College Leadership Planning Team Notes

2020-2021 College Leadership Planning Team Notes

Monday, April 19, 2021

Reminder: there are two professional development opportunities tomorrow – one about the new ILO’s and one about SUNY’s general education framework.

The accreditation for the MA nursing program will be in October and the nursing self-study must be written by July.

There was a labor management meeting this morning which went well. There are questions about fall semester. We are using the information we have at this time to make plans.

Today is college senate and Thomas will send responses regarding the USF document that is on the agenda to be discussed this evening.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The operations work group met and they will continue to meet every other week. For fall semester planning, 3 feet for social distancing should be used, knowing the social distancing requirement may be eliminated altogether before August.  

We received guidance from SUNY on how we can spend the $3.2 million of the institutional share for the 2nd round of funds.  More information will be forthcoming but most, if not all, of the funds will cover room reduction costs and costs related to COVID-19 expenses. 

The College Foundation meeting went well yesterday and movement is being made on the land swap agreement. 

Fall 2021 new student enrollment numbers are flat which is similar to other Colleges of Technology.  Admissions is formulating a plan to begin to resume on-campus visits and events for new students. 

The interviews for the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences position are complete. The search committee meets on Monday.   

The first retention initiative meeting was a great success with a lot of great energy and positivity. 

Students under 18 years of age who are attending Farm or RATS camps this summer are not required to be tested. Adult students and employees who are on campus over summer will need to be tested. 

There were no positives in this week’s surveillance testingStudents will be tested before they depart campus for the summer.  Pfizer vaccines no longer need to be kept “ultra-frozen” and can be stored at the Health Center. 

The Solar Decathlon website and teaser ad was shown to leadership. Neither are finalized at this time but are in progress. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Guest: Julee Miller attended leadership and updated the leadership team on the commencement plans and answered questions from the group.

Approval was given for Student Life to move forward with the planning of a few in-person, outdoor events in the next week or two for residential students. All health protocols will be followed and advance registration will be required.

The Fall 2021 semester will begin on August 30. The task forces should be meeting to work on the plans for fall. All classes are expected to be delivered face-to-face unless classes were originally designed and designated as online courses for their program. Partial telecommuting arrangements for non-student interfacing functions was discussed. Any trial arrangement must be made between the supervisor and the employee and must be clearly defined as a temporary or trial situation that can be revoked at any time. The supervisor is responsible to make sure work is being completed and that the employee is available during the work hours to communicate and meet with others if they not physically present on campus for a day or two. Vice Presidents should make the final decision on these situations and will bring those decisions to leadership so everyone is aware of the trial arrangement in that area.

We are moving forward with offering limited summer housing for students who are housing insecure or homeless, and for summer student employees and those students taking summer courses. The summer students will be housed in Dubois Hall, which will be sectioned off in case there is a need for quarantine space. Weekly testing will be done with Health Services, and Bluestone will provide food for any student who must quarantine. Our farm and RAT student campers will be housed in Murphy Hall while they are here.

We are seeing an increase in students being lax about following health protocols. It is important to continue to remind students, vaccinated or not, that they must follow the health protocols.

Residence halls will be open until May 15. Some students will begin leaving on May 7 after the last day of classes, and Trailways will be coming on campus the last week of classes to pick students up.

Enrollment is down for the fall semester based on new student deposits for on-campus programs. See the admissions deposit report sent via email.

We will have the first College Foundation meeting tomorrow with the new president of the Foundation.

The land transfer between SUNY and the College Foundation was on hold. However, it appears that there may be movement on the transfer this year. More information will be forthcoming in a few weeks.

Monday, April 12, 2021
Reminder: There is an open forum for the LAS Dean position today
Reminder: Student Satisfaction Survey announcement went out today
Friday, April 9, 2021

The NYS budget has been passed. Our budget will remain basically flat. There was no direction given on how we can use the federal money and we must wait for the Department of Budget to approve how we can spend it. More information will be forthcoming.

Health Services vaccinated 250 students this week and there are 50 doses remaining. Due to limited NYS supply of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, it is unlikely we will get another shipment of vaccines next week. Any student who would like to be vaccinated should contact Health Services at ext. 4690.

There was one positive pool with one positive student, and we had another positive student. The students who have been vaccinated did not have to quarantine. As of last Monday, there were 161 students who were fully vaccinated (plus the 250 who were just vaccinated) which means about ½ of our residential students are vaccinated at this point.

Approval given to open the fitness center and pool for limited hours to faculty/staff who are part of the weekly surveillance pool testing. No family members or other guests will be allowed.

There is a concern about the process for protecting confidential and private information associated with campus searches. Information must be redacted from the documents and put in Vancko Hall or Confluence – a password protected space. There is a need for Human Resources to provide more information/training to the campus community regarding the importance of confidentiality/privacy (before, during, and after a search) and the rules/regulations/ethics of using external information to evaluate candidates.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Nursing will have an in-person pinning ceremony on Friday, May 14 in Clark. No guests, other than students and faculty, will be allowed. All health protocols will be followed.

Commencement photo sessions for graduating seniors (on-campus, in-person) are being scheduled for late April. This service is being offered by the Alumni Association. Screening protocols for health and safety will be in place.

Summer housing for student employees and housing insecure students is being discussed but is not finalized. There are a lot of issues (testing, food, etc.) to consider in this decision.

There was a request to invite Julee Miller to the leadership team meeting next week for a commencement update.

We will be hosting RATS summer camp as those students are in jeopardy of not graduating if we do not offer this program. The students will be here for 6 days and will be treated as SUNY Delhi students.

We need to prepare for other events on campus in the future.

More information will be forthcoming regarding the new law regarding marijuana. Although the law has changed, not much has changed on our campus for our students. There is no public use - just private use - for those 21 and older.

Everyone on leadership should have received email notices regarding the Department of Labor Civil Rights review. SUNY Delhi has not been reviewed in over 20 years. Ellen is leading this effort.

Student vaccine sign-ups are going well and the Health Center and volunteers are doing an amazing job with testing and vaccinations.

Judy Lindsay is retiring this summer and Laurie Jones will be the new CSEA representative.

Monday, April 5, 2021

We are scheduled to receive 300 Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccination doses this afternoon. We will be sending out messaging for students to sign up to be vaccinated on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Farrell will be used as the vaccination site.

Bluestone scheduling for CADI and the hospitality students has been determined. Details will be forthcoming once contracts are in place.

We received feedback on the B-ARCH program and more information is still needed in order for this program to move forward.

Progress is being made on both the Assistant Director of MOSIAC, Social Media Manager, and Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences searches.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Information will be going out regarding the Student Satisfaction Survey to be completed April 12-30.

Bluestone is now open Wednesdays – Saturdays, 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., with no need for a reservation.

SUNY released a new General Education Plan for Fall 2022 which the academic areas will begin working on. This will take a lot of time and work to have ready by the fall.

The updated academic major’s web pages are being edited with feedback from the deans and should be live by the end of the week.

Currently, we have a no-guest policy. We will not be changing this policy at this time which means we will not allow spectators at sporting events, except for our currently enrolled students who are participating in weekly surveillance testing. Masks and IDs must be worn by student spectators. Tomas will work with the director of athletics on a Delhi Today announcement.

Michael and Michael had a very positive meeting with Mike Martucci, State Senate, 42nd Representative yesterday.

We are still waiting to hear about whether the remote work agreement will be extended. There is a presidents' meeting tonight and we may know more after that.

Admissions reported a slight increase in deposits for fall, with the growth being seen for online programs.

We are waiting to hear about the NYS budget. Once the state approves a budget, it usually takes a few days for SUNY to review it and provide information to the campuses. The proposed retirement incentive, if approved, will require a very quick turnaround and will have a huge impact on the college.

As part of a restructuring underneath Enrollment Management that incorporates Continuing Education and Workforce Development, the following positions were approved to support customer service and support as it pertains to enrollment and revenue-generating programming for the campus. Senior Staff Assistant (2 Positions), Office Assistant I. All three lines were vacated due to retirement.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Testing was going well today in Farrell. Once individuals sign in to the Upstate registration site, they can now see their test results for all surveillance tests taken. An email is being sent to all participants once the tests are processed, telling them the results are available on the portal.

On Friday afternoon, students who are required to participate in weekly surveillance testing were sent an email, reminding them to accurately report their symptoms on the daily screening app, on the surveillance test registration site, and to the greeter at weekly testing. Any student who has even the mildest symptoms is asked to go to Health Services in Foreman Hall to have a rapid test done and to not participate in weekly surveillance testing. A similar message will go out to employees this week reminding them to be tested at a health care facility if they have symptoms.

An on-campus resident visitor policy went into effect today which will allow residential students the ability to visit someone in another residence hall. They will be required to sign in with the RA in the other residence hall. This policy may be rescinded at any time if our COVID numbers increase.

Reminder: Campus Task Forces for Fall 2021 should be meeting and notes from meetings should be put in Confluence.

Friday, March 26, 2021
Discussion regarding having finalists of campus searches visit campus. Carol will create the criteria for when this will be allowed and the protocols that must be followed.
There were four positive COVID tests this week - two students and two employees. Upstate pooled the tests this week, putting students and employees together. Karen is working with Upstate to keep the pools separate moving forward. The testing process will be changing once we use up our swab supplies. We have not gotten any information or training videos on the new "spit test" process.
Messaging will go out to students today to encourage them to go to Health Services if they are having any symptoms at all so they can be individually tested. Students have indicated that they are worried about missing class/lab/practice and hence, may not answer the questions on the daily screening tool and/or with the testing greeter honestly. Testing symptomatic students individually reduces the workload and impact on others.
Residence Life is working on messaging to current residential students regarding access to other residence halls. There will be procedures and expectations for these visitations, and a notice that this privilege is conditional upon the weekly surveillance test results and may be rescinded at any time. No outside visitors or guests, including students residing downtown, are allowed in the residence halls.
CIS is working on updating the daily health screening tools as the travel restrictions are changing. They also will be working with the faculty to determine what technology needs are for the fall for the classrooms.
The 117th Congress has reinstituted a member earmark process. SUNY Delhi is in contact with Rep. Delgado’s office for guidance on this new process.
Reminder: The Campus Planning Task Force groups should be meeting to plan for the fall semester with the goal of being 100% back on campus. Plans must be flexible and adaptable as things will continue to evolve and change between now and August. Scenario planning is a great way to be prepared for whatever comes our way. Shawn will create a space on Confluence for the task forces to store updates and notes.
Wednesday, March 24, 2021

LAS Architecture (PhD) Replacement Position Request: this is a replacement position required for the BArch program approval process per SED. Approved.

MC Evaluation Handbook Revision and Evaluation Form: The MC Evaluation Policy was updated and leadership approved. The timeframes for VP/non-VP evaluations is due to the differences in roles - planning and policy vs. implementers. Approved.

Consultation Plan Follow Up Discussion: Leadership has taken the survey to prioritize the recommendations. This will be shared with Senate and be compared to their rankings, and then develop action plans. We are eager to move forward and work on the recommendations from the Consultation Report in order to strengthen our campus community.

Campus Survey Oversight and Policy: it was agreed that we need a campus policy and clear process for surveys, and someone to oversee all surveys on campus. However, due to our other priorities at this time, we will hold off on this project until summer. Katie and Dawn will work on general messaging about campus surveys to put in Delhi Today in the coming weeks.

Strategic Plan Action Updates/Spreadsheet: the work is all done on this except for the last theme, “story telling ” which is directly tied to Marketing and Communications. Dawn will review the document and get action items to Katie.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Visit from Chancellor Malatras was a great success. Thank you to everyone who organized it, participated, and made this event successful with such short notice. SUNY Delhi is receiving a grant for refrigerator and freezer for our food pantry to help combat food insecurity.

Discussion about revising the rule to allow residential students to visit other residence halls. We are watching our numbers and will continue to plan to allow this happen in the coming weeks, if our numbers support this change. Communication will be forthcoming when and if this change occurs.

