College Style Guide: Typography

To provide flexibility, two groups of typefaces have been selected for use in the SUNY Delhi Graphic Standards. Group One is for documents such as letters, memos and flyers created by most employees of SUNY Delhi. Group Two is for documents such as printed brochures or posters, that are created by communication professionals, and the college’s web site. Each grouping has a serif and a sans-serif typeface that work together to form the graphic identity’s typographical personality.  

Group One (letters, memos, flyers) 

The typefaces in this group complement the typography used in the logo and other official materials and are available on most computers. The serif typeface is Garamond and the sans-serif is Impact.  

Group Two (printed brochures, posters, website) 

The typefaces in this group should only be used by communication professionals when creating official materials for the college. These typefaces are Postscript faces and ideal for use in commercial printing. Do not substitute any other font for these fonts. The serif typeface is Berling and the sans-serif typeface is Univers.  

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