Procedure for Canceling or Postponing Classes

In the event that it is necessary for a faculty member to cancel or postpone a class due to inclement weather, illness or other reasons, each faculty member must follow their respective school procedures for canceling or postponing classes.

In accordance with the respective school policy, faculty must either:

  • Assign comparable work for the class period via a message on the faculty member’s voice mail, an email message to students, an online message board assignment or other means, OR
  • Schedule a make-up class at an appropriate time; OR
  • Arrange for the class to be covered by a colleague.

After consultation with the school dean, faculty members should arrange to make up labs, clinicals, and other hands-on courses at a time that is mutually convenient to the faculty member and the students.

Work Schedules and Workloads 

The employee's supervisor is responsible for establishing work schedules and workloads.


Faculty are required to develop a syllabus for each course using the Uniform Course Template found in Online Delhi, post it on the Online Delhi course syllabus repository, and review it with students on the first day of class. It is the faculty member’s contract with his or her students. Each syllabus should contain a statement about the faculty member’s attendance policy.  For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at x4835.

Posting Office Hours

A minimum of three office hours a week should be posted by each faculty member and included in the course syllabus. This information should be provided to the students at the beginning of each semester. Online faculty shall follow their respective school policies.

Extra-Class Responsibilities

  • Advising: Full-time faculty have the responsibility to provide student academic advisement. This advisement includes course selection, program modification and, in some cases, career choice exploration. The number of advisees assigned to each faculty member varies. Advisees are assigned by the school dean.
  • Program Evaluation: Faculty participate in the academic program review by assisting, at the time scheduled for review, in the preparation of a self-study document and in the visitation by an external review panel. Faculty also meet with the provost to discuss evaluation team recommendations, to establish responsibility in meeting these recommendations, and, as they work toward fulfilling their assigned responsibilities, to assist in the preparation of yearly progress reports.
  • Committees: Academic personnel are expected to participate in college committees to which they are elected or assigned. These include departmental, divisional, college-wide, College Senate, ad-hoc, task force and other committees.
  • Campus-Wide Staff and Other Meetings: Academic personnel are expected to attend and participate in all opening forums and other staff meetings called by the president of the college and school/divisional meetings as scheduled by the program directors/deans. Attendance at these and other such meetings is considered a professional obligation.
  • Recruitment of Students: It is expected that members of the faculty will take part in the student recruitment process through high school visitations, attendance at college nights, and career day programs as approved by the school dean and scheduled by the Enrollment Services Office.
  • Student Placement: Program faculty are to assist the personnel in Career Services by providing employment contacts in their fields, meeting with on-campus recruiters, and making periodic visits to businesses and industries.
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