Institutional Review Board Members

Board Members

Dr. Lindsay Walker, IRB Chair, School of Nursing, Arts and Sciences (Criminal Justice), Faculty, 607-746-4143.

Mr. Steve Dixon, Associate Librarian, 607-746-4642

Matthew Krzyston, Community Member, 202-510-5120

Dr. Patricia May, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Math), Faculty, 607-746-4381
Dr. Katherine Quartuccio, School of Nursing, Faculty, 607-746-4812

Genevieve Salerno, School of Veterinary and Applied Sciences (Veterinary Science), Faculty, 607-746-4439
Shannon Shoemaker, School of Business and Hospitality Management, Faculty, 607-746-4134
Dr. Nancy Winters, School of Nursing, Faculty, 607-746-4813

Oversight for the IRB rests with the SUNY Delhi Provost’s Office.

Mailing address:
IRB c/o Provost’s Office
SUNY Delhi
454 Delhi Drive
Delhi, NY  13753