Suny delhi wallpaper

College Style Guide: Color Palette

Green, gold, and white have been SUNY Delhi’s colors for years, and remain strong in the hearts of students, employees, and alumni alike. Delhi Green is a dark and bold color. It is excellent for athletic uniforms, banners, signage, the web, and any application where strong contrast is desired. Delhi Gold is a bright and intense color that is an excellent complement to Delhi Green and may be used on its own for any application where the intent is to stand out.

  • Delhi Green

    PMS: 350 (coated and uncoated)
    CMYK: 79, 0, 100, 75
    RGB: 13, 40, 11
    HTML #: 0D280B

  • Delhi Gold
    PMS: 123 (coated), 115 (uncoated)
    CMYK: 0, 20, 100, 0
    RGB: 255, 204, 0
    HTML #: FDCC00

Color combinations must pass WCAG AA contrast ratio requirements. Testing can be completed using a tool such as WebAIM's Color Contrast Checker. 

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