Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Communications

How does my student receive regular mail at SUNY Delhi?

All students have a mailbox number on campus. Students who receive a package and/or letter will get an email in their SUNY Delhi student email as a notification. The student can then pick up the package or letter at the Student Mail Center, located in the basement of Farrell Center. The Student Mail Center is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays (when classes are in session), 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Students must show either their college I.D. or a driver’s license to pick up their package or letter. The email for the student mail center is:

Starting in Fall 2021, new students' addresses will utilize the letters and number from their email in place of a mailbox number. Example:

       Jannette Doe
       649 Bronco Drive, JD21
       Delhi, NY 13753

Note: You do not include the part of the email.
Another Note: This change will NOT affect any returning student with a mailbox number. Those addresses remain the same.

What type of phone service is available in Delhi?

Cellular One and Verizon are currently the companies which provide the most dependable cell phone service in the Delhi area. Please keep in mind that Delhi is in a rural area and cell service can be limited and sporadic.

What if I'm having difficulty getting in touch with my student?

If the student lives on campus and you've tried other means of getting in touch, please contact the Residence Director (RD) of the hall where the student is residing.

RDs will give the message personally or leave a note on the student's door asking them to phone home. They can often alleviate your worry by verifying the student's presence on campus. All RDs have voice mail so if you cannot reach them directly, you can leave a message. In the event of an emergency concerning any student, contact University Police at 607-746-4700.

Residence Directors' Phone Numbers

  • DuBois Hall:     607-746-4286
  • Gerry Hall:        607-746-4296
  • Murphy Hall:    607-746-4287
  • O'Connor Hall: 607-746-4292
  • Russell Hall:     607-746-4282
  • Catskill Hall:     607-746-4850
  • Riverview Honors Townhouses: 607-832-4100

What is the Parent Help Line?

The Parent Help Line is a campus phone service run under the auspices of the Student Life Division. Questions are fielded by a friendly professional Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and voice messages are handled responsively. Call 607-746-4505 for the Parent Help Line.


Health & Welfare

Does my SUNY Delhi student need special insurance coverage?

Don't confuse the student health fee with health insurance. Health insurance is not needed to be seen at our campus clinic. Students pay a mandatory health fee that covers visits to our campus clinic. However, health insurance is recommended to help cover costs occurring from accidents, injuries, emergency room visits, lab tests, etc. that are not covered by the health fee. The college is not liable for expenses incurred as a result of accidents or injuries related to college programs or on college property. 

What should my student do if they are ill?

Your student should go to the Health and Counseling Services Center in Foreman Hall, Monday through Friday. The Health Clinic is open 8:30am-5pm with self-scheduling available through the portal webpage. Your student will be screened by an RN and given an appointment with a nurse practitioner or a physician if necessary. If students are sick on a weekend and it is an emergency, they should go to O'Connor Hospital. If your student is unable to get there on their own, we encourage them to take the Bronco Bus or Riverview Shuttle. If necessary, a private ambulance can be requested by University Police.

Students in need of medication should go to Health and Counseling Services. Those residing on campus can also receive a note for the dining hall. This allows the designee of the ill student to use their ID for takeout meals in those instances when the student is too ill to be out and about as usual.

What happens if a student has an extenuating personal circumstance come up during school?

Students should contact Health and Counseling Services in Foreman Hall at 607-746-4690. In the event that extended time is needed away from college, a Personal Leave of Absence may be granted in such circumstances as illness or other unusual personal hardship. Students must petition for such a leave through the Director of Counseling Services.

What type of academic assistance is available to my student?

Each student is assigned an academic advisor within their program of study. The advisor's name is provided at orientation and initial meetings with advisors are held during orientation. Students are required to see their advisors several times throughout each semester and to maintain communication with them during their attendance at the college.

Tutoring and other special services are available at the Resnick Academic Achievement Center, located in the Resnick Library. All students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these services, which support academic success and career planning.

Why has a "hold" been placed on my student's account?

There are a variety of reasons a "hold" may be placed on a student's account; generally, because the college is missing important information from the student or a balance is owed on their account. Different departments handle the resolution of the "hold" based upon the nature of it (e.g. immunization - Health Services; off-campus address - Registrar's Office; parking violation - University Police). Log in to Bronco Web with your student's 800 number and PIN. Go to Students, then to Student Records, then to View Holds. You can also contact the office of Student Financial Services with further questions.


Residence Life

How do we secure housing for our student?

To get a room assignment on campus, a new student, upon acceptance, must pay a mandatory deposit of $100 (this is separate from the $50 tuition deposit) and complete the online housing contract. On-campus housing cannot be guaranteed after June 1. To live in the residence halls, students must be full-time matriculated students with at least 12 credit hours per semester. The college reserves the right to remove students from residence who are not actively attending classes or who have had sanctions imposed by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities. Detailed information on the room assignment process can be found at the Student Housing page.

What will my student need in their residence hall room?

For the Housing Policy Guide and much more, visit the Residence Life page.

How safe are a student's belongings?