Discussion about individuals who have been fully vaccinated and whether they need to test weekly, and about what happens when they are part of a positive pool. More research is needed before a decision is made.

Upstate Medical had proposed switching their reporting system to a new system this coming Monday. However, they have decided to make both systems live as of next week and the new system will be transitioned to over the next week or two. There is a lot of confusion at this time and more information is forthcoming. The new specimen collection procedure and increased cost was also discussed.

Delhi Previews for prospective students will be starting up again, which will include strict health protocols and a brief view of an unoccupied residence hall room.

There will be an Employee Appreciation Day this year and the committee is working on the details.  

There were five positive pools this week – 2 student pools and 3 employee pools.

Dr. Jordan went to the Commencement Committee meeting and it was decided that there will be a virtual ceremony in May. The committee is looking at companies and videographers to make this happen. There will be an announcement about Commencement in Delhi Today that will also go to parents and the Commencement website will be updated.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The MC evaluation form is edited. All MC non-VPs will be evaluated annually and all VPs will be evaluated every other year. Thomas will determine when the academic deans will be evaluated.

We were notified that there will be a change in how surveillance pool testing is conducted. Details regarding the new testing procedure and the supplies for them will be forthcoming. This change will increase our testing costs.
There have been discussions with both the Senate and the House of Representatives of an early retirement incentive. However, there are few details, and it has not been officially approved as of yet.
Although SUNY has provided flexibility for our admission deadline, it was decided to keep our deadline of May 1, due to already offering rolling admissions for most programs (other than Nursing and Vet Sci).
There was discussion regarding prospective students/athletes on campus which are critical to our recruiting potential. These individuals are prescreened and follow very strict protocols while on campus. Student Life and Admissions will work together on offering a residence hall on the tour schedule.
The Assessment Action Steps for the campus strategic themes were worked on to include specific actions that are or will be occurring.
Monday, March 15, 2021

Virtual tours of residence halls are being developed so that prospective students can see what the interior of the residence halls looks like. 

Surveillance testing is going well and the students are coming prepared. They are in and out within 5 minutes. 

There are a number of students who are not compliant with weekly surveillance testing. Lacey and John are working on messaging to go out to the students. 

The provost visited the building site for the Solar Decathlon on Sunday. It will be an excellent experience for our students and we are getting more and more sponsors. 

At the UUP Labor Management meeting, there were a lot of questions about the fall plan.  The reopening task forces will be working on the details to figure out a lot of the plan.  The mandates and guidelines (from SUNY, NYS, CDC, etc.) will continue to change from now until August, so we will have to remain flexible and modify the plan as needed. The details regarding the fall semester are not known at this time. However, at this time, for the spring semester, there are no changes to our expectations and health protocols.  Masks are still required and social distancing is still required.  There are a lot of conflicting and changing messages in the media.  Our message on our campus has not changed.  We will continue to communicate these expectations. 

As of right now, the telecommuting agreement has not been extended until the end of the semester. We are waiting to hear from SUNY about an extension and will communicate a decision once we hear from them.   

Friday, March 12, 2021

Discussion regarding the Commencement Committee meeting that was held yesterday. The goal is to offer our students, especially those who are taking in-person classes and labs, the ability to walk across the stage in their graduation attire and have their moment to celebrate. It was again stressed that our campus is and will remain closed to visitors/guests and that the commencement celebrations would be for only the students (no families or guests). The rules and mandates will continue to change regarding gatherings.  It is too late to offer a traditional full-scale graduation to all graduates and guests, even if it was outside and even if the restrictions were removed to make it possible, due to contracts with vendors and logistics. 

Reminder to the academic deans to provide feedback to Marketing on the new web pages as soon as possible.  

There was a recommendation that anyone who requests Banner access be required to go through training, and to ensure training for current users who have access and use Banner information, in the near future. Leadership supported this recommendation for mandatory training. There is a data reference manual that will go into New Employee Orientation training materials and will be distributed to other campus members. 

Discussion about spectators at events. At this time, we are not allowing guests or spectators on campus. We will remain consistent with our no guest policy. 

Discussion about vaccinating students since access to all students may occur on May 1. SUNY Delhi did apply to be a vaccination site, and we will wait to see if we are notified about giving vaccines to students.   

John and Martin met with off-campus housing students by going door-to-door, giving out copies of the Student Code of Conduct Appendix, reminding them about weekly surveillance testing, making wise choices on St. Patrick’s Day, and having positive interactions overall.  

Rob reviewed initial data on the SUNY4All Initiative. About 110,000 people have been eligible for it, and about 1% of eligible students have taken part in it.    

The Office of College Advancement is working with both the Nursing program and Business and Hospitality to reach out to alum from those programs to inform them about our new programs that they might be interested in.  

CARES funding announcement discussed.  There appears to be about $40 billion for Higher Education overall with about $930 million for SUNY. However, there are no details on the funds, what they can be spent on, and what the restrictions are.  It appears it will be the same 50/50 split, like previous stimulus money.  When we receive the details, we will share them with the campus. 

Per the CCIO Sector Call - everyone, other than SUNY Oneonta - is working on some type of in-person ceremony for commencement. 

This week, there were only two positive pools with only two positive students. We hope this downward trend continues.  

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Today, the Governor expanded who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Per the updated NYS DOH COVID-19 Eligibility Program guidance, effective immediately, all in-person, essential staff at colleges and universities will now be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at any State or Local Health Department-operated vaccine site. Please be aware that this does not apply to anyone who is working 100% remotely. A notice will be placed in Delhi Today tomorrow to communicate this exciting news.

The budget, and specifically the CARES Act funding, was discussed at the SUNY Presidents' meeting. It appears campuses will be getting more money; however, the spending criteria for the money has yet to be determined. As soon as details are known, they will share that information with the campus community.

Pending approval by SUNY and NYS, SUNY Delhi will be returning to in-person instruction and operations for Fall 2021. The details for the fall will be worked out once we get the recommendations from all of the agencies (SUNY, Governor, CDC, DOH, etc.). However, supervisors should begin discussing plans to return to campus with their staff. The current telecommuting agreement ends April 2, 2021; however, this may be extended until the end of the spring semester.

Commencement plans are forthcoming. At this time, the Governor has not given specific guidance for commencement ceremonies.

There was discussion regarding the template for MC evaluations, and recommendations will be used to edit the document. Carol will revise the document and send it for final review.

There is a concern over “survey fatigue” and lack of a campus policy and oversight on surveys. This discussion will continue in the following weeks to establish guidance and oversight of surveys.

There are two Requests to Fill for replacement positions:

1. Associate Director of Athletics position. This position was deemed essential for the operations of the Athletic Department and to meet the requirements/duties associated with membership in the NCAA. Permission to fill granted.

2. University Police Officer position. This position has been vacant for six months and was deemed critical to the safety and operations of our campus. Due to the timing of the Officer Training Program, the position must be advertised now in order for a person to be ready to work in December 2021. Permission to fill granted.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Discussed quarantine/isolation situation for students. Students and families need to understand that being placed in Q/I is a result of the COVID-19 situation and mandated by the Department of Health. This process is critical to reduce the spread of COVID and be able to continue to offer in-person labs/classes. Q/I requires minimal interaction with others and it is not a “fun” place to be. We are performing daily check-ins and providing necessities. Q/I takes a lot of resources. Students can go home to fulfill their Q/I requirement and they are encouraged to do so when possible, and most students do. If students refuse to follow the requirements of Q/I, disciplinary action will be taken.

Wearing masks in the classrooms, labs, and whenever individuals are with others is critical.

Martin was asked by SUNY to identify any “trends” that we are seeing with our COVID cases. Martin will work with Karen on this based on the data.

There was a Bluestone meeting today. Tentative dates and details for reopening will be forthcoming.

Surveillance testing is going well today and many students are completely prepared when they arrive, making things move very quickly and smoothly. We are seeing some students wearing masks that are not covering their noses, either due to the masks not fitting correctly or being too loose. Simple reminders and requests are working for students to comply.

The academic program web pages have been sent to the academic deans for review. Once feedback is received and edits are made, the pages will go live.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Delhi Today Extra went out to the campus community encouraging diligence in following the health protocols.  The faculty will be asked to share this message with students in their classrooms and the coaches will share this information with their athletes. Parents are concerned that the students will fall behind or not pass the classes due to quarantine time. The faculty will work with the students to make accommodations for the missed work.  

The two-week pause to remote learning would kick in at 5% of our current campus population which is about 60 people, which is based off the total number of individuals we are testing on a weekly basis.  If we had to go on pause, residence halls would remain open and takeout food service would be available, but no in-person classes. 

The state has extended the 1b vaccination eligibility to include residence staff (RAs and RDs) and any on-campus residential student who provides in-person programming or service to other students (like tutors, assistants, etc.). George is preparing a list of these individuals. Michael continues to advocate for our custodial staff and other staff members not in the classroom to be eligible for the vaccination. 

There were some issues with longer turn-around times for the surveillance testing this week. Upstate Medical is working on a remedy for the situation. There were 11 positive pools this week with 2 employees and 11 students testing positive. We are monitoring the situation and will adjust practices as needed. There was a software need for some students in Applied Tech who are in quarantine and CIS was able to get the students access.  

A big thank you to John and Kathy for assistance with Health Services. 

There is concern across SUNY about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday and the possibility of large gatherings and engagement in high-risk activities. Messaging will go out to discourage participation in such activities. 

The redesigned academic majors web pages have been sent to the deans for review. We hope to have them published in the next two weeks.  

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

In accordance with the Board of Trustees approved gender-neutral restroom policy, we will be identifying all single occupancy restrooms and marking them as gender-neutral with new signage. 

The academic majors web page redesign project is moving forward. Academic deans have received the links to the new pages for review and are asked to provide feedback by the due date. Identification of an email and a department phone number is also needed from each area. 

There is a proposal to redesign commencement for May 2021 and have multiple in-person school specific ceremonies in the Clark Field House over the course of a few days for students and faculty only. The goal is to keep the number of participants under/around 100 per ceremony, keeping everyone socially distanced and wearing masks.  The ceremonies would be brief and tailored to the majors, while allowing the student to walk across the stage and be recognized.  The ceremonies will be live-streamed.  No visitors will be allowed at the ceremonies. The Provost will work with the academic deans to discuss days/times ceremonies could occur, and the commencement committee will meet next week to discuss.  

Middle States recommended that we need a process to evaluate us as a leadership team, which we were working on pre-COVID.  Carol will send the proposed evaluation documents out for review and feedback.  

A document was shared about hiring procedures to aid in the recruitment and retention of a diversified pool of individuals. As a campus, we need to take action to help ensure DEI are integrated into everything we do. Tomas will develop messaging about the DEI committee and how individuals can become involved in this important work. 

Movement on the house/solar decathlon project is going well and we have begun to secure supplies and commitments from sponsors. 

Housing deposits for Fall 2021 are now being accepted and are due on April 5 for returning students. 

Accepted Student events have been added to the accepted student web page for Fall 2021 admits. 

Our response to the New York State Chapter 128 Continuity of Operations Plan for a State Disaster Emergency Involving a Communicable Disease will be distributed to leadership to review and provide feedback.  This will also be shared with the unions for information purposes once the edits are made. 

Reminder to review and add to the assessment data chart Katie sent out last week. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Discussion regarding cleaning in academic buildings on weekends due to exposure and how to quickly turn off ID access. Per the Department of Health, it is recommended that an area be shut down for 4 to 24 hours after an exposure and after deep cleaning has occurred. Facilities is working on a protocol for weekend issues. UPD needs to be able to turn off card access and lock the area quickly, and we need to have signage on the door and communication to relevant individuals to let them know the lab/area is closed for a certain amount of time. Plans are being developed. 

