Extra Service Policies and Procedures

The following policy is applicable to performance of service beyond that normally required by the professional obligation as defined by the individual's performance program.

Extra service for professional staff of the State University of New York is defined in two ways:

  1. Special assignments performed by academic and professional staff at their own campus that are substantially different from, or in addition to, an individual's professional responsibilities.
  2. Work performed by academic and professional staff in a payroll agency other than the payroll agency to which the employee is regularly assigned. (e.g., a campus is a payroll agency, an individual academic unit is not.)

The SUNY Board of Trustees has granted authority for approval of such service to the Chancellor. Responsibility for action on individual requests for other than M/C employees has been delegated by the Chancellor to the chief administrative officer of each campus using the UP-8 Form. Extra service for M/C employees requires approval of the Chancellor, or their designee, on a UP-6 Form.

These special assignments may be performed on the home campus but must not interfere with the individual's regular professional responsibilities. Such assignments may include service by those holding positions of other than academic rank (i.e., administrators and other professionals) and outside of regularly assigned working hours. These assignments may involve, but are not limited to, teaching, research, and public service. It must be clearly demonstrated that such research or other service exceeds that which is normally performed under the regular obligation. Additional compensation for research activities must be consistent with any policies of the Grant Sponsor.

Compensation for extra service may not exceed an amount equal to 20% of base annual salary in any academic or calendar year beginning July 1 or September 1, as appropriate. For example, a professional staff member earning a salary of $50,000 may not be paid more than $10,000 for extra service during the course of their annual professional obligation. Summer employment of persons having academic year obligations does not constitute extra service. Compensation for such summer employment is covered by other policies and procedures.

No employee may engage in other employment which interferes with the performance of the employee's professional obligation. No full-time employee of the State University may assume another full-time position, or obligation either within or outside the University, while receiving compensation from the University. Additionally, all extra service activities must conform to the Ethical Standards mandated by Section 74 of the Public Officers' Law.

Extra service compensation is not to be used in lieu of overtime for a professional employee deemed eligible under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Written approval for extra service assignments must be obtained prior to the commencement of the service. Service performed in advance of such approval will not be compensated.

Compensation for Extra Service and Adjunct Faculty

The following criteria relate to extra service and adjunct faculty contracts:

  • Adjunct contracts are to be prepared by the School Administrative Assistant, except for adjunct faculty on part-time term appointments, whose contracts are prepared by the Administrative Assistant to the Provost. Contracts are done online using Interview Exchange.
  • Salaries are calculated at the minimum contractual per lecture hour rate established by the UUP contract for new adjuncts with the lab rate calculated at ¾ the lecture rate.
  • Adjuncts receive UUP negotiated increases. Check with the Office of Human Resources for the appropriate rate for returning adjuncts.
  • The maximum number of contact hours an adjunct faculty may teach must be less than the full-time work load/semester for a given academic areas of study. Any exceptions must be approved by the Office of Human Resources.

Extra Service Policy for Reassignment of Established Classes During a Semester

After semester schedules are established and operative, should there be a need for a permanent reassignment of established classes, thereby increasing a faculty's class schedule for the current semester, extra service payment will be made according to the length of time remaining in that semester.

If it is not a permanent reassignment for the current semester, but the work period exceeds 14 consecutive calendar days, extra service will be paid on a pro-rata basis. The additional compensation will not be paid until after the 15th day of consecutive service and will be calculated from day one, at that time. 

Updated: July 2021

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