Institutional Accreditation

SUNY Delhi is initiating its Middle States Self-Study process. For resources and updates regarding the process, please self-enroll in the Middle States Self Study Process 2020-2023 Vancko Hall page. The campus established a Self-Study Steering Committee to provide leadership for the entire self-study process.  The self-study process allows SUNY Delhi to gain insights for continuous improvement, to keep the mission and vision of the institution current, and to receive thoughtful and informed suggestions from peer evaluators.

SUNY Delhi 2023 MSCHE Self-Study (pdf)

Timetable for Spring 2023 Evaluation Visit

Dates Activity/Task
September - November 2020
Assemble Steering Committee
Self-Study Institute
October - January 2021
Assemble Working Groups
Remote meeting with Commission staff liaison (2nd and 3rd week)
Begin to draft SSD
January - May 2021
Submit draft SSD by April 1 (2 weeks prior to SSPV)
Working Groups gather and analyze data and submit progress reports to Steering Committee
March - September 2021 Commission staff liaison Self-Study Prep Visit to campus
June - September 2021 Revisions and acceptance of SSD
September - December 2021 Working Groups gather and analyze data and submit final reports to Steering Committee
January - May 2022
Self-Study Evaluation Team Chair chosen
Visit dates chosen
Accepted SSD sent to Chair
Self-Study drafted and shared with campus community
May - September 2022 Self-Study revisions and campus review
September - November 2022
Self-Study Report draft sent to Team Chair (two weeks before visit)
Team Chair’s Preliminary Visit
December 2022 - January 2023 Self-Study Report finalized based on Team Chair feedback and shared with campus
February - March 2023 Final Self-Study Report/ Verification of Compliance/Evidence Inventory uploaded to MSCHE portal (six weeks before team visit)
February - May 2023
Self-Study Evaluation Team Visit
Team Report
Institutional Response
June or November 2023
Commission meets to determine action
Visits conducted after April 15 are acted on by the Commission at the November meeting

SUNY Delhi’s Statement of Accreditation Status

Program Accreditations

All Program Accreditations
Program Accreditor Status of Accreditation Date of Last Affirmation Date of Next Evaluation
Culinary Arts, AAS American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Exemplary Status, Full 7-Year Accreditation 2017 2024
Veterinary Science Technology, AAS AVMA-CVTEA Full Accreditation Status 2017 2023
Automotive, AOS ASE Education Foundation Full Accreditation Status 2018 2023
Construction Technology, AAS ACCE  - American Council for Construction Education Full Accreditation Status 2016 2022
Nursing, ADN ACEN Full Accreditation Status 2019 2027
Nursing, RN-BSN ACEN Full Accreditation Status 2015 2023
Nursing, MSN CCNE Full Accreditation Status 2016 2021
Office of Admissions

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