Professional Obligation


During the academic year, members of the faculty are held accountable for their time during the college day. Accountability for time is interpreted to mean that the school dean/library director and administrative assistant assigned to each school/department has knowledge of where each member of the faculty can be reached during the normal day. The classroom, laboratory, clinical sites, and office are considered to be the normal place of business for faculty members.

Without exception, meeting regularly scheduled classes punctually and fully prepared takes priority over any other responsibility assumed by a member of the faculty. Absence from scheduled classes for professional reasons can be authorized, in writing, only by the school dean.

It is not intended that faculty should be restricted to their classroom, laboratory, clinical site, and office. It is imperative, however, that they inform the school dean/library director and administrative assistant as to their whereabouts when absent from their regular place of work during the normal day.

The usual academic appointment in the State University of New York is for a twelve-month period. The appointment year is September 1 through August 31. The obligation period is announced annually by the president, and extends through a ten-month period. The two-month non-obligation period falls in the months of June, July and August.

The professional obligation of an employee consistent with the employee's academic rank or professional title shall include teaching, research, University service, and other duties and responsibilities required of the employee during the term of the employee's professional obligation.

Any faculty member wishing to be relieved of professional responsibilities after commencement, but before the conclusion of the ten-month obligation, must make a formal request to the school dean/library director in writing. The request, if approved, is always contingent upon the faculty member fulfilling all year-end college responsibilities as agreed upon with the department chair/dean.

Each school dean/library director is expected to record and report continued infractions of these policies to the faculty member involved and to the provost.

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