Summer Storage

Summer Storage

Summer Storage

*Please inquire what is available for storage when you arrive. Due to COVID-19 and our staggered student departure schedule, the information below may not be up to date with current availability *

General Storage Information

The Office of Residence Life offers students an opportunity to rent storage space in Gerry Hall. Students are responsible for boxing and labeling their belongings and bringing them to Gerry Hall. Payment must be received upon reserving a space. Space is limited.

Storage Space

Your belongings must fit within the dimensions below or you must purchase an additional storage space.

Floor Space

These types of spaces are limited, but provide a spot for uniquely shaped items (refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, etc.).


Boxes that are provided are 18" x 18" x 16."  Additional boxes may be purchased for $3.00 per box.

Spring/Summer 2020 Pricing, Policy, and Reservation Information

Subject to change each summer. All proceeds go to the Student Life Scholarship Fund.

Storage Spaces:

  • One Large Storage Space
    Two boxes provided. Recommended for boxes. 18” x 24” x 32” - $40
  • One Short Storage Space
    Recommended for under the bed storage or flat screen TVs. 18” x 24” x 12” - $30.00
  • Floor Spaces
    For large/heavy items such as refrigerator, microwave, desk chair. 18" x 20" x 36" - $35.00

Combo Pricing

  • Combo #1
    $65 - Two boxes provided
    One large storage space and one floor space
  • Combo #2
    $70 - Four boxes provided
    Two large storage spaces


Cash, check, or money order. Credit and debit cards are accepted as well, for an additional $1 processing charge.


  • At this time we are no longer taking reservations. 

Storage Room Drop-Off Hours (for students with reservations)

  • March 26-29, 2020 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • You can only drop off your items during this designated time. The Office of Residence Life is not responsible for any items dropped off outside of these hours.

Student Storage Policies

  • Payment must be received upon reservation (credit card, cash, check, or money order only). Failure to store belongings before storage room closes will not result in a refund.
  • A valid SUNY Delhi ID must be presented at time of reservation, drop off, and pick up.
  • Only clean refrigerators and microwaves will be accepted.
  • All items stored must be in a closed container.
  • The privilege of storage extends only to students who will be residing on campus for either the fall semester or summer session.
  • International students will be permitted to reserve storage spaces 5 days in advance of other students on campus.
  • Items can be stored only between March 26 through September 7.
  • Any items not placed in storage and items not properly labeled will be discarded. Any unclaimed items after September 7 will be immediately disposed of at the discretion of the college.
  • Students must bring and collect their belongings during Storage Room Drop-Off Hours. Failure to do so will not result in a special drop-off or pick-up time.
  • Students store items at their own risk, as the college assumes no responsibility for them. It is suggested that as many items as possible be taken home.
  • The college is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of personal belongings. Students should plan to take valuables home during holidays and vacations and should not plan to store valuables in this storage facility.

Questions? Contact: Sean Babcock at or 607-746-4296.