RN to BSN Practicum

Practical experience is a valuable part of the BSN curriculum. The practicum courses offer the new and experienced nurse the opportunity to enhance professional skills, gain expertise in the field, and provide meaningful networking opportunities.

BSN practicum placement is a student-driven process. While students are ultimately responsible for placement,  BSN Practicum Coordinators are available to offer guidance on how to select and secure a preceptor at an appropriate site. Please do not hesitate to contact the BSN Practicum Coordinator, Laura Ziemba, with any further questions regarding placement at 607-746-4427 or ziembalf@delhi.edu.

Students are introduced to the practicum process in UNIV 300 Orientation to Online BSN, which must be successfully completed by all newly admitted BSN students. Most students do not take a practicum course in their first few sessions, allowing ample time for planning and securing appropriate placement.

Students in the RN to BSN program at SUNY Delhi are required to complete three practicum courses:

Each practicum consists of 45 hours in practicum-related activities, and is typically completed at a hospital or agency near the student's hometown.

We must be affiliated with the agency or hospital and the preceptor must also be approved by the Practicum Coordinator. We are able to create new affiliations with sites upon request. There are no agencies that are under any obligation to provide practicum experiences for our BSN students; it is always student driven.

You will have access to our list of BSN affiliated agencies once you are enrolled as a student in our program. The sites we are currently affiliated with are not under any obligation to take SUNY Delhi RN to BSN students for practicum courses. A contract will be initiated with a new site by the BSN practicum coordinator upon receipt of the necessary information required by the student.

The BSN Practicum Coordinator is also available to offer guidance on how to select and secure a preceptor at an appropriate site. Please don't hesitate to contact the BSN Practicum Coordinator, Laura Ziemba, for any further questions at 607-746-4427 or ziembalf@delhi.edu.

SUNY Delhi's School of Nursing uses Castle Branch to manage practicum requirements of the program (health, background check, CPR, immunizations, etc.). All students accepted into SUNY Delhi's RN to BSN program will be required to create a profile and complete a background check at the time of acceptance.

Due to states' regulatory requirements on distance education, SUNY Delhi School of Nursing is unable to accept or enroll students who intend to reside in the following states while pursuing an online RN to BSN or MS in Nursing Education program:

  • RN to BSN: Florida
  • MSN: Florida


  • Document Manager one-time fee of $35
  • Castle Branch Check: $65
  • Based on site requirements, some students may require a 10 panel drug screen at an additional cost of $40
  • If you already have a recent Certified background check and drug screening, you can upload those under your documents manager

NURS 400 Leadership & Management in Nursing


While the student will spend time with an approved preceptor in the Quality and/or Risk Management Department, there will be only one defined preceptor for Leadership & Management, and the requirements are:

  • A registered nurse who is also a nurse manager with 24/7 responsibility and accountability for a patient care unit;
  • Minimally BSN prepared;
  • Works in a different unit/area than the student;
  • Has at least two years of experience as an RN, one of which must be in the area of practicum specialty for which the preceptor is used;
  • The preceptor will introduce the student to the Quality and/or Risk Management Department representative.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills needed for implementation of leadership and management roles within healthcare. Units of content focus on changes in the health care delivery system, leadership and management theories, effective interpersonal skills for leadership, organizational structures and climates, planned change, information management, financial management, outcomes measurement, and performance evaluation. The practicum of 45 hours (18 hours of observation with the nurse manager, 21 on the change project, which may involve consult with the nurse manager/supervisor, 6 hours with the Quality and/or Risk Management Department representative) provides opportunities for the student to develop and expand leadership skills needed in the practice of professional nursing.

NURS 401 Population and Community Health Nursing


  • A registered nurse with experience in community health who will be available and be with the student in the agency setting and in the field;
  • Minimally BSN prepared;
  • Has at least two years of experience as an RN, one of which must be in the area of community health.

Course Description

This course will provide the student with a broad introduction to local, national, and international community health practices and the role of nursing within this context. Using an evidence-based framework, students will explore: epidemiology; health promotion and disease prevention within groups; individual and family case management, community assessment, and intervention; health informatics; and factors influencing the delivery of and access to community health services. The health care needs of at-risk populations will be examined. The student will spend a total of 45 hours in practicum-related activities, allocated as follows: 18 hours in the field with a community, public, or population health nurse, 15 hours on the windshield survey assignment, which leads to the completion of an action plan for the community agency at the end of the course. Other activities related to the practicum hours are: FEMA disaster management module and certificate, 2 IHI population health and healthy equality modules and certificates, and 2 IHI population health case studies.

NURS 403 Senior Practicum


  • A registered nurse who will be able to guide the student in addressing and meeting the course objectives;
  • Minimally BSN prepared;
  • Has at least two years of experience as an RN, one of which must be in the area of practicum specialty for which the preceptor is used;
  • Works in a different unit/area than the student.

Course Description

This course enables the student to further develop leadership abilities, communication, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Content includes reflection of how program content has prepared the student for completion of the BSN, professional development, and guidance in job searching. The primary focus of the course is the planning and completion of a senior-level practicum project. Students negotiate individually planned experiences under the direction of a preceptor. Each student identifies specific learning activities for the practicum which relate directly to the selected health care agency. Students will prepare a contract defining the role of the student and how to meet the course objectives while working with the designated preceptor. A written log is submitted periodically documenting the student's learning activities for the practicum. Emphasis is placed on fostering independence and self-direction for all students. Each student completes 45 hours in the individualized practicum. This experience is self-arranged to meet the career goals of the student, in a convenient location, and at convenient times. Guidance is provided in defining the experience and obtaining a preceptor as necessary.