While the campus is very safe, the college does not accept responsibility for personal belongings. Generally, a family homeowner's insurance or renter's policy may provide coverage for student belongings. The college strongly recommends that each student purchase property insurance to protect their electronics and belongings from damage, theft and fire. For more information, visit the National Student Services, Inc. web page or call 800-256-6774.

What's Bronco Wireless?

Wireless Internet Access is available 24/7 in main areas, conference rooms, classrooms and residence quarters of all buildings on the main campus. Students must set up an installation appointment by calling the Technology Help Desk at 607-746-4835, or stopping by the office, 315 Bush Hall. Visit the Computer Information Systems page for more information.

What if on-campus housing is filled?

Off-campus housing options can be found on the Residence Life page.

What about students living locally off-campus, not at home? 

Students must complete a Vancko Hall training: the Guide to Off Campus Living, to be approved to move off campus. Each fall, there is a Delhi Town Hall meeting for all students who are living locally, which we request they attend in order to learn about expectations within the Delhi community, and to ask questions of community leaders.

It is also very important that students register their off-campus address with the Registrar's Office. Failing to do so can result in a "hold" being placed on their account.

Who should I call if I cannot reach the Residence Hall Director?

Contact the Residence Life Office at 607-746-4630.

What if I have more questions for Residence Life?

Visit the Residence Life web page or contact the Residence Life Office at 607-746-4630.


Student Information

My son/daughter has just been accepted to SUNY Delhi, now what?

Follow this Accepted Student guideline located on the Enrollment Services page.

What's the best way to handle purchasing books?

Order books and other merchandise around the clock from the Barnes & Noble Campus Store, located in the Farrell Student and Community Center. Be sure to take advantage of the textbook pre-order program! The Campus Store offers friendly service, competitive prices and a year-round buy-back program. Visit today, or call 607-746-4760 for more information.

How can I access important information online? 

Bronco Web is the online system that SUNY Delhi students use to: register for classes, review their class schedule, manage their financial aid account, view final grades, monitor student account information and even keep in touch with other alums after they've graduated. Parents can also use this valuable resource if they know their student's Student ID or Social Security # plus six-digit PIN. You can access Bronco Web by visiting Delhi Logins then clicking on the link for Bronco Web Online.

To find out a student's class schedule

Go to Delhi Logins, Click on BRONCO WEB ONLINE. Click on ENTER SECURE AREA. Click on USER ID; enter USER ID (SS # or Delhi ID); hit tab key or click on PIN. Enter your general student PIN; click on LOGIN. Click on STUDENT SERVICES & FINANCIAL AID (this takes you to the Student Main Menu). Click on REGISTRATION MENU. Click on SELECT TERM; select the term, then click on SUBMIT TERM. Click on STUDENT CONCISE SCHEDULE or STUDENT SCHEDULE BY DAY AND TIME. Click on FILE, then on PRINT.

What if I'm seeking important information about my student without access to the Internet?

You are always welcome to call the Parent Help Line at 607-746-4505 or any campus department (see Quick Reference Directory). But please be advised that certain information, such as your student's grades, cannot be released to you (pursuant to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) unless an Information Release Form has been completed by your student and is on file with the Registrar's Office. Student Information Release Forms are available in the Registrar's Office, 124 Bush Hall, and must be signed by the student.

What type of extracurricular activities are offered?

The college's award-winning student activity and Leadership Opportunity programs boast over 70% participation in activities, intramurals and community service. Numerous events and activities are sponsored annually by Student Activities, Residence Life, Athletics and Intramurals. A strong athletic program offers more than a dozen intercollegiate teams with nearly 300 student athletes.

What transportation options are available?

Students who bring vehicles to campus must pay an annual parking fee of $150 plus tax. A parking decal is issued by University Police. Please review Parking Information for full details of parking regulations and fees.

Please note: ALL vehicles parked on campus must be registered with University Police or be at risk of receiving a parking violation.

The Bronco Bus and Riverview Shuttle are two free campus property and village transportation services provided by the college. Schedules are posted on the Current Student website as well as throughout campus.

For off-campus transportation, many students utilize the Pine Hill Trailways bus service. The Barnes & Noble Campus Store sells Trailways bus tickets Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For a complete schedule and pricing, call 1-800-858-8555 or visit Trailways.

Who should I talk to about requesting a transcript?

The Registrar's Office issues transcripts. In addition to the traditional transcript, the Office of Student Activities, along with the College Union, offers a Co-Curricular Transcript which includes activities, awards, accomplishments, and honors received at SUNY Delhi.

How do I add Bronco Bucks, Delhi Dollars or Print Points to my student's ID?

Visit and click on Click Here to Deposit Into a Student's Account. You'll need your student's 800 number, then you will be able to choose to add Delhi Dollars, Bronco Bucks or Print Points and the amount you want to add. The minimum amount to add is $25. Click next and enter in your credit card information and process the request. Our CADI Parent Information page has step-by-step directions for you to follow. If you have any questions, please call the CADI office at 607-746-4750 and they can help.