RN-to-BSN Practicum

COVID-19 Practicums: During the COVID-19 pandemic, all practicum courses have alternative assignments that meet practicum outcomes, instead of agency placements. These experiences will enable course completion and have been approved by the New York State Office of the Professions.

Practical experience is a valuable part of the BSN curriculum. The practicum courses offer the new and experienced nurse the opportunity to enhance professional skills, gain expertise in the field, and provide meaningful networking opportunities.

BSN practicum placement is a student-driven process. While students are ultimately responsible for placement,  BSN Practicum Coordinators are available to offer guidance on how to select and secure a preceptor at an appropriate site. Please do not hesitate to contact the BSN Practicum Coordinator, Laura Ziemba, with any further questions regarding placement at 607-746-4427 or ziembalf@delhi.edu.

Students are introduced to the practicum process in UNIV 300 Orientation to Online BSN, which must be successfully completed by all newly admitted BSN students. Most students do not take a practicum course in their first few sessions, allowing ample time for planning and securing appropriate placement.

Each practicum consists of 45 hours in practicum-related activities, and is typically completed at a hospital or agency near the student's hometown.

We must be affiliated with the agency or hospital and the preceptor must also be approved by the Practicum Coordinator. We are able to create new affiliations with sites upon request. There are no agencies that are under any obligation to provide practicum experiences for our BSN students; it is always student driven.

You will have access to our list of BSN affiliated agencies once you are enrolled as a student in our program. The sites we are currently affiliated with are not under any obligation to take SUNY Delhi RN to BSN students for practicum courses. A contract will be initiated with a new site by the BSN practicum coordinator upon receipt of the necessary information required by the student.

The BSN Practicum Coordinator is also available to offer guidance on how to select and secure a preceptor at an appropriate site. Please don't hesitate to contact the BSN Practicum Coordinator, Laura Ziemba, for any further questions at 607-746-4427 or ziembalf@delhi.edu.

SUNY Delhi's School of Nursing uses Castle Branch to manage practicum requirements of the program (health, background check, CPR, immunizations, etc.). All students accepted into SUNY Delhi's RN to BSN program will be required to create a profile and complete a background check at the time of acceptance.


  • Document Manager one-time fee of $35
  • Castle Branch Check: $65
  • Based on site requirements, some students may require a 10 panel drug screen at an additional cost of $40
  • If you already have a recent Certified background check and drug screening, you can upload those under your documents manager