March kicks off our 2021-2024 Assessment Cycle Planning for planning through June for Fall 2021 implementation. Announcements will be in Delhi Today. There will be a double-header assessment PD session March 16 &17 with an updated Assessment Workbook. Units can contact Katie for individual meetings if desired.  

Surveillance testing is going well. The situation remains steady and busy with the quarantine situation. There is an enormous amount of time spent on managing the communication with students. Arrangements are being made to get the Health Center more assistance. Kathy Hibbard will begin working with them at this time. The only exemption from quarantine time is if someone has had both doses of the vaccination at least 2 weeks ago, or has had a confirmed case of COVID within the past 3 months. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Surveillance testing continues to run smoothly each week and as positive individuals are identified, they are going into quarantine. We are not getting the results of the PCR tests from SUNY Upstate Medical as quickly as we were, requiring individuals to remain in precautionary quarantine longer. Upstate is also testing for variants and we have not been notified that any of our positive cases contain the variant. Observationally, it appears that individuals exposed to COVID are experiencing symptoms within three days. The Health Center and the Quarantine Coordinator are doing a great job of staying ahead of the situation. The key message is that COVID is not over and we must all (faculty, staff, and students) continue to wear masks and follow the health protocols – in classes, labs, all around campus, etc.

We will work on more messaging about how to politely ask individuals to wear their masks and the next steps if they refuse to do so.

There was a NAAC athletic meeting and the SUNY colleges are working on getting more details about the new four-point plan that was announced.

The Instagram Live event went very well and we had a lot of participation in the event. This is a great model to use for the future.

There are laptops available to students if they need them while in quarantine. Please contact the Help Desk for more information.

Reminder to take the required CIS refresher course. Early data indicates that individuals who take the course and are reminded of the threats to security are less likely to fall for cyber scams.

Dr. Haq’s visit went very well, with over 100 campus members attending. He indicated that he will be using our self-study design for a model for other campuses and feels we are in good shape at this time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Admissions is working with one of our Business and Professional Golf Management alum, Frank Gargano, to do an Instagram takeover and all are encouraged to participate.

New student Fall 2021 enrollment is even with last year’s numbers, although the growth is in online programs with a slight decline in on-campus programs.

Admissions is monitoring the impact of the Chancellor’s announcement regarding the application fee waiver for up to seven SUNY colleges for disadvantaged students.

There was an initial retention meeting with Thomas, Tomas, and Jeff to discuss retention data. A meeting will be scheduled with the larger retention team to begin to move forward with action steps for a model for the fall semester.

The data transformation team met to do a broad analysis of the current situation, and will be sending out a request in Delhi Today for more members.

There was a discussion about next steps for the Strategic Plan. Katie will send out the report, and leadership is asked to add to the report, identifying more detailed information about how each goal can be met.

CADI had their first fall budget meeting. They are looking at how they can provide expanded services as numbers in the residence halls will likely increase.

The School of Nursing is working with various organizations in collaboration with Margaretville Hospital which received a $1 million grant for an opioid prevention program.

The scholarship program for Fall 2021 is being adapted to allow for a broader pool of students, especially those interested in majors that are currently under enrolled.

Money for spring student loans was disbursed this week and applied to student bills.

Reminder about position requests: The hiring exemption primarily applies to replacement of positions that are deemed critical, as we are still bound by the State hiring freeze for new positions. Currently, there are ten replacement positions that have not been filled. Replacement positions are examined on a case-by-case basis, and decisions are based on the overall impact that filling/not filling the position would have on the campus, especially on enrollment and retention and safety.

Approval was given for the replacement for the men’s head soccer coach position, due to the role athletics plays in recruitment, retention, and academic performance of our student-athletes, and for the continuity of the soccer program.

Approval was given for residence life to move forward with the search for two replacement residence hall director positions for the fall, contingent on re-evaluation of the need for both in May or June, when we have more accurate numbers for on-campus students.

Approval was given for replacement of the Digital and Social Media Manager due to the crucial role this position plays in recruiting and engaging with prospective students, college marketing efforts and overall brand awareness, and engagement with families, current students (retention), alumni, the community, and friends of SUNY Delhi.

The 1% UUP discretionary funds were announced. Any questions should be referred to Carol or Mary.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) discussion ensued regarding the need to embed this philosophy and associated initiatives into every facet of our campus community and procedures – from ILO’s, to hiring practices, to conversations, to our culture. More discussion and training is needed to make this happen on our campus.

Friday, February 19, 2021

The SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Campus Climate Survey was sent out from SUNY System Administration. Individuals are questioning the validity of the survey. A Delhi Today will go out on Monday alerting campus about the survey.

Everyone must be very diligent about the health protocols we have in place. Wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and washing hands frequently are behaviors we cannot stop. It is important that we remain steadfast in enforcing our restrictions now so that we can make it through the semester.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The focus of the Wednesday leadership meetings will be for planning and non-COVID related issues.

JoAnna Brosnan presented retention data and we discussed what other data would be useful to add to the current spreadsheet for a deeper understanding, and what the data indicates on a broad, macro level. The spreadsheet will continue to evolve and be developed, which will help inform campus decisions moving forward.

Currently, there are about 850 residential students - 764 on-campus students and 86 in Riverview Townhouses.

A message will go to faculty regarding the importance of weekly testing and that testing takes less than 10-15 minutes. Students should be encouraged to attend testing but should not be missing entire classes or labs. There is some flexibility in testing days/times, and students can show up early on their testing day. Students must show up by 11:15 a.m. on testing days as the testing site shuts down promptly at 11:30 a.m.

Thomas met with an alum who is working on the Saratoga Economic Development plan that may provide internship and work opportunities for our students.

Michael Sullivan is developing a webinar with alum who are Chamber of Commerce presidents.

Carol is working on a communicable disease plan that will be submitted to SUNY. She will be reaching out to different people for assistance with applicable sections.

Friday, February 12, 2021


  • Delhi Today will not be published on Monday due to the holiday.
  • Weekly surveillance testing will occur on Monday – see today’s Delhi Today for more information.
  • Although some offices/departments are closed on Monday, the Library will be open.
  • Library hours for the spring semester as of now are:
    • Sundays, 6 to 10 p.m.
    • Mondays to Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    • Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • More explanation for the SUNY Dashboard, including an informative video, is on the dashboard web page. Please see today’s Delhi Today for the link.

Some infrequently-used areas of campus buildings may be closed to reduce the cleaning demand on the custodial staff. Notices will be Delhi Today regarding which areas will be closed.   

We need student snow removers and a request has been sent out via BroncoCONNECT to solicit students who may be interested. 

CIS worked on a printing solution in Centennial Lounge in Sanford Hall for students who were in need of a printer when the library was closed. All print requests should be evaluated to determine the necessity of printing. 

CIS asks for patience with in-person assistance, as it may take additional time for staff to get to those requests. 

Upstate Medical has developed a new app that is expected to go live in March for surveillance testing registration.   

Per SUNY, surveillance testing samples collected are destroyed seven days after testing is complete, unless the sample contains a new variant (which will be examined separately and then destroyed at a NYS lab). 

About 850 students are in assigned rooms and we are following up on about 35 students who have yet to move inThere have been about 1,600 student transactions per day in Farrell. 

There were 1,332 surveillance tests completed over move-in weekend which resulted in only five positive pools with four people who tested positive. This is great news! Health Services has been busy dealing with positive cases off campus and testing for late arrivals (23 as of this morning) 

SUNY Upstate Medical requested that we change our pool testing delivery date. We are not in support of doing this as we have a process that is built around the Tuesday delivery date.  

Martin and Tomas will be visiting the off-campus houses downtown to encourage them to participate in weekly testing and to remind them of the importance of following established health protocols. 

The Governor announced that two weeks after receiving both doses of the COVID vaccine, individuals do not need to quarantine if exposed to someone with the virus, for up to three months after receiving the vaccine. We are awaiting a decision on whether this new announcement will also mean that those same people are exempt from weekly testing.  As of right now, they are not exempt from weekly testing and should still participate. 

The redesigned academic web pages will be sent to the academic deans next week for review and approval. Once approved, the web pages will be published. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Surveillance Testing was successful this weekend.

  • 712 specimens were collected over the weekend. There were over 50 late arrivals today.
  • 60 students confirmed past-positives, and therefore are exempt from testing.
  • There are some concerns with nursing student schedules and testing times and there have been many phone calls to the Health Center. Karen will reach out to Susan to discuss the nursing student situation.

Delhi Today will begin putting in messages to remind students and employees about weekly testing. Emails are also being sent from Human Resources and Health Services and there is information on the website.

Discussion on how to report people who are exempt from testing (due to past-positives within the last 90 days); we will be reporting testing of 100% of all eligible people.

We received confirmation that the College Foundation and SON will receive a gift from dissolution of the Roscoe Nursing Home – about $250K for scholarships and program development.

About 55 students were rescheduled from Sunday due to weather and are arriving today. They will be tested upon arrival and check in to their residence halls. There are about 75-100 no-shows requiring follow-up from the residence hall directors. Per the meal swipes, every residential student had at least one meal yesterday.

There were four students in precautionary quarantine who are now all-clear and are moving in to their assigned rooms.

There will be a campus-wide Thank You message for the many volunteers who helped this past weekend. They did an outstanding job as did the residence life staff! It is great to have students again on campus! The weekend went really well.

Spring enrollment is holding at 2,600 students enrolled. The gap from last year is still 4.1/2%.

The Self Study Design edits are being completed and will be submitted to Middles States CHE VP Liaison, Dr. Haq, today in preparation for the 2/25 campus visit.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Students have begun to return to campus, although this morning was a bit slower than anticipated due to the weather.  Overall, it is going well. 

If a student breaks or needs a new bracelet, they should be directed to Health Services in Foreman Hall, although RAs will have some bracelets as well. 

Construction on the front entrance sign will begin the week of February 15.  The schedule for the project is weather dependent. 

The boiler in the Applied Technologies building is being replaced which means there will be no heat in the building today. 

SUNY announced that are to be no fee increases for Fall 2021.   

Clarifications on Surveillance Testing: 

  • There is NO surveillance pool testing this Tuesday, February 9, as all of the surveillance testing is being done this weekend and Monday for the campus community.  Tuesday testing will resume on February 16. 
  • Surveillance pool testing is done with no cost to the student or the employee. Reflux (PCR) testing is billed to the person’s insurance. 
  • Employees can still volunteer to assist with surveillance testing if they are no longer in isolation or precautionary quarantine or quarantine – as long as they have been cleared. 
  • If someone has received the COVID-19 vaccination, they are still required to participate in the weekly surveillance testing.   
  • If someone is feeling sick or currently has COVID-19, they should NOT participate in the weekly surveillance pool testing.   
  • If someone has had a confirmed case of COVID-19, they should not participate in the surveillance testing for 90 days.  Students should contact Health Services for a testing waiver and employees should contact Human Resources for a testing waiver. 
  • Getting the flu vaccine should not skew the COVID-19 testing results and as such, anyone who has gotten the flu vaccine should still participate in the weekly surveillance testing. 
  • Procedures for employee testing are being worked on by Human Resources and will be communicated once complete. There were concerns over social distancing protocols.  HR is working on a process that would reduce the number of employees who show up for testing within a given timeframe. There will also be two lines – an express line for employees who have their own electronic device and have pre-registered with everything they need to get tested, and a second line for those who need to use a laptop or other device at the testing site.  Rob P. has offered to bring a few tablets from the admissions office to the testing site during employee testing to help speed up the process. 
  • Completing the registration for testing through SUNY Upstate Medical every week is the only way people can get tested.  This requires checking the two consent boxes on the site. 

We tested over 200 employees this past Monday (which was outstanding given the weather). The results of the surveillance test will be reflected on the dashboard. Per established contact tracing procedures, anyone who has been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19 and is at risk will be contacted directly.    

Reminder: everyone coming to campus for ANY reason (e.g., getting coffee at the Barnes and Noble Café, using the fitness center, eating at one of the eateries, working in the architecture lab, etc.) must participate in the weekly testing.  It is important that any student on campus without a bracelet be sent directly to Health Services to be tested.   

