled students who reside off-campus may not enter the residence halls/townhouses. Students socializing in a room or suite in their assigned residence hall/townhouse are limited to one guest per room occupant.
  • No outside guest is permitted on campus or in the residence halls/townhouses. This includes day and overnight visitors.
  • To aid in identification, all SUNY Delhi students must visibly wear their valid student ID when on campus and in common spaces.
  • Large group gatherings are prohibited. Smaller groups of 10 or less may be permitted when personal distancing and safety guidelines are followed. Some spaces and venues will be closed or entrance restricted to prevent crowding.
  • Students must follow all guidelines for personal distancing and safety, including:
  • Face covering must be worn at all times. Face coverings do not need to be worn while in your assigned residence hall room when alone or in the presence of a roommate.
  • Where possible, allow for six feet of personal distancing between others.
  • SUNY Delhi student screening application must be used daily.
  • Proper handwashing and personal hygiene.
  • Illness must be reported to Student Health Services immediately.
  • Comply with New York State’s guidance for out-of-state travelers. Please note, the campus is required to report all incidences of Isolation and Quarantine resulting from out-of-state travel.

Space in the residence halls will be set aside for quarantine/isolation space for students living on campus. In accordance with recommendations from SUNY, students who test positive for COVID-19 may be sent home via private transportation, unless they are not able to travel home (i.e. international students) or do not feel safe returning home. Students who are unable to travel home or do not feel safe returning home will be assigned to the designated Q/I spaces in collaboration with Campus Health Services and the local Public Health department. Food delivery options through Campus Dining Services will be provided. Learn more about the Quarantine/Isolation Guidelines and Restrictions.


Disciplinary charges may be brought against the student for violating the above expectations. These include but are not limited to, Personal Misconduct not on College Property, Failure to Comply, Reckless Endangerment, Violation of Guest Policy, Violation of Identification Policy, and/or Trespassing. Effective October 1, 2020, SUNY Delhi will enforce the SUNY-wide policy for violations for COVID-19 safety protocols (pdf) announced by SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras. These uniformed sanctions include suspension and expulsion from SUNY Delhi.

Students who are removed from housing, suspended, or expelled for violating the above policies will not be eligible for a refund.