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Peer Tutoring Program

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Tutorial Services are available to all students and are offered in most entry level, general education courses, as well as some higher level courses. If you would like to request peer tutoring , please log on to Starfish Success and visit Starfish Success to Request a Tutor. 

Peer Tutor Spotlights

Ismael Guzman

I’ve been tutoring architecture and construction management majors for two semesters. I’ve met people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. I like helping my peers and classmates while earning a little bit of money. Teaching others gives me a deeper understanding of the materials, so it helps keep me sharp as well. I would encourage anyone to reach out to a tutor even they just need another set of eyes to review their work. No one knows everything – I go to my teacher for help too.

Ismael Guzman
Architectural Design and Building (BT) ‘22
Ashley Youyoute

I tutor a lot of first-year nursing students in some of the hardest classes in the program. I used to be quite shy, but tutoring has made me more confident. It’s very rewarding to see that other students grasp what I’m teaching and are able to improve their grades. Part of nursing involves teaching, so it has also helped me with communication which will help me in the long run. Delhi has a lot of resources available to students and I think more people should take advantage of them.

Ashley Youyoute
Nursing: Dual Degree (BSN) ‘24
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