Conditions of Employment

Upon initial appointment, professional employees receive a letter from the president informing them they are expected to:

  • Support the purposes and objectives of the college as an employee and representative of the institution and interpret them faithfully to students and the public.
  • Pursue a continuing program of planned professional/academic growth in keeping with their field of specialization as a member of the college staff.
  • Have provided to the satisfaction of the president the necessary affirmation of patriotic loyalty including the oath of office and written statements of appraisal from previous employers or associates regarding their loyalty to the Constitution of the United States.

This letter, which must be signed by the employee and returned to the Office of Human Resources, also outlines the more specific job requirements related to each area of employment.

Within the framework of the conditions of employment, it is expected that employees execute their responsibilities in a most efficient and effective manner commensurate with the standards of the college as expressed by the college president.

Office of Admissions

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