Upstate is working on a new health screening app, although it will not be ready until late February/early March.  

Our School of Nursing is participating in the National Student Association’s Virtual Annual Convention helping with conducting virtual mock interviews and resume assistance.  In return, they will receive complimentary advertising.  

Our current enrollment for the spring is about 5% (under 130 students) lower compared to last spring. The final number will not be known until about 3 weeks into the semester.  

Yesterday, there was a public hearing on higher education. The focus was on the SUNY budget and fees.   

The information on the emergency fund should be available at Monday’s meeting. 

The regular leadership team will begin to have meetings on Wednesdays for non-COVID related information and issues.  

Currently, there are 880 students assigned to campus housing that we are expecting this weekend (about 50 students are already here).   

The Bronco Bus will not run this coming weekend and an announcement will be put in the Delhi Today. 

Provost Jordan met with Fred H. from SUNY administration regarding the process for new programs and other procedures.  It was a very positive and helpful meeting.   

Monday, February 1, 2021
  • Enrollment for the spring semester is down 6%.
  • Resources have been added to Moodle to help with the first week of classes.
  • The Help Desk will be available to students moving in this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
  • The pool testing volunteer list was updated and sent to the College Leadership Team. We are still in need of volunteers for Saturday and Sunday.
  • Resident Assistants were tested today, February 1, 2021.
  • There will be a Zoom training this week for those volunteering to make phone calls for pool testing.
  • Impact follow-up reports regarding the Emergency Fund include gender balance, ethnicity, and age. The focus will be on demographics and need.
  • The first Budget meeting is Tuesday, February 2, 2021.
  • Residence Life has been preparing for move-in weekend to ensure it runs smoothly.
Friday, January 29, 2021

There was a Chief Information Officers meeting with SUNY this week and they reported that SUNY Upstate Medical Center is working on update feeds to automatically go into the COVID-19 dashboard. This will assist with reducing the time of results' notification.  Shawn will bring back concerns and issues to the group. 

Reminder: Individuals who have had both doses of the COVID vaccine are still required to take part in the mandatory weekly surveillance testing.  Also, part-time employees with no insurance can still be part of the pool testing. 

Redd will be at Resident Assistant training this week. 

The academic web page redesign is almost complete. Finalized pages will be sent to the deans next week for final review.  

The updated Student Code of Conduct Appendix 11 is now on the website and a Delhi Today announcement will be in next week.   

Thank you for spreading the word; we have a lot of volunteers for moving-in weekend and also for the weekly testing.  Volunteers are still needed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Student Life is meeting to discuss ways to improve communication and other areas. 

There was a discussion regarding “restoration days."  There are no campus-wide restoration days (as per the Spring Reopening document – see Academic Calendar section).  It will be up to the individual instructors, in their own classes, to determine when to offer a restoration time/day.  The word “day” refers to the individual class, not a campus-wide day.  There is no formal approval process for how or when instructors can offer a restoration time (day) for their individual class(es).  Instructors should communicate about the restoration time (day) to their students in advance.  

At this time, there are 300 students who have not completed their pre-arrival requirements.  Health Services is making phone calls today to speak with these students. 

Monday, February 15, is the start of full-semester classes and is also Presidents' Day.  Most offices will be closed on Monday and staff should take the day off.   

Reminder that the first spring budget meeting will be on Tuesday, February 2 

We received 70 new registrations for Spring 2021 semester, so currently we are only down 7% from last year vs. 9% last week. 

Progress is moving forward to make the Human Resources program online. 

We received approval for the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice to allow for direct entry.  This will be very beneficial for our students.  

Monday, January 25, 2021

Reminder: The Spring 2021 Opening Meeting is on Wednesday, January 27 at 11 a.m. via Zoom.

Enrollment is down 9% compared to last year.

Waste water testing will be suspended for the spring semester as it has not proven to be an effective tool for tracking COVID. Surveillance testing is a much better tool, especially with weekly testing of all students, faculty, and staff coming to campus this spring. Management Confidential employees will be tested weekly as well.

Friday, January 22, 2021
  • The SUNY president’s meeting was a discussion of the Governor’s proposed budget which is due by April 1. 
  • Enrollment for this spring is down 245 students compared to last year. 
  • The EIT team is developing an Accessible Academic Leave form.  This will be different than a medical leave form.  
  • Health Services is working on updating procedures for the spring semester. 
  • CIS is working throughout campus to get ready for the arrival of students. 
  • There will be a SUNY Nursing Leadership meeting on Monday, January 25, to discuss the primary access for all nurses regarding Governor Cuomo’s budget. 
  • The Middle States Self-Study will identify gaps that will be fixed during the process. 
  • Business and Finance has compiled the summary document for the Governor’s proposed budget. 
  • Human Resources is working on the 1% discretionary salary pool.
  • The search for the Dean of Applied Technologies and Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences will be posted. 
  • Internships for the spring semester will continue as long as the internship location follows the COVID-19 guidelines and students can be healthy and safe. 
  • CADI had their opening meeting Wednesday, January 20, and the first round of pool testing was completed. 
  • 44 Resident Assistants arrive on campus Sunday, January 24, for move-in and then training. 
  • There was a Chief of Police meeting this week and Chancellor Malatras reported that for reopening, all campuses need to be prepared for positive cases as there has been an uptick in COVID-19 cases in the metro-New York area.   
  • The campus will need volunteers for Monday and Tuesday pool testing for the spring semester.  Please ask individuals in your area to see if they would be willing to help with this process. 
  • There was a quarterly College Foundation Board meeting Wednesday, January 21. There is a new President and Vice President of the foundation. 
Friday, January 15, 2021

Leadership will not be meeting due to the Martin Luther King holiday.

An announcement will be put in the Delhi Today next week regarding the federal money allotted to SUNY campuses. The funds have been earmarked and can only be spent per the pre-established criteria. Details will be forthcoming.

We will be following our reopening plan as submitted, starting in-person classes mid-February, and are working on testing all eligible students every week in the spring semester. As we move to weekly testing, we will need more volunteers. Commuter students must show up to testing on Monday, February 8. Karen is working with the faculty to get the word out to students so they do not show up to class without being tested. George will begin making wellness calls based on the Daily Health Screening for students.

There will be a spring opening meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, January 25. Dawn and George will work on getting this set up and announced to campus.

Earth Day is Saturday, April 24 – outdoor event. Working with Village to tie into the Bicentennial celebration. On and off campus sites – planning, clean-up, etc.

More communication about the Institutional Learning Outcomes is needed and the importance of incorporating these into each and every course.

Budget information is due to Stephen today.

The student and employee daily health screening tool wording has been updated to reflect the requirements for spring.

Any departments in need of PPE should contact Martin Pettit so he can distribute it.

There are issues with all nursing clinical placements due to COVID and our nursing department is communicating with impacted students.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Any employee who did not report to work on campus after instruction went completely remote in November and plans to return to campus will need to be tested on Monday, February 1, 2021. This day will be reserved for testing and details will be sent out via Delhi Today. 

A Delhi Today Extra will be going out today regarding information about the NYS announcement that the phased distribution of the COVID-19 vaccinations section 1b now includes “in-person college instructors.”  At this time, NYS has also indicated there is currently not enough vaccine supply to meet the demand of all 1a and 1b groups eligible for the vaccine.  As soon as more information is available, we will send out additional information to the campus community. 

CIS is updating older system codes and upgrading systems on Wednesdays from 4 a.m. until 7 a.m. and will do so until they are up to date.   

Health Services is working on a new phone tree that will help with call volume and directing the calls to the appropriate offices/departments.  

Governor Cuomo will be addressing the announcement about offering priority access for nurses in his State of the State address today.   

Friday, January 8, 2021
  • The College Leadership Team update meetings will be held on Mondays and Fridays for the month of January 2021.
  • Reminder that The Health and Counseling Center services are for students only. Faculty and staff members who have concerns about COVID-19 are required to contact their health care providers.
  • Discussions at The Health Directors meeting emphasized the importance of following the guidelines/phases for COVID-19 vaccinations. Faculty, staff and students should be encouraged to refer to the New York State website for more information.
  • The Spring 2021 semester enrollment is down by 9%, which translates into 225 fewer students than 2020.
  • Brook Denison and Michael Sullivan are working on a solar decathlon competition. The competition is a major build and design project which includes architecture. The competition is being sponsored externally by donors and industry.
  • The emergency management call was intended as an update to the increase in COVID-19 numbers and the notification that vaccines will be given to first responders and hospitals.
  • Assessment Day was well attended. All contributed and a great deal was accomplished.
  • The Student Life division meeting will be held next week to discuss preparations for students returning to campus.
  • The faculty and staff handbook has been updated and is available on the website.
Friday, December 18, 2020

The Bubble (located by the Clark Field House) was purposely deflated due to the snowstorm. Once the snow is removed, it will be re-inflated.

Permission was given for O’Connor to temporarily use 4 of the School of Nursing hospital beds until mid-February for precautionary purposes.

The State has released fall TAP funds to the college and fall student accounts are being finalized.

The Assistant Manager position for the Outreach & Workforce Development Office has been announced.

Leadership will meet again in January.

Wednesday December 16, 2020

There have been some data breaches in the news, including Solar Winds, a system we use. CIS has reviewed the situation and there does not appear to be any concern at this time for SUNY Delhi.

Permission will be granted to Adirondack Trailways buses to drop students off on campus during the spring move-in weekend, February 5-7.

South Hall and Thurston buildings have been cleared to allow faculty to move in next week.

There is a small steam heat leak outside of the heating plant that has been patched and will be fully fixed this summer.

Health Services analyzed the COVID-19 cases on campus this fall semester and there appears to be no discernible patterns. Health Services completed over 5000 pool surveillance tests plus other PCR tests this past semester.

Reminder that we all must continue to practice health protocols and behaviors throughout the spring semester. Vaccines will not be available to our area until late spring, summer, or early fall, based on current information.

Meetings regarding promotion and eligibility requirements are occurring with the provost, academic deans, and Human Resources.

The Delhi Advantage program is being re-evaluated and challenges addressed.

Reminder that no one can close the college unless the Governor declares a State of Emergency. Since all classes are being delivered remotely/online at this time, classes will not be canceled. With the pending storm, it is important that employees work closely with their direct supervisor to make informed decisions regarding reporting to work and remaining safe. All supervisors are asked to communicate to their staff today about their expectations for tomorrow.

Save the Date:

January 6: Campus-wide Assessment Day

February 25: Our Middle States representative will be with us via Zoom

Monday December 14, 2020

We received initial feedback from SUNY on the spring reopening plan and the additional information will be sent to SUNY today.

CIS assisted and resolved a few computer issues students had last week while studying remotely.

The employee surveillance pool testing has been canceled this and next week, and will resume after the holidays.

Friday December 11, 2020

Budget Update:

Stephen Cembrinski will be sending out information regarding budget items for the Spring 2021 semester. The budget requests will need to be submitted by January 11, 2021. The budget will be for critical needs only.

Wednesday December 9, 2020

Registrations for the spring semester have increased although overall they are lower than last year by about 150.

Reminder for leadership to review the Executive Summary Report and Student Perspective and Satisfaction Survey Regarding COVID-19.

Although there were new campus health protocols and expectations for Fall 2020, there were only a total of 127 reported COVID-19 student violations, each followed up on through the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The Spring 2021 Student Fee plan was submitted to SUNY and we are awaiting approval.

The cost for the surveillance pool testing through SUNY Upstate Medical was about $100,000 for the fall semester.

University Police is conducting firearms training down at lower campus today and into the evening.

Modifications were made to the employee daily health screening tool, including two additional questions per SUNY guidelines, and the decision options were changed to “reporting to the workplace” or “not reporting to the workplace.”  Similar modifications will be made to the student daily health screening tool soon.

