Appointment of Program Directors


  • A program director may be any faculty member who holds a tenure track faculty line.

  • The position of program director shall be an appointed position.

  • The primary duty of a program director is to be a classroom faculty member. Program directors shall continue teaching a minimum of 9 contact hours per semester.

  • The term of office for a program director shall be one (1) year.  A program director may serve an unlimited number of terms.

  • The program director position shall have a ten (10) month period of obligation.

  • Program directors will receive a fixed stipend of $3,500 per semester.

  • The program director may resign from the position at any time, with notification to members of the department, the dean, and the provost, without jeopardy to the individual’s faculty appointment.

  • The program director may be removed at any time during the term by the provost, in consultation with the school dean.


  • Prior to the appointment of a program director, the school dean will solicit interest among all faculty members of their respective schools and/or specific program area(s), which will include providing a written position announcement to each faculty member within the respective program area(s).

  • The notice shall invite qualified faculty to submit applications and nominations for the position to the school dean. Each candidate shall submit a short letter of interest, stating his or her qualifications, along with an updated CV or resume.

  • The program area as a whole shall interview each candidate and submit written comments and recommendations to the dean and the provost.

  • The school dean and provost may, singly or jointly, interview all program director candidates.

  • The final selection of the program director will be made by the provost in conjunction with the school dean.
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