Institutional Review Board

What is the Institutional Review Board? (IRB)

Federal Law requires all institutions performing research involving human participants to form an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to review such research. The campus must follow Federal, State, and SUNY regulations to protect human subjects in research studies as well as the faculty, staff, and student investigators.  Visit our Policies and Procedures page to determine whether your project needs IRB review, or contact us directly.

News and Announcements

The IRB began reviewing research protocols in September 2006.  If you plan on performing survey, interview, or other types of research involving human participants, please contact Dr. Lindsay Walker at (607) 746-4143.

Do I need IRB approval?

Not all research involving human participants needs IRB approval.  The following DOES NOT require IRB approval:

  • There is no plan to disseminate the data in a publication or presentation and any confidential data is securely housed on campus,
  • OR, the data will be used internally for program development purposes.

If using an online survey tool like Survey Monkey, please include this information in your IRB application.

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