The SUNY Delhi Spring 2021 Reopening Plan was emailed to Valerie Dent at SUNY last night. Once approval for the plan is received, the plan will be disseminated to the entire campus community as quickly as possible.

The Office of Marketing and Communications requests that messages going to all students or large subsets of the student population (such as all residential students or all athletes or all students within an academic school) be sent to the Office of Marketing and Communications for review prior to dissemination. This will assist with consistent messaging and allow the Communications Task Force Reopening Subcommittee to keep track of what messages are being sent to whom on what date.

The Office of Marketing and Communications will assist with video production of videos that are intended to be used for admissions or marketing purposes. Please submit a Marketing Request in the beginning of the planning process to assure that the videos can be used on our official SUNY Delhi platforms post-production.

The Academic Webpage Redesign project is in full swing with an anticipated publish date of early 2021.

Monday December 7, 2020


Submit the College Council Reports to George today if you have not already done so.

Senate Meeting this week will discuss several things including: the Callas Center faculty training document, ILO proposal, and the Moodle Upgrade date change.

Open Forums for Dean of Applied Technologies are this week. Details are in the Delhi Today.

Offices or departments that will be closed during the holidays need to update voicemails and emails to reflect this.

The Spring 2021 Reopening Plan has been written but some information is still being finalized. As soon as that information is received by Dawn, the plan will be proofed and sent to SUNY for approval.

Friday December 4, 2020

The leadership team meetings will be adjusted for the holidays. There will be no scheduled meetings the weeks of December 20 and December 27. Starting the week of January 4 through January 11, leadership will meet twice a week. Calendars will be adjusted to reflect this change.

Open Forums for the Dean of Applied Technologies position will occur next week. Details will be in the Delhi Today.

The Spring 2021 Reopening Plan is almost complete lacking some information.

Health Services is completing the application for requesting vaccines if/when they become available. The college will need a sub-zero freezer that is designated for this purpose only to store the vaccines.

Wednesday December 2, 2020

There is a proposal for a new mentorship engagement program that is being worked on in collaboration with the Center for Faculty Excellence and Innovation. Katie is gathering all required trainings for new employees from the different areas to create a master list of trainings and professional development for new employees.

Surveillance tests completed this week: 59 employees and 1 student.

Monday November 30, 2020

The Spring 2021 reopening plan is currently being written and should be submitted to SUNY by the end of this week.

Spring returning enrollment is down compared to last year, about 11% at this time.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is following conduct procedures for any student who did not comply with the departure testing this fall.

With the transition to remote learning, the Help Desk is experiencing higher high call volume, mainly due to connection issues, that are quickly being remedied.

Currently, we have about six students in residence on campus and estimate that we will have two students who will remain after the semester ends.

An in-house assessment software has been designed by Monica Liddle, with assistance from Joshua Fitch, and is ready to be used. An email requesting units to populate fall assessment information in the new software will be sent out this week and assistance will be available for anyone who needs it.

The Middle States Steering Committees have been established; a few spots for volunteers are still available.

A new process of creating and maintaining accurate lists of students who need to be tested for COVID-19 this spring is being developed and will be ready by the start of the spring semester.

Friday November 20, 2020

A message from the president will be sent out this afternoon to the campus community thanking everyone for everything they have done to make this semester a success. A video our Provost made for the students will also be shared this afternoon.

Reminder to all faculty, staff, and departments to use an “out-of-office” message for their office phones and emails next week if they are not working or available.

The UUP MOU for employee pool testing has been extended until June 2021.

There was an Internet outage last night on campus from midnight until about 1:15 a.m. No related issues were reported.

Employee testing will be begin on Monday, November 30. Tests will be mailed to SUNY Upstate on Monday afternoons and should be received by Tuesday mornings.

The media have picked up on our story about Officer Czaplicki and K-9 Officer Redd, with stories being published locally and in Albany this weekend.

Wednesday November 18, 2020

This week’s surveillance pool tests were all negative.  No surveillance tests will be completed next week, but will resume the week after Thanksgiving. 

In order to complete the spring reopening plan, more information is needed from different areas.  As this information comes in, the report will be updated and then sent to leadership for review.   

We received a large estate and transfer gift of $300,000 for scholarships for students in the Veterinary Science Program. 

Rob is working with the academic departments to identify students who were registered in the fall and who have yet to register for the spring.   

Student Financial Services is calling students who have an outstanding balance for the fall to see if arrangements can be made in order to get the balances paid and remove the holds from their accounts. About 800 Pell-eligible students will receive an estimated $150 from the remaining CARES ACT money which will be distributed by November 24.   

Residence halls will close this Saturday. Currently, fewer than 10 students will remain in on-campus housing between now and the end of the semester, and fewer than 5 will remain on-campus between the end of the fall semester and the start of the spring semester.   

Update given on the meeting held with the Faculty Senate E-Board and the 3 representatives from the leadership teamThe consultants are gathering information from campus members and will help with the process of shared governance. 

A criminal justice class student survey on University Police indicates our students have respect for our police and feel University Police does an excellent job protecting them and keeping them safe, with the biggest complaint being the issuance of traffic tickets. The completed survey results will be shared at a later date. 

Delhi Advantage students typically come on campus to get their student I.D.s.  Discussed using the GET app to create the I.D.s electronically, and then allowing students to physically pick up their I.D. from CADI.  More follow-up is needed. 

Shawn has been working with Gabriella Vasta regarding the EITC plan for classroom materials and software. 

The Spring 2021 mandatory fees proposal is due to SUNY with possible fee reductions for certain areas. 

A notice regarding Spring 2021 budget requests will be forthcoming. The process will be the same as it was for the fall, addressing critical needs only.   

The Dean of Applied Technologies search is underway. Candidates have been selected and interviews will occur November 30 and December 1.  A request was made to have students in applied tech be part of the search process as well. 

SUNY has approved the bachelor's in Criminal Justice and we are awaiting SED approval.  We expect to hear from SUNY regarding the masters in Criminal Justice by the end of November as well.  The BARCH proposal will also be sent to SUNY soon.   

Thomas, Jarvis, and Lacey are discussing wellness days for next semester and ideas on how to make these most effective for students. 


Monday November 16, 2020

Reminder for the leadership team to attend the Middle States Steering Committee meeting this week from 12-1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Discussed students who are unable to register for the spring semester due to having holds on their accounts due to an outstanding balance for fall. More information will be brought to Wednesday’s meeting to discuss how we can assist these students and help them register for spring classes.

The date of the annual Moodle upgrade is being discussed. More information will be forthcoming.

A special thank you from University Police for the hero story on our website about Redd, our new K-9 search and rescue officer.

The spring reopening plan is being updated as information is submitted. Some details are still being ironed out and as soon as the information can be sent to Dawn, she will prepare the draft for review.

Friday November 13, 2020

The SUNY student satisfaction survey is in the process of receiving IRB approval and will be resent to students.

Don Farley, the College Foundation Board President, will be stepping down from his position. Nominations are being sought for both the president and vice president positions.

Discussions and planning for the spring reopening plan continue and details will be shared once final decisions have been made.

The School of Nursing was just named in the Top 25 Online Nursing Educator MSN Programs for 2021.

Wednesday November 11, 2020
1,203 surveillance pool tests were delivered to SUNY Upstate yesterday late afternoon.

Strategies to continue to improve communication within the leadership team were discussed.
SUNY has asked campuses to spend any remaining CARES Act Funds by the end of the year. Funds are also still available in the Student Emergency Fund. If anyone is aware of students in need, please contact Michael Sullivan.
The SUNY-wide budget process for the next fiscal year has begun.

Health Services, Karen Gabriel, and several offices are working on updating the commuter student list for Spring 2021.
The search committee for the new Dean of Applied Technologies is underway and Dr. Susan Deane will be chairing the committee.
Respite days for Spring 2021 are being discussed to help avoid fatigue and offer rejuvenation for students, faculty, and staff.
Spring 2021 admissions numbers remain steady. A recent report indicates that close to ½ of all graduating seniors have yet to apply to college for the fall.
CIS is working to help make a smooth transition to 100% remote learning after Thanksgiving.
Monday November 9, 2020

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10, we will be conducting about 1,200 student surveillance pool tests in Farrell Center.

Please remind students of the importance of being tested prior to departing Delhi. The Fall 2020 Departure Plan was approved by SUNY with a modification that included the statement: Any student who does not comply with the mandatory testing prior to departure from Delhi will be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for review. The plan was updated on the SUNY Delhi website to reflect this addition.

The final SUNY Spring 2021 Reopening Guidelines were received this weekend. The guidelines have been disseminated to the leadership team members who will provide responses by this Friday to Dawn, who will draft the final report.

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities continues to enforce the Student Code of Conduct rules, and take appropriate action when violations occur.

Michael and Susan have been working with SUNY legal regarding a grant due to the dissolution of a nursing home. More details will follow.

Friday November 6, 2020

The Spring 2021 Reopening Plan Final Guidelines were sent to the campus presidents last night. Dawn will be working with the areas that need to prepare a response to develop a comprehensive plan to send to SUNY for review and approval. Once approved, the plan will be shared campus-wide.

The team discussed ways to improve our internal communication, and next week we will define the scope of information to be shared at our meetings.

Due to our involvement with the Perkins grants, we have been selected to participate in a civil rights compliance review. Ellen Liberatori will work with Carol Bishop on forming a committee for this review.

The decision was made to suspend the RATS camp in December and alternative plans are being developed to help the students earn the credit they need to graduate.

Wednesday November 4, 2020

The SUNY Spring 2021 Reopening Plan Guidelines for Campuses were modified and have been sent to the Board of Trustees for approval.

There was a data error on the SUNY Dashboard yesterday that has been corrected. An announcement was put in the Delhi Today this morning to notify campus.

Currently, overall admissions applications for the spring and fall semester are down.

RATS camp was discussed and the Provost will work with Ulster County Community College and the Office of Workforce Development to see how we can work together to assist the students.

The State Department of Education approved the changes to the MSN in Nursing Education and Nursing Administration which should have a positive impact on enrollment.

Monday November 2, 2020

The Spring 2021 Reopening Guidelines have yet to be completely finalized by SUNY. Once the final guidelines are received, the plan will be prepared and submitted to SUNY for approval and shared with the campus community.

Discussed the importance of training for all faculty who are teaching their classes remotely this academic year. Continuing to provide high quality instruction to our students, regardless of the mode of delivery, is critical to the success of our students and our enrollment. Katie, in coordination with the academic deans, the Callas Center, and the Center for Excellence & Innovation in Teaching & Learning, will work on promoting the training available to faculty to help with this effort.

Data continues to show the effectiveness of wearing face masks in reducing the spread of the virus. Continuing to engage in the campus health protocols will assist in keeping everyone healthy.

Octobeerfest was a great success and a special thanks goes to all who participated in that event. This event provides a great template for other virtual events such as this.

Residence life has emailed all residential students regarding departing from campus. Approval was given for the Trailways bus to come on campus for pick-ups on Thursday-Saturday, November 19-21.

Friday October 30, 2020

Discussed surveillance testing results and departure plan for the students.

We sent in our first batch of wastewater samples this week to give us a baseline from which to compare future tests.

The SUNY Delhi Strategic Plan Report Card is available on the website.

Wednesday October 28, 2020
Surveillance testing process is streamlined and running well. The schedule for testing for the remainder of the semester was discussed. All students will be tested prior to them leaving on or before November 20. There will be no testing done the week of Thanksgiving. Testing will resume after Thanksgiving for staff working on campus and any students who will remain on campus for extenuating circumstances.
Monday October 26, 2020
Discussed SUNY guidelines for testing students prior to them returning home on Friday, November 20 and testing requirements for students in the Spring 2021 semester. Faculty and staff who are continuing to come to campus to work after November 20 will still be tested.
Communication regarding testing procedures for students returning home will be forthcoming.
Reminder that Octobeerfest is this Friday.
Friday October 23, 2020

Discussed the surveillance test process, results, and follow up. We are working with SUNY Upstate regarding the email notification process.

