Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The Objectives of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs are to:

  • assist faculty and staff in identifying grant opportunities;
  • assist faculty and staff in preparing grant applications, budgets and all compliance regulations;
  • assist faculty and staff in post-award management of funded projects, compliance, and reporting.

Types of grants:

  • State (including SUNY and SUNY Research Foundation)
  • Federal Grants with a matching requirement (cash or in-kind)
  • Private Foundations and Corporations

Two Step Process for Grants Development

Step 1: Campus Procedures and Approval Before Grant Submission

Faculty or staff must work with Grants Office on all grant submissions:

  • Contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs: Ellen Liberatori, 607-746-4612, liberaem@delhi.edu
  • Complete and submit the Grant Pre-Submission Authorization Form to your Dean or supervisor and to the Grants Office.
  • Work with the Grants Office to ensure the proposal adheres to sponsor, SUNY, SUNY RF, and college policies.
  • Obtain approval from the CFO and Provost for any cost sharing/matching funds identified in a proposed grant budget before the proposal is submitted (The Grants Office will assist with identifying sharing/matching funds).

Step 2: Grant Development and Submission Policies

  • All grants submitted to a sponsor on behalf of SUNY Delhi must identify a Project Director/Principal Investigator responsible for programmatic and fiscal management of the grant project, if funded.
  • When allowable by the grant sponsor, grants submitted on behalf of SUNY Delhi should include funds to support a Project Director/Principal Investigator to manage grant activities.
  • When allowable by the sponsor, grants must include indirect cost recovery at a minimum of 8%. When allowable by the sponsor, grants should include the maximum federally negotiated indirect recovery rate approved for the institution. Contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs to ensure the correct the rates are applied.
  • Project Directors/Principal Investigators must agree to comply with post-award procurement and reporting requirements.
  • For all grants over $5,000, pre-approval of submission must be obtained by the Grants Office and staff need to review all proposals and budgets to check that they are in compliance prior to submission. A Grants Authorization Form must be completed and signed prior to proposal development and submission.
  • The identified Project Director/Principal Investigator will assume overall responsibility for grant application content, including the narrative, and will work in collaboration with the Grants Office to draft and revise all application documents as required by the sponsor.
  • Any cost sharing or matching funds requirement associated with a grant proposal must be discussed with the Grants Office and approved by the CFO and Provost before submittal.
  • In the event that SUNY Delhi administration is interested in pursuing institutional grants that do not fit within a school, program or department, the Office of Grants may be identified as the lead grant writer for such a proposal. However, a Project Director/Principal Investigator must be identified in order to provide proposal development support and post-award management.