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Veteran Affairs

Veteran Affairs

SUNY Delhi honors the service that every student veteran has given to this great country and is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to the needs of our veterans.  At SUNY Delhi, students are the most important members of the SUNY Delhi community and we are committed to student success.  Veteran Student Services is firm in its mission to provide quality services to student veterans that assist with their transition and ensure their academic and personal success.   

Veterans Resource Center (VRC) Fall 2020 Operational Plan

Important changes for the Veterans Resource Center due to COVID-19

To continue supporting our military-affiliated community while ensuring safety in compliance with SUNY Delhi’s reopening policies, the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in Farnsworth Hall will open with an adjusted operational plan this fall to limit density.  Group programming we have hosted in the past, such as visits or presentations from our campus partners, will be held virtually.  SUNY Delhi students and employees may still utilize the VRC, but no more than four people at a time may occupy the space.  We will have hand sanitizer available, along with additional cleaning supplies, and proper sanitization will occur following usage of any resources in the Center (e.g., computers, tv remote, gaming systems).  In-person staffing will be limited and on a rotating basis.   

Below are frequently asked questions and answers to assist with better understanding the VRC’s Fall 2020 operation plan.

Will I be able to meet with Franco?
Yes.  All meetings will be held remotely.  You can email or call Franco to arrange a time to meet via Zoom. Should you be visiting Farrell and see Franco in his office, please do not enter his office.  Instead, remain in the doorway to initiate conversation. 
I am a military-affiliated student and need a signature. How can I get it?
Students can email or call Franco to obtain a signature, or you may slide a document under the door of Franco’s office.  Please give plenty of advance notice, as Franco will occupy the office on rotating days. 
What will be done to ensure the safety of individuals visiting the VRC?
  • Staff will sanitize all surface areas throughout the day and after usage. Specific sanitizing times will be 9 a.m, 12pm, and 5pm; 
  • Student-staff will be scheduled during the peak hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and after 4 p.m., if possible;
  • We will transition from using glassware and plates to recyclable paper products, still allowing for students to enjoy a meal in the space;
  • We will not have any shareable snacks, only individual snacks.
Will the VRC have VA Work Study (VAWS) student-staff?
Yes.  There will be no overlap of in-person student-staff scheduling.  To make up the rest of the allotted hours for VAWS staff, Franco is creating a remote work program, if necessary.  If you wish to be considered for VAWS employment, please complete this application for employment (pdf) and return it to Franco (via email at dimarcfp@delhi.edu, if possible).  Students who have not previously been employed in VAWS should prepare for a brief interview process with Franco.  All VAWS employees should be expected to be debriefed on new procedures. 
How many people can be in the VRC at once?
No more than four people can be in the VRC at once.
When will the VRC be open?
The VRC will be open during the normal hours of operation of Farnsworth Hall.
Will programming be offered?
Programming will be offered, but physical attendance at any event at any location cannot exceed ten individuals, with the exception that only four people can be in the VRC at one time, and eight people in the MOSAIC Multicultural Center at one time.  Virtual programming will also be offered.  Stay tuned for more information throughout the semester.  If you are interested in helping Franco plan a combined virtual/in-person Veterans Day celebration, please contact him at dimarcfp@delhi.edu

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