Electrical Construction & Instrumentation

Electrical Construction & Instrumentation

Tool List

All students in these programs are responsible for having the following tools and supplies.

This tool and supply list is broken down into both required and optional, for those students entering the Electrical Instrumentation and Controls associate degree or certificate program.

If you are currently in the Electrical Construction and Maintenance or Refrigeration Air Conditioning Program, you may already have a majority of these tools.

The approximate cost of the tools and supplies is $500.

Permanently identify (e.g., engrave) each of your tools because your classmates will all have the same or similar looking tools.

Textbooks: Required textbooks can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore. For a listing of the textbooks, contact your division office. The approximate annual cost of the textbooks is $400.

Purchase only professional quality tools. Past students have purchased tools at Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's, and specialty stores that sell electrical supplies. Computer Internet purchases can also be made through a variety of sources.

Required Tools & Supplies (Electrical Construction & Maintenance)


  • PC-based laptop (Macs are not encouraged)
    • Must be able to run most current version of AutoCAD. Please see the Autodesk website to ensure minimum system requirements are met.
  • Tool storage – Tool box and/or bag or pouch (lockers provide area = 23” deep x 13” high x 12” wide)
  • Professional grade clamp type meter
    • (e.g., Ideal 61-746 or Fluke 323)
  • Electrical Tape
    • (1) roll – Black Electrical tape
  • Wire nuts:
    • Box of small blue or orange
    • Box of red
    • Box of yellow or tan
    • Box of green
  • Screws:
    • #10 x 3/4” pan head screws
    • #12 x 3/4” pan head screws
    • 6-32 pan head machine screw kit (range in size from roughly ½” to 2 ½” +/-)
    • 8-32 pan head machine screw kit (range in size from roughly ½” to 2 ½” +/-)
    • 10-32 Green Equipment Ground Screws
  • Fine tip permanent markers (Sharpie)
  • Pencil (#2 at least 4)
  • 16” Hacksaw
    • 32T hacksaw blades of professional quality (e.g., Lennox, Klein, Ideal, etc.)
  • Screw and Nut Drivers:


  • Three (3) slotted-head screwdrivers:
    • 1/8” (at least 6” shank)
    • 3/16” (at least 6” shank)
    • 1/4” (at least 6” shank)
  • Two (2) Phillips head screwdrivers:
    • #2 tip (at least 4” shank)
    • #1 tip (at least 3 1/8” shank)
  • #2 square drive (e.g., Klein 662)
  • Nut driver set (e.g., Klein 647)


  • 11-in-1 Tool (e.g., Klein 32500) ***This 11-in-1 tool can be substituted for the above list of screw and nut drivers but will serve a student better as an addition to the list of recommended screwdrivers and nut driver set.
  • Professional grade screw holding screw driver (e.g., Klein sk234)
  • 9” side-cutting pliers (e.g., lineman’s pliers)
  • Diagonal-cutting pliers (6” or 7”)
  • Needle-nose pliers (6” or 8”)
  • 16 oz. straight claw hammer
  • Scratch awl
  • 9” magnetic torpedo level
  • Combination tool: Wire stripper, crimping tool, bolt cutter (e.g., Klein 1010)
    • Professional grade required and must strip wire from front of tool
  • Tape measure (12’ minimum)
  • Utility Knife with retractable blade
  • Small wire ties (zip ties) – minimum 100 count
  • Allen key sets (e.g., Klein 70570 and 70574)
  • Nut driver set (e.g., Klein 647)


  • One pair of OSHA approved, clear lensed safety glasses. If the student wears prescription glasses, they must be approved safety lenses, use stick-on lenses or fit-over-prescription safety glasses.
  • Two key or combination padlocks to secure tools
  • 12” Architectural ruler (not engineering)
  • Timely #61 circuit aid (drawing template)
  • Hard hat (required on outside projects)
  • Ugly’s Electrical References – Current Edition

OPTIONAL (Strongly Recommended):

  • 8” Adjustable crescent wrench
  • 18T and 24T hacksaw blades
  • Jack Knife with 2 3/4" Blade
  • Professional grade arc-joint or pump pliers (10”)
  • 12 and 14 AWG Romex Strippers (e.g., Klein K1412)
  • Professional grade step drill (e.g., Greenlee 36414)
  • Center Punch
  • Set of quality drill bits up to half inch
  • Battery operated drill driver/impact driver 


" = inches
' = feet
T = tooth
# = number
AWG = American Wire Gauge