Restriction notices for any student who has not shown up for surveillance testing were sent out.

The current COVID-19 campus dashboard will be replaced with the SUNY COVID-19 Dashboard this afternoon to make it easier for people to find information and streamline the process and information.

Wednesday October 21, 2020

Continued conversation regarding the details of exiting our students in November. We are waiting for final guidelines from SUNY regarding this process, and on approval from Upstate Medical regarding increased capacity for additional testing the week of November 20.

The BI reporting tool has been updated and Stephen will be posting a message in the Delhi Today regarding Fall 2020 allocations.

Katie would like final comments by this Friday on the Strategic Plan Report Card she shared with leadership this morning. Once finalized, she will be sharing the report with the campus community.

Reminder to register and attend Alumni Reunion and Homecoming is this weekend (Friday evening and Saturday events).

Reminder that Octobeerfest is next weekend and registration for the event and auction is still open.

Monday October 19, 2020

Red, our new K-9 puppy, was delivered to University Police on Friday. Our welding students are working on the K-9 containment unit for the UP vehicle and our Veterinary Science students will also be working with Red as well.

As a reminder, employee surveillance testing begins today.

Discussed the number of degrees conferred in 2019-20 from the Strategic Plan Report Card. Clarification of the data is needed. This section of the report card will be revisited.

As a reminder, anyone who is deemed to be at risk of being exposed to someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be contacted by the Department of Health.

Friday, October 16, 2020

The surveillance test chart on the web page will be a cumulative aggregate of tests and results completed for both the students and staff as of Monday.

The notice regarding the Spring 2021 calendar was in the Delhi Today this morning and the web pages associated with the spring calendar were also updated.

The flow chart for cancellation or delay of classes due to inclement weather was updated.  A finalized version of the chart will be kept in both the President's office and the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Updated enrollment figures were shared and discussed. Rob will be presenting this information at College Senate on October 26.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Reviewed the Strategic Plan Report Card and Monica Liddle was present for the discussion. We need to develop at least 3 institutional priorities to address in the self-study for Middle States based on this information. Discussion ensued regarding the need to create action items and be accountable for moving forward with the plan. A revised version of the plan will be distributed for final review next week.

The notice regarding employee testing went out in the Delhi Today and the web page has been updated with the information.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

We completed 485 pool tests on Tuesday.  The process was efficient, especially with CIS support.  A special thank you to the Barnes and Noble Café and Christina Wildenstein for the special goodies for the volunteers. After next week, all students will have been tested at least once this semester.

The Flow Chart for the process for canceling or delaying classes is being updated, and a second flow chart will be developed for when classes are not in session to reflect the changes in that process.

The Dean of Applied Technologies position has been posted.

Reviewed and discussed the Campus Report Card for Strategic Theme VI: Storytelling.  Suggestions were given for additional reports and data to add to this section, including information from Marketing and Communications, Admissions, and Athletics.  Continued work is needed on a process through which the campus community can share stories and we can systematically track our graduates.

Monday, October 5, 2020

SUNY Downstate is going to provide each student in SUNY with access to telecounseling. It is going to be called Thriving Campus. More details will follow from SUNY on this program to help students get access to the help they need.

The Strategic Plan Report Card for SUNY Delhi should be complete by October 16, inclusive of all edits.

Friday, October 2, 2020

We received notification that the pilot telecommuting policy has been extended until January 1, 2021. A Delhi Today Extra message will be sent out shortly to notify the campus community.

The Preferred and Chosen Name policy and process was shared with leadership.  Communication regarding the policy and process will be forthcoming to the campus community.

Approval was given to maintain the Office Assistant I position in Health and Counseling Services at 37.5 hours per week until November 20 to assist with the surveillance testing.

The revised Visit Delhi web page is live for prospective students and families to use. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

SUNY Delhi Report Card on Strategic Theme V: Student Potential was reviewed and discussed. 

The CCIO group met and is working on contacting vendors to see if they will split annual invoices and bill us twice a year to help with budgeting. 

CIS will be sending out a notice regarding a new app for the daily health screening tool.

The current telecommuting agreement expires at the end of this week and once notice is received if it is extended, the campus community will be notified. 

Surveillance testing yesterday went really well. Over 525 students were selected and 381 tests were completed. More students will be selected next Tuesday to help reach the 500 target number of tests. The overall process is quick and easy if the student registers prior to coming to the test site.  The key is to get the students to register and input their insurance information prior to coming to the test site. A couple of CIS issues were identified (primarily that students had not registered their devices or that they could not access Wi-Fi) and CIS will provide support for at the site starting next Tuesday. 

The Spring 2021 academic schedule is being worked on with the Provost and the academic deans and should be finalized soon.  Once it is finalized, that information will be shared with the campus community.

Monday, September 28, 2020

There is a labor management meeting today to discuss employee testing.

The academic deans met to discuss the spring calendar. Details will be communicated to the campus as decisions are made.

A notice will be put in the Delhi Today and sent directly to students and families regarding the emergency SUNY-wide policy on COVID-19 related student violations.  This information will also be posted on the SUNY Delhi COVID-19 web page.

The SUNY Delhi detailed reopening plan with updates to the surveillance testing procedure will uploaded to the web page today.

Friday, September 25, 2020
Discussion about communicating to all faculty, staff, and students about the importance of connection and checking in with others.  Several groups are working on initiatives and different ways to disseminate this message.

The virtual nursing alumni panel was well attended and went well last night.

Emails to students who will be part of Tuesday’s surveillance tests will go out today from Health Services. An email from the Provost to the faculty about the student surveillance testing will also go out today.  Health Services is working with Marketing and Communications on reminder notices about registering for the test.

SUNY is working on developing consistent sanctions for COVID-19 related incidents. More information will be shared once the details are released to the campuses.  

The Bronco CARE Team website offers the entire campus community excellent resources and also has a link to the Student Concern Form that should be used for any student of concern. Completing that form provides a more immediate response than using Starfish and is for concerns other than academic-related issues. Student Life is looking into QPR training which may be accessible and free for the entire campus community.

Katie Bucci is doing a presentation for SUNY today regarding assessment.

Leadership decided to move forward with non-renewal of the Campus Labs contract for assessment.  Monica Liddle and Katie Bucci will work with CIS on developing a home-grown system to track the assessment data and do the reporting.  Assistance will be needed campus-wide with this transition once the system is designed.

The faculty are meeting next week to talk about the spring schedule and will keep us informed.
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Reviewed and discussed the Campus Report Card for Strategic Theme IV: Enrollment.

Discussed admissions campus visits and decision to move forward with a plan that will meet all health protocols.

Discussed the need to communicate about the importance to stay connected and check on one another, especially during the pandemic.  Several efforts are underway to get this message out.
Monday, September 21, 2020
Surveillance testing is continuing, and the number of students being tested will increase to over 200 this week. Approval from leadership was given to move forward with having follow-up individual testing completed for individuals in positive pool(s), utilizing SUNY Upstate to conduct this second test when necessary. They have just been approved to do so, and it saves time and simplifies follow-up testing of potential positives. With this change, students will be required to enter their insurance information during the registration process. Today, calls will be made to the students to assist them with the registration process.
Due to not being able to have a quorum, the College Council meeting scheduled for this month has been canceled. The president’s office has contacted SUNY and the governor’s office to notify them of the need for approval for additional council members.
Friday, September 18, 2020

Hank Adams has resigned from the College Council to focus on his professional activities.  We are waiting on approval from the Governor's office to appoint new members.

Discussed first budget meeting that occurred yesterday and feedback was given about the process.

More information will be forthcoming regarding testing of employees next week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Discussed assessment results for Strategic Theme #3: Academic Programs – Innovating, delivering, and sustaining relevant and cutting-edge curricula.

SUNY has requested more information for our Surveillance Pool Testing Plan that we are sending them today.

Reminder that all department heads need to respond to the email about the UUP essential employee classification.

SUNY sent an announcement regarding surveillance testing for faculty and staff. Our Health Services staff is unable to do testing and follow-up for faculty and staff. There are multiple locations where faculty/staff can get tested either for free or through their health care provider.  More information will be forthcoming from SUNY this week.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Waste water testing is moving forward with supplies being ordered after final plan is developed.  Surveillance testing went well last week and will be done weekly at this point.

Assessment update will be given at the Faculty Senate Meeting tonight.  The Steering Committee will meet this week.

The COVID-19 complaint form will be put on the main COVID-19 Information page, on the right hand navigation bar, to be used to report issues of non-compliance with the campus health protocols.  Anyone who sees someone who is not complying with the heath protocols should respectfully ask the other person to comply before filling out the complaint form.

A general overview of the agenda for Thursday’s budget meeting was presented.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Great job with the sample pool test today. Things went very smoothly and the next test will be conducted on Tuesday.

The student weekly reminder video will be emailed to students today from Student Life.

The first budget meeting will be next week and information has been sent out from Stephen for review.

The September 11 Remembrance Ceremony went well this morning and was well attended. Special thank you to the UP staff for the ceremony and all they have been doing.

Mandy Walsh and Heather Warner from Delaware County Department of Health met with leadership and discussed what modifications we can make to assist them in contact tracing and the overall process.  Thomas will follow up with the deans on the recommendations given.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Pool surveillance and waste water testing was discussed after learning more about those options in a SUNY webinar last night. SUNY Delhi will be starting surveillance testing this Friday and will be testing weekly based on our approved SUNY surveillance plan (Appendix C of the detailed reopening plan).  We will also be exploring how to include waste water testing into our plan as well.

The Annual Report Card 2019-20 for our Strategic Plan - Theme II: Investing in Facilities was reviewed.  Additional assessment items and clarification on outcomes for this theme were discussed.

Health Services must complete and submit three unique COVID-19 related reports daily.  Due to the variation in timing of completing the reports and how the data is categorized for each, the numbers may not be the same.  For example, the SUNY COVID-19 Dashboard shows 60 SUNY Delhi students currently in quarantine (reflecting any SUNY Delhi student who may live anywhere in the world that they have information about from various reporting agencies). The SUNY Delhi COVID-19 dashboard reflects only students who are in quarantine on our campus.  Anyone considered at risk of being in close contact with someone with COVID-19 will be contacted by the Department of Health.

Practicing healthy behaviors (like wearing a face mask, maintaining six feet of social distance, and washing hands frequently) continues to be a great defense against contracting COVID-19 and other viruses.

Enrollment for the Fall 2020 semester continues to remain steady and slightly higher than last fall. No shows are being identified and removed from the system.

Friday, September 4, 2020

The detailed reopening plan on the website has been updated regarding our plan for surveillance testing, and the revisions were also sent to SUNY.

A new reminder message to students about adhering to the student code of conduct will be sent from different people each week. Tomas will be sending the message this week.

The SUNY dashboard report and our campus dashboard was discussed. Final decisions will be made so the information can be put on our website.  The figures will be updated daily, Monday through Friday.  Dawn will work with Peter to get the page developed and published, and will send out a notice to the campus community as soon as it is ready. Surveillance testing results will be separate from this dashboard.

For contact tracing to be effective, faculty are reminded to take attendance for in-person labs and classes. Dr. Jordan will communicate this to the deans.

The Final Exam schedule for Fall 2020 should be finalized by next week.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

SUNY is drafting a campus tracking tool for data related to COVID-19 testing results.  CIS is working on a campus-specific dashboard to track data. 

SUNY Upstate Medical confirmed that we can begin surveillance testing on our campus on Tuesday, September 15.  A notice will go out to the campus this week.

Leadership will begin discussing the 2019-20 Strategic Plan Report Card, reviewing one theme each week.  The Investing in People theme was reviewed this week.

Procedures for how to most efficiently begin to distribute the student emergency funds is being developed with SUNY.

