Procedures for Using a State-Owned Vehicle

Procedures for Using a State-Owned Vehicle

Requesting a Vehicle

  • Vehicle requests should be made 10 days in advance of your trip.
  • On the SUNY Delhi Faculty & Staff Resource page, you will find a link to EMS – Schedule a Room. You will use your login name (without the, and your password (the one used to log in to your computer).
  • You will web request a vehicle through the EMS scheduling System. (See using EMS to book a vehicle on the Facilities Website).
  • Once Facilities receives the web request, it will be sent to your supervisor for approval.
  • Facilities will process your request. When approval is returned, a Vehicle Reservation Confirmation will be sent to the approved driver listed on the reservation. If multiple vehicles and drivers are on one request, each driver will be assigned a vehicle from the confirmation, and will need to pick up keys.
  • Passenger Roster (pdf)

 Picking Up Your Keys and Vehicle

  • Your keys will be programmed into the Automated Key Watch System located in the vestibule of Wall Service Complex, open 24/7.
  • In order to access the system, you will need your 800 number, as well as your reservation to identify the vehicle we have assigned to you. Only the approved driver should be picking up keys.
  • Login information is located at the kiosk site.
  • The keys should be taken and returned in accordance with the times listed on your reservation. Vehicles are often booked back-to-back; keeping a vehicle beyond your reservation may impact someone else’s trip.
  • The roster of people riding with you should be sent to UPD before departure, and the hard copy left at Wall Service Complex.
  • Fleet Vehicles are parked in G Lot.
  • Complete the pre-trip form on your confirmation.

Returning Your Keys

  • The vehicle needs to be refueled upon return to campus. You must use the campus fuel pumps located between Wall Service Complex and Smith Hall. You will need your Campus 800 card to swipe at the pump. Do not fill at the local gas station.
  • Return the vehicle to G lot, record ending mileage, collect and remove any garbage from the vehicle, and lock the doors.
  • Return keys to the Key Watcher System at Wall Service Complex, complete the post trip information on vehicle confirmation, and leave form in the plastic pocket on side of system.

Other Important Information

  • Fuel Management System - Instructions for Use
  • SUNY Delhi prohibits the transportation of Animals in State Vehicles. (Exception: Vet Sci. transport in crates).
  • SUNY Delhi prohibits non-SUNY Delhi employees, students, or passengers to drive or ride in a State-owned vehicle.
  • Information on how to use the WEX Card and campus pumps is located in the wallet with key.
  • Emergency information is located in the glove box of each vehicle.
  • Any questions, contact Donna Wood at x4020, or