Application Process

Please Note: In accordance with our policy stated in the SUNY Delhi College Catalog, the Office of Admissions will not accept Petitions for Readmission (On-Campus Programs Only) after August 25.

All students who have had a break in time during their studies at SUNY Delhi, who did not request an official leave, must petition to return.

  • The Petition for Readmission must be received by the Office of Admissions at least one month before the proposed date of readmission. 
  • Copy of all additional official college transcript(s) - academic transcripts are required for all colleges attended, whether you received credit or not.
  • Send all required documentation to:
    SUNY Delhi Admissions
    454 Delhi Drive
    Delhi, NY 13753-4454
    Fax: 607-746-4104

Academically Dismissed Students

  • Students academically dismissed in the fall must wait until the following fall to return. Those dismissed in the spring semester may return the following fall semester.
  • Completing the required course work does not guarantee readmission.
  • No decision will be made on your application until you have completed the required minimum of six academic credit hours with a “C” or better and an official college transcript has been received.
  • You must contact your former advisor, the dean of the school, or the program director to discuss which courses you should take for the above-mentioned six credit hours.
  • You should also discuss which semester (fall or spring) would be more appropriate for your circumstances.
  • Preference will be given to those students who successfully complete courses that apply directly to their course of study.
  • You should consider retaking courses that you failed, to improve your overall GPA.
  • Your previous academic performance may adversely affect your eligibility for financial aid. Call the Financial Aid Office at 607-746-4570 to discuss your eligibility.
  • Scheduling of courses will be completed by the appropriate School. Due to increased enrollment, many courses may not be available.

Completing the required course work does not guarantee readmission. Decisions on readmit applicants are made by the Director of Admissions in conjunction with the Dean of the School and Student Life.

Voluntarily Withdrawn Students

  • If a student filed a leave of absence, the student must notify the Office of Health and Counseling Services of his/her decision to return to college, no later than two weeks prior to the start of classes.
  • All other students who seek to be reinstated into the college following voluntary withdrawal (this does not include academic dismissal) may petition for readmission.
  • The Petition for Readmission must be approved by the Director of Admissions in consultation with the Dean of the School, the Vice President for Student Life and the Bursar.

Fewer than five years since enrollment:

A student who reenters the college within a five-year period will be held to the course and graduation requirements of either the current catalog or the catalog that was in effect on the date of his/her initial matriculation. If, during the five-year period, course and/or program changes were instituted to assist students seeking licensing in a particular area of study, these changes become part of the graduation requirement.

More than five years since enrollment:

A student who reenters the institution after a five-year period shall be required to meet all course and graduation requirements of the catalog in place as of the readmission date.

Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall