Grant Opportunities

Grant Opportunities

SUNY Delhi utilizes various databases and resources to identify and track available funding opportunities from private, state and federal government sources.

  • Federal Resources through the website
  • State Resources through NYSED and various SUNY competitions
  • Private resources through the Foundation Center's prospect database and upon invitation

For an in-person tutorial for an individual or group, contact Ellen Liberatori at to schedule a time.

SUNY Delhi Seeks Collaborators for Humanities-Based Events through Grant Opportunity

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at SUNY Delhi is seeking collaborators on a significant grant opportunity from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). If awarded, the grant will be used to fund a series of humanities-based projects and community events in the Catskills region over a 2-year period.

Potential community partners - local people and organizations with ties to the Catskills region - are invited to participate by proposing ideas or themes for humanities-based projects and events for the general public. SUNY Delhi’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is developing an initiative, “Our Community,” to coordinate the effort. The initiative is based on the NEH’s vision of “A More Perfect Union” that uses the humanities to reflect on the quest for a more just, inclusive, and sustainable society.

The humanities are topics related to history, culture, language, literature, philosophy, performance arts, art history, civic life, religion, nature, and other areas that investigate and appreciate the value of human expression. Proposals can be rooted in any of these or other areas while addressing questions of racial justice, gender equality, or the evolution of the American landscape and strengthening Americans’ understanding of underrepresented communities.

We also encourage ideas from folks who have found themselves underserved, underrepresented, or on the margins of our communities from traumas such as those afflicted by racism, colonialism, ecological imperialism, homophobia, sexism, classism, addiction, economic discrimination, or religious intolerance.  Importantly, we encourage ideas that build on the bedrock principles at the heart of civil and just societies where free expression is not only tolerated, but embraced. Ultimately, we hope that the “Our Community” initiative will facilitate a series of engaging events that not only connect our diverse communities to each other but also inspire a sustained appreciation for our local resources and shared humanity.

Proposals might include, but are not limited to, symposiums, lecture series, reading and discussion programs, museum collections, theatre, musical performances, exhibits, tours, harvest, geography, dance, or other types of face-to-face audience engagement or informal educational projects related to the humanities.

NEH funding is generally favorable to projects that:

  • attract a broad public audience
  • target a particular underserved group
  • provide content through a variety of perspectives that deepen public understanding
  • encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas
  • use docents, discussion coordinators, or other interpretive leaders
  • design and fabricate exhibitions
  • develop and construct interactive programs
  • draw on local archives, sites, or other resources to be conserved
  • develop program guides, brochures, digital assets, and promotional materials
  • educate as they engage

SUNY Delhi will coordinate the initiative, facilitate funding, and assure the proposal is grounded in sound humanities scholarship. “Our Community” also seeks to strengthen SUNY Delhi’s deep connections to our surrounding communities, as well as our regional communities’ connections to each other.

For those interested in presenting an event, we invite you to submit a 1-2 page proposal including the following:

  • A brief description of the idea, theme, and event
  • A short paragraph that connects your idea to one or more of the humanities
  • The potential venue/location of an event
  • A general statement of funding need
  • Contact information of the person and/or the organization submitting the proposal

Please submit your proposal by October 1, 2021, via email to or by mail to Dan Gashler, SUNY Delhi, 454 Delhi Drive, 613 Evenden, Delhi, NY 13753.  

For additional information on NEH's Notice of Funding Opportunity, please visit The National Endowment for the Humanities website.

Thank you,
SUNY Delhi “Our Community” coordinating team
Dan Gashler, associate professor of liberal arts and sciences,, 607-746-4372
Ellen Liberatori, director of grants and sponsored programs,, 607-746-4612