Report an Animal Welfare Concern

Protocol to Report an Animal Welfare Concern

  • Any person having reason to question the treatment of animals at SUNY Delhi should report any suspected cases of animal abuse, misuse, or mistreatment.
  • By federal law, no facility employee, committee member, or laboratory personnel shall be discriminated against or subject to reprisal for reporting violations of regulations or standards.
  • If a person has a concern, complaint, or inquiry regarding an observed animal welfare issue, they should first contact the Facility Manager, Program Director, or any faculty/staff member of the Veterinary Science Technology Department to address the concern.
  • If the individual is uncomfortable or unsatisfied, they can submit the Animal Concern form below. The reporting individual may choose to remain anonymous, however it is necessary that inquiries have specific and detailed information.
  • When a concern is reported, the IACUC is required to investigate the situation. Immediate steps are taken to ensure that the animal care and use in question is appropriate and that the highest animal welfare standards are maintained at all times.


Important Contacts

Dr. Bret Meckel
Attending Veterinarian, Dean of Veterinary and Applied Sciences

Erica McKee LVT, AAS, BBA
Facility Manager, IACUC Administrator

Dr. Andrea Balcom
IACUC Chair/ Alt. Attending Veterinarian, Program Director, Associate Professor, of Veterinary Science Technology

Animal Concern Form