Student Life is working on adjusting the student programming schedule to offer more options on the weekends, and will be communicating to all students about the services offered, as well as sending reminders about engaging in safe behaviors and practices related to COVID-19.

Total enrollment figures for the fall are tracking slightly higher than in 2019.

Dr. Jordan is working with the academic deans to finalize program course schedules and details for the fall semester.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part in welcoming our students and families this weekend. Things went very well and we have received very positive feedback on the move-in process. 

Due to the situation at SUNY Oneonta and the amount of testing they are now doing through Upstate Medical, our start date for surveillance testing may be delayed.  Once a confirmed start date is secured, communication with students, families, and the entire community about the procedures and timeline will begin.  Dawn, Lori, and Karen are developing this communication.

Every campus will now be required to report information to SUNY on a daily basis.  No specific details have been given for the contents of the report. This report will be in addition to the information we provide for the SUNY portal.

As of today, there are 3,104 students enrolled overall, which is an increase from last fall of 1.3%.  Currently, there are over 700 students residing on campus and in Riverview Townhouses. 

Visits were made to off-campus houses that are traditionally rented by students to remind tenants of the student conduct policy and importance of their role in keeping others healthy.

Reminder: the campus is closed to visitors except for foot traffic for dog walking or exercising outside.  Any vehicle that comes on campus must go to University Police to obtain the proper permit. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibility developed an online form for reporting COVID-19 violations and a reference sheet for assistance on how to respond to individuals not following the safety protocols.

Leadership continued to discuss the surveillance testing option.  A final decision on this will be made next week after all the details are finalized.

Reminder that the Fall Opening Meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, August 27, at 1:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Per Rob, enrollment numbers at this time are flat compared to last year.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Leadership discussed pooled testing and the waste water treatment testing options.  We need more information on both before making a final decision.

The follow-up procedure for students using the daily health screening assessment is working well.  Currently, those who reported symptoms did so accidentally.

Procedures are being developed for opening the fitness center after the announcement from the Governor that they could open. 

There were Zoom issues internationally yesterday and this morning, but they should be resolved at this time.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Leadership discussed surveillance testing and waste water treatment testing, and the need for detailed information (costs, percentage of students to test, scheduling, procedures, etc.) before making a decision. 

Transport services from O’Connor Hospital were discussed in lieu of COVID-19.  A&D Taxi will charge $45 per transport but there will be a long wait time since they are coming from Oneonta.  Payment options include direct pay from the student and possibly a voucher option as well.

Discussion regarding possible temperature checks at key areas on campus and at check-in for incoming students occurred. Martin will determine how many thermometers we have to distribute and then we will work on a procedure for when/where temperature checking can occur.

The last Bronco Ready advisement session is complete. About 100 students have not attended a session and Enrollment Services is reaching out to them this week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Official guidelines on gym and fitness center reopening should be coming out soon from the Governor’s office.

Move in for the students is going really well.  The Resident Assistants are back on campus and they will be meeting with the leadership team on Friday via Zoom.

Approval was given for space on campus to be used for the fire department fireworks this Saturday evening.

Moodle upgrades were completed last night.

Monday, August 17, 2020

College Foundation Golf Tournament is today.

More students arrived on campus yesterday and the process worked well overall.

Friday, August 14, 2020

The date and time for the Fall 2020 Open Forum will be determined shortly.

An email letter to parents encouraging them to talk with their student about the new protocols on campus was sent out today.  Everyone (parents, faculty, staff, and students) should be receiving a copy of the letter and it is posted on the website.

Tomas and Martin will the co-chairs for the Cares Teams this fall.

The daily student health assessment information is captured in a data file and the information for students who report illnesses will soon be sent to Elizabeth and George to follow up with.  

Employees should speak with their supervisor to determine the details of their work location. 

Reminder that the JCOPE filing is due on Monday, 8.17.20.

The Institutional Effectiveness Manual is being updated and will be sent to Dr. Jordan for his review.

Invitations for the Middle States committee will go out next week.

On Monday, August 17, the College Foundation Golf Tournament will be held at the golf course.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Dawn attended the Delhi Town Board meeting last evening and answered questions about students arriving on campus. It was a very positive meeting.

There will be a sign placed by the entrance that directs guests and visitors to check in at University Police to receive their parking passes and have permission to be on campus.

Team clarified that the campus is closed except for outside usage (such as walking dogs or using the outdoor track), or for those who have official college business and have made appointments.  Other facilities and areas (such as the library, fitness center, pool, $5 Friday meals, etc.) are closed to the public.  A sign is being developed to direct visitors to University Police in North Hall.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Team discussed group random testing for COVID-19 that Upstate Medical Center is doing.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Team discussed the first group of students arriving on campus Sunday and the protocols and procedures that were in place for the move-in process.

Team discussed faculty and staff wearing their college IDs on campus and it was recommended that all campus members wear their IDs to assist in following our reopening plan protocols.

Student bills are being emailed today.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The College Foundation is moving forward with outsourcing the accounting function to create more efficiency.

The Provost email to students about academic schedules and Banner reflecting the mode of instruction went out yesterday.

Names for the MSCHE Steering Committee need to be sent to Katie.

Enrollment numbers are remaining steady and the Bronco Ready group is working to get students to complete their virtual orientation.  August 20 is the final academic advisement date.

Moodle will be down next week for upgrades. 

Bills are being prepared to go to students this Friday.

Monday, August 3, 2020

The meeting was devoted to case studies and planning for possible scenarios of a COVID-19 outbreak, and the team identified action items for different departments to prepare for such events.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Our reopening plan will be updated with procedures from SUNY regarding the 14-day mandatory quarantine for International and out-of-state students. 

Student bills should be going out next week.

The Trailways bus will be required to drop students off in lot G for pre-screening during welcome weekend and then normally scheduled drop off and pick up will be from the downtown bus stop.

Procedures and signage for buildings are being developed. No one should be going into a building unless they have a class, are getting food, or have an appointment to meet with someone. Most appointments and meetings, if not all, should occur remotely.  Face masks/coverings are required in all buildings.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Banner will be updated by next week to reflect the mode of instruction for every course this fall semester.  Once Banner is updated, the provost will send a letter via email to all students, describing the various modes of instruction and answering other academic questions.

Several members of the campus community met with the Mayor’s Task Force to discuss the reopening plan and address concerns. More meetings will occur to facilitate strong communication between SUNY Delhi and the greater Delhi community.

A proposal to extend the application fee waiver for veterans and their families to SUNY Delhi graduate programs was approved by leadership.

Delhi Today announcements are being prepared to ask the campus community to relinquish excess supplies offices/departments may have in order to share them with those who need them.   

Faculty and staff will be asked to carry or wear their SUNY Delhi IDs while on campus.

Buildings will begin to be unlocked in the mornings as of Monday, August 3 for employees who will be returning to work.

UPD will be distributing PPE and face coverings to faculty and staff who need them.  Logistics and procedures for how to distribute these are being worked on.  Student Life will be handling the distribution of face coverings for students.  Details are being finalized.

The daily student health screening tool will be ready by next week for use.

Some classrooms may have the ability to use a QR code so that faculty can work the technology in their classrooms using their cell phones to minimize touching the equipment.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Our nursing students and faculty who will be in the hospitals this fall will be required to provide their own face shields.  We will work on securing these prior to the start of classes.

SUNY Board of Trustees decided to not raise tuition for the fall semester; however, there may be an increase for the spring semester.  Student Financial Services are working on the bills this week.

Friday July 24, 2020

Fall 2020 student schedules should be adjusted by the end of next week to indicate the mode of instruction for each class a student is taking.

Any student who cannot be cleared by the Health Center will not be able to return to campus this fall.  Students must complete the pre-screening and be able to be cleared to come on campus.

The updated Student Code of Conduct has been approved by SUNY legal.

Clarification: the daily employee health screening tool is not an app; it is a link to the portal where the health questions will be asked of each person.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Bronco Pledge was approved and will be posted on the web and shared with the campus community.
There are issues with the Excelsior Scholarship and currently the application is not available to students/families.
Cost of student parking decals has been adjusted to reflect the time students will be on campus. 
Assessment information is due.  Please make sure everyone has completed inputting data.
The 1st alumni panel discussion with the Hospitality department was a huge success.  More of these will be scheduled in the coming months.
Monday July 20, 2020

The North Atlantic Conference announced today that there will be no athletic conference competitions this fall.  That means that each member school may choose to safely conduct athletics at their own discretion.  An announcement about this announcement and our campus decision will be sent out to students and the campus community.

Admissions, the Health Center staff, and provost are working on making arrangements with our International students and students arriving from high-risk areas to make sure they will have the necessary 14 days of isolation/quarantine before classes begin.

Friday, July 17, 2020
Campus pledge is being worked on and should be available next week.
Wednesday July 15, 2020

Stephen Cembrinski presented a proposed amended budget process given our current state of affairs.  This process and information will be shared with the campus community next week.

The Reopening Plan FAQ web page is live and will be updated as information needs to be updated. Please contact Dawn Sohns with any additional questions or information.

Health and Counseling is working with vendors to see if they can secure COVID-19 rapid test kits.  At this time, SUNY has not been able to secure a SUNY-wide contract for rapid testing.

We are in the process of hiring additional custodial staff for the cleaning/sanitizing needs of the campus.

The employee and student health screening tools are being developed and tested.

Monday, July 13, 2020

The reopening SUNY Delhi FAQ page is being worked on and should be up by this afternoon.

Middles States AIU opened today and Katie is submitting the data requested.

We are working on making sure our International students can return to campus this fall.

The student letters from the academic deans have started to go out and should all be out by Wednesday. 

Stephen Cembrinski will be sending out an email with the adjusted and condensed fall budget this week.

Friday, July 10, 2020
The meeting was focused on discussing the reopening plan and details that are still being worked out, including securing face coverings for the campus community, the health screening tool/app, and how we meet students’ needs while we reduce density. 
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Reopening SUNY Delhi Fall 2020 web page, press release, and student/family email are complete.  Waiting for more details on the return to campus academic schedule which should be ready by tomorrow.  The mandatory self-screening communication pieces are also complete and ready to be sent out after the initial reopening announcement.

Reminder that the annual assessment data must be put into Compliance Assist ASAP.

Monday, July 6, 2020
No Meeting Scheduled Today
Friday, July 3, 2020
No Meeting Scheduled Today
Wednesday July 1, 2020

Discussion about Mass Entry Testing:

Although some colleges are announcing plans to do mass entry testing, at this time, SUNY Delhi is following the CDC’s recommendation to not do so.  Please see the recommendations given by the CDC for college campuses and mass testing (hyperlink: paying special attention to the section “Testing asymptomatic individuals without known exposure to a person with COVID-19” that states:

Testing of all students, faculty and staff for COVID-19 before allowing campus entry (entry testing) has not been systematically studied. It is unknown if entry testing in IHEs provides any additional reduction in person-to-person transmission of the virus beyond what would be expected with implementation of other infection preventive measures (e.g., social distancing, cloth face covering, hand washing, enhanced cleaning and disinfection). Therefore, the CDC does not recommend entry testing of all returning students, faculty, and staff. 

SUNY Delhi's EIT plan had been submitted to SUNY and we were notified that it was received. 

Progress on the health screening tool is being made.

College Advancement raised over $41,000 for the Student Emergency Fund – a matching fund that will bring the total of the fund to over $82,000 to assist students.  Thank you to all who supported this fund raising effort!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Three key messages for our campus community: (1) use the health screening tool (being developed) every single day; (2) wear a face covering; and (3) wash hands frequently.

Dawn will be coordinating messages for the campus regarding the reopening once we get approval.  She will work with Susan and the academic deans on communicating with students regarding their return to campus dates once approval is given.

Monday, June 24, 2020

The president met with the SUNY president’s group and Grace Wang shared information about the COVID-19 virus and testing. Using this information, our reopening plan will focus on incorporating daily self-screening, using face coverings, and washing hands frequently.

Three provost candidates have been asked to come to campus.  Tomorrow is the first candidate.

The Office of Marketing & Communications reminds everyone to watch commencement this Saturday.

Monday, June 22, 2020

We have been asked to modify our reopening plan to address at what point our campus would be unable to maintain safe operations and move to “remote only” operations this fall semester.  We have been working with our Delaware County Health officials and we have a protocol in place to deal with situations as they evolve.  There is no specific number that would automatically cause us to move to “remote only” as there are too many factors that will play into that decision. We will continue to work with our local health officials and our regional control group.

Communication is critical and we must communicate consistently as we begin our reopening.

We have applied for and received a $30,000 grant with Baruch College for the Mechatronics program.

The CRM is operational in Advancement! Many thanks to Kari for all her hard work on this!

The 2nd half of the CARES Act Funds have been approved.  More to come on this.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Callas Center is offering an Instructional Design Course for faculty this week. There are over 30 people currently enrolled in the training.  Instructors will receive a certificate of completion.  All faculty are highly encouraged to attend. 

Assessment data is being received and all assessment information should be submitted before July 1.

The provost search interviews have been completed. Communication and shared governance were brought up repeatedly in the interview process.  These terms are defined differently across campus. It will be important to clearly define these terms first to move forward. 

There are questions regarding the required screening of students before they return to campus. SUNY legal will be providing information about how to move forward with this situation.

Friday, June 12, 2020

We will be posting/sending out a campus statement that reaffirms our commitment to our values.

In the SUNY presidents' meeting, there was discussion around testing on campuses this fall with the overall sentiment that mass testing would not be recommended, and there was an indication that we may have feedback on our reopening plan by the end of next week.

Carol attended the Faculty Senate meeting last night.

The SUNY employee screening app is not production ready at this time but we are hoping it will be by mid-August.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Need to communicate that our on-campus health center (and the services they offer) is for students only.  The health services they provide are paid for through the student health fee dollars primarily. Faculty and staff need to use the local health centers/hospitals and see their primary physicians for health services.

Campus Task Force: anyone can join the subgroups and membership is fluid.  Group tasks may cross over at times and they will need to talk with other groups.  Groups should begin to meet, and meet as often as necessary – this will depend on the group and their charge.

The campus reopening plan will need to be reviewed often and updated as needed.  The plan is simply a guideline or road map, but the details will change.

An employee screening tool was discussed.  SUNY developed a tool for System Admin that we may be able to adapt for our faculty/staff. More information will be forthcoming.

Monday, June 8, 2020
  • Gabby Vasta visited today and went over the proposed SUNY Delhi EIT plan. The plan was supported by leadership.
  • Residence halls are cleared of most student belongings.
  • Discussed the purchase of a rapid COVID/flu testing kit for the student health center. More research will be conducted.
  • The proposed, tentative SUNY Delhi reopening plan was submitted to SUNY on Saturday.
Friday, June 5, 2020
The proposed, tentative reopening plan is due to SUNY by tomorrow. The proposed plan goes to SUNY for review and will be sent back to the campus for adjustments. The plan then goes to the Southern Tier Regional Representative for review, and then on to the Governor’s office for final approval. Once approved by SUNY, the regional representative, and Governor Cuomo, SUNY Delhi can make a formal announcement regarding the plan.
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Communication was discussed as this need was identified by the faculty/staff. It is important for everyone to realize that communication is two-way – if people do not ask questions, leadership does not know what people are wondering about. Asking specific questions and starting with one’s supervisor first is important. Directing questions to Michael for his weekly video is also an avenue through which questions can be answered. Supervisors must communicate what is shared with them, to everyone on their staff.
Monday, June 1, 2020
Virtual Commencement Ceremony videos will be completed this Friday. Dawn will be in touch with all speakers to set up the time for the video shoot. Please have speeches to her by Wednesday.
Friday, May 29, 2020
  • The Governor said he was not going to open Phase 2 as he needed more time to review the data.
  • We need adequate supplies to be able to respond to positive cases of COVID-19 in the health center.
  • Discussion about how the opening plan will be communicated to faculty and staff.  Supervisors must communicate with their employees.
  • Alumni and Homecoming will be virtual.
  • Three more candidates will be interviewed for the provost position. 
Wednesday, May 27, 2020
  • The reopening plan has to be sent to SUNY by June 6, 2020. The plan needs to be 10 pages or less.  SUNY stressed that each campus is different when it comes to reopening.
  • President Laliberte created a Campus Planning Task Force to help with reopening the campus.
  • There will be no visitors or events on campus until further notice.
  • All meetings on campus will be remote until further notice.
Friday, May 15, 2020
  • We had a guest, Mandy Walsh from Delaware County Public Health Services. Mandy said the New York Pause is in effect until June 7, 2020. Mandy mentioned that Delaware County is in the Southern Tier and we will start to reopen. There has been no mention when education - including colleges and schools - will reopen.  Mandy mentioned there need to be quarantine spaces for density. There will also be strict cleaning and sanitizing standards.
  • President Laliberte reported that SUNY is stating that all campuses are different and they need to prepare a reopening plan in the next couple of weeks.
  • The telecommuting program has been extended to July 17, 2020.
  • Faculty and staff returning to work will need to wear face coverings and social distance. It will be a requirement.
  • The academic mission is the priority at this time. We need students to finish their lab requirements.
Wednesday, May 6, 2020
  • After May 15, state workers status is unknown at this time.  No announcement yet regarding telecommuting.
  • There will be no summer student jobs.
  • Employee Appreciation Day will be virtual this year.
  • Rob reported that transfer numbers are strong and schedules are up. We received 20 deposits since last Monday which is a good sign.
  • 5 provost candidates have been scheduled to virtually visit campus.
  • Virtual Commencement has been set for Saturday, June 27, 2020.
  • Student refunds should include the athletic fee and transportation fee as part of the refund.
Monday, May 4, 2020
  • We need to focus on getting 186 students back on campus to finish their Labs. 70% of the students are residential.  How and when should/can this happen?
  • Some students are still on campus. If students come back to campus, it would be easier for Residence Life to have them come back in smaller groups.
  • Nancy Macdonald and Bret Meckel are working on academic spaces now.
  • Michael Sullivan reported that the emergency funds are available to students now.
  • New admission deposit deadline date: June 1, 2020. Enrollment down 276 students compared to last year.
Friday, May 1, 2020
  • Report on students who need labs:  132 seniors, 94 under classmen, and 126 that can’t go forward to the next semester, according to the faculty.
  • Carol reported there is a state hiring freeze and budget limits. Academic mission is going to be a priority for spending.
  • Provost Search is moving to the second round interview recommendations.
  • Martin reported a shortage of N95 masks.
  • The commencement committee is working on a virtual commencement given the situation.
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
  • Katie Bucci is going to send out a student survey.
  • Michael Sullivan reported that the Emergency Fund will be a 1:1 match. If we raise $6,000 the match will be another $6,000 for a total of $12,000.
Friday, April 24, 2020
Concern over seniors who need to finish their labs to graduate. Applied Tech needs a few weeks. Vet Sci has 34 students that need 5 days. Culinary needs around 1- 2 weeks.
Wednesday, April 22, 2020
  • All students on campus have been moved to Dubois Hall.
  • Discussion about when to bring students back who need labs.  All at once or alternate weeks?
Monday, April 20, 2020
Leadership team is to work on scenarios on how to bring students back to campus for Fall 2020. They need to look at Facilities, Residence life, Academics, etc. – basically, every aspect.
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
  • CARES Act allocation to SUNY Delhi is about 1.2 million dollars going directly to students.
  • Enrollment is currently down 33% for Fall 2020.
Monday, April 13, 2020
  • Refunds will be for a percentage of room and meal costs. The refunds should go out around May 15, 2020.
  • All essential employees will be provided face coverings. Martin indicated that masks may come from New York Response.
Friday, April 10, 2020
  • CARES Act money discussion.  Money must go directly to student needs. 
  • Remaining students on campus will be moved to one building.
  • The Health Center is looking to obtain test kits.
  • Carol is working with Stephen Cembrinski on budget scenarios.
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
  • Non-essential workers have a telecommute contract and need to submit a weekly work log to their supervisors.
  • Positions to hire are on hold until at least May 2020. Chancellor Johnson told presidents that they are not to hire anyone at this time unless absolutely critical to function.
  • Martin reported there are 61 patients in the Javits Center and 10 patients on the US Comfort.
Monday, April 6, 2020
  • There are still 32 students on campus.
  • The provost search is going well.
  • The College Leadership Team will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from this point on.
Friday, April 3, 2020
  • Delaware County had its first death with COVID-19.
  • Starting this weekend, the south entrance to campus will be closed.
  • Summer courses will be online only.
  • The only position to be filled at this time is the Director of Health and Counseling Services, (Lori Barnes is retiring). The Provost Search will continue.
Thursday, April 2, 2020
  • There are now 46 students on campus.
  • New York City is now in a 2-week quarantine.  Delaware County had 2 new cases and Chenango County had 2 new cases. All counties are running short on safety supplies.
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
  • The Department of Education is looking at our lab plan due to financial aid purposes.
  • We will consider closing the south entrance to campus on the weekends.
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
  • The Provost Search is underway and we have 20 ZOOMS offered and 19 candidates accepted.
  • There was going to be a 3-week period to complete labs for students, but now students have to go home and will complete labs when we get approval.
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
  • Libraries could be closed in NY so we need to provide students with laptops.
  • There is going to be an emergency fund set up to help students in need.
  • We have 370 students on campus and there are 170 cars on campus.
  • Martin reported that Broome County has 14 cases of COVID-19. 33 people have died in NYS from the virus.
  • Delhi Today Extra will go out thanking all essential workers.
Monday, March 16, 2020
  • Students Online: students will continue their courses online from March 30 until May 15, 2020.
  • Students who cannot complete their labs will receive an IC until labs are completed.
  • Residence Halls: many students have been moving out and going home.  Agreed that no student will be able to come back to campus until April 19, 2020.
  • Employees: Non-essential employees will be working from home until May 11, 2020 until further notice. Essential employees will work on campus and may have adjusted schedules.
March 10, 2020

COVID-19 Update: We continue to monitor the situation and work with SUNY, NYS Department of Health, local authorities, and CDC.As of today, we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Assessment Update: Katie discussed the current procedure for student withdrawals and improvements being made to collect better data.She showed the Watermark software to the team, and recommended switching to this company after the contract with Compliance Assist expires (in June). Katie will work with Susan Deane, other faculty, and the company to make sure Watermark will provide the functionality desired.Academic dismissal and appeal data was discussed and further evaluation of this information is needed.

Vendors on campus: Carol is getting a group together to create a policy for vendors on campus and their ability to sell products while here.She will bring a suggested policy back to leadership.

Spring Enrollment Recap: Rob presented historic and current spring enrollment data and offered ideas on areas where enrollment can grow in the future.

Approvals: The replacement of payroll office position in the Office of Human Resources and a FYE Resident Director twelve-month position in Student Life were approved to fill.

March 3, 2020

Campus Preparedness for COVID-19: Karen Gabriel and Lori Barnes joined leadership to discuss the updates on COVID-19 and steps SUNY Delhi is taking to be prepared. We have created a webpage that will be updated when new information is available from the CDC or the NYS Dept of Health, and will communicate with the campus via the Delhi Today.

Outreach & Workforce Development: Glenda Roberts presented about OWD’s history, what the office currently handles, and offered ideas on possible restructuring for the future.

Dr. Susan Deane discussed the re-organization of the nursing online advisement. Recommended moving to three, twelve-month advisors was supported and an official proposal for the change will be submitted.

Admissions was given approval to move two admission counselor positions to 12 months and to fill an SL6 position (upon retirement of current administrative employee).

Approval was given to fill an operations assistant in the residence halls.

February 25, 2020

Rob Piurowski, Director of Admissions, was welcomed as a new member of the College Leadership Team. Rