Sabbatical Leave

Requests for Sabbatical Leave

Requests for sabbatical leave must be filed with the school dean/library director not later than November 15 of the academic year preceding the year for which the sabbatical leave is requested. Approval of a sabbatical leave program from the school dean/library director and provost is required at least six months prior to taking a sabbatical leave. All sabbatical leave requests must be in accordance with Article XIII, Title E of the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees. To be eligible, a faculty member must have continuing appointment, and if they previously had a sabbatical leave, must have completed at least six consecutive years of service within the University from the date of return from their last sabbatical leave. Each request for sabbatical leave must stipulate the requested dates of leave  and be accompanied by a specific plan indicating the objectives to be achieved during the proposed leave and a statement explaining how the requested sabbatical leave would assist in accomplishing objectives found in the individual's approved program of professional growth.

Sabbatical leave requests are considered according to the following criteria:

  • Benefit of the project to the school/department of the college;
  • Extent of professional growth of the individual;
  • Importance of the project in relation to others being proposed;
  • The convenience to the school/department in regard to staffing the individual's assigned courses;
  • Strength of support from the department chair;
  • Economic impact on the college.

In order to meet specific needs of the college, the president or provost may request a particular faculty member take a sabbatical leave for a designated purpose. 

Please note all requests for sabbatical leave must be submitted to the appropriate school dean/library director, not directly to the provost. School deans/library director will transmit all sabbatical leave requests with recommendations to the provost.

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