Project Policies

Project Policies

Guidelines for all construction projects on SUNY Delhi Property

SUNY Delhi has set up procedures for all construction activities on state-owned facilities and sites. This includes all projects regardless of funding sources. This includes CADI, the College Foundation, the Alumni Association, and academic funds. This also regulates construction that includes materials or labor of any form, by academic departments or any other entities.

The following procedure must be followed for all construction endeavors

  1. A project request form must be filled out and approved by the dean of the department or functional supervisor. That dean or functional supervisor must email that request to Facilities. You can request the form from facilitieswo@delhi.eduThe project request form will include the following:
    1. Requestor/Contact Info section will contain the requestor's department, name, title, phone number, fax number and email address.
    2. Funding section that is to be filled out explaining the funding status of the request. This would include any secured funding, pending funding, or funding requests.
    3. Project Details section that will contain the date of the request and the proposed completion date (the proposed completion date is for reference only and is subject to change pending a final scope of work and project schedule), and project location such as building(s) including room number(s), site or area(s) including landmarks and other references, if necessary. In as much detail as possible, describe your current situation, and what you are facing. And finally, describe in as much detail as possible the desired outcome and what you would like to have as a result of the project.
    4. Comment section will provide the requestor with room to make any additional comments regarding the project request. This may also be used to address any areas that this request may not cover.
    5. Approval from dean or functional supervisor.
  2. Upon receiving the project request, it will be reviewed by Facilities. After review, it will be determined by Facilities if the project request needs to be approved by the Leadership Team or approved only by Facilities. Once it has been determined what level of approval the project request must have, it will fall into one of the following categories:
    1. The project request can be converted to a work order, and the project request form will be returned to the requestor with a work order number and the request closed.
    2. The project request may be denied by the Leadership Team, in which case the request form will be returned to the requestor stating that the request has been cancelled and closed.
    3. The project request may be cancelled for other reasons, in which case the request form will be returned to the requestor with an explanation and the request closed.
    4. The project request may be accepted and a project initiation form will be started.
  3. After the project request has been accepted and the project initiation form has been started, there are a number of areas that Facilities will fill in. Those steps are:
    1. The project will be assigned a project number.
    2. A scope of work will be established based on the project details in the request form.
    3. A cost estimate will be prepared, either by Facilities or a third party.
    4. A project schedule will be established based on the scope of work. This schedule will target critical dates and help achieve an anticipated completion date.
  4. After Facilities completes the initial areas on the initiation form, they will contact the dean or functional supervisor to schedule a meeting so that the project funding can be discussed in further depth and the rest of the initiation form can be reviewed. This includes the scope and project schedule.
  5. After the meeting with the dean or supervisor, Facilities will make any necessary changes to the initiation form and complete the funding section of the form.
  6. Once all parts of the initiation form are completed, a final copy will be sent to the requestor and dean or supervisor for their records.
  7. At this time, the project, depending on the size and complexity, will be scheduled for design or construction and will follow the State University of New York procurement guidelines for design and construction.
  8. If the project must go to design, construction will not take place until the design is fully complete.
  9. All work will follow New York State building codes and regulations.
  10. Facilities will do all aspects of inspections and testing that is required. If testing and inspection is needed by a third party, Facilities will coordinate all services that are needed.
  11. Facilities will be the only liaison between the campus and designer and/or contractor. No negotiations of changes to the contract, work day or any other aspect of the project shall be discussed with the designer and/or contractor by campus staff or personnel.
  12. Upon completion of design and/or construction, Facilities will do a final inspection with the requestor and dean or supervisor to ensure that the designer and/or contractor have fulfilled their scope of work.
  13. Facilities will approve all payments that are associated with the project that pertain to design professionals, materials, contractors, testing and inspecting services.

By following these construction procedures, the campus and campus staff will benefit from properly planned construction endeavors and it will ensure that the project will achieve what is necessary and that it will be done in an efficient manner from project request to finished construction.