Honors Credit Contract

Honors Credit Contract

An Honors Credit Contract enriches a student’s experience in a non-honors class by establishing a complementary reflective study alongside regular coursework.  Course credit remains the same for the class, but the Honors designation is awarded on the student’s transcript upon successful completion.

While most Honors students complete their Honors requirements at SUNY Delhi by taking courses designated HONR (e.g., Public History, Travel and Leisure in American History, Foundations of Western Thought), there are occasions for students to seek completion of their Honors requirements in a non-Honors course. This is accomplished via an Honors Credit Contract. Students may only use the Honors Contract option once.

Fulfilling an Honors Credit Contract consists of three components:  

  • Completing the terms of the contract as listed below;
  • Writing a final reflective essay;
  • Meeting with the course faculty member periodically over the semester.

The following contract must be completed and received by the Honors Program Chair no later than 4 p.m. on the Friday of the first week of the semester. All contracts must be approved by the Honors Program Advisory Committee (HPAC). Contracts received after the first week of the semester will not be considered for approval.  Once approved, you will be contacted by the course faculty member, who monitors the additional work the student has agreed to complete. When your Honors Credit Contract work is completed at the end of the semester, the faculty member will assess your work on a pass/fail scale, independent of the overall course grade. If it is satisfactory, the HPAC will initiate the change on your transcript to reflect Honors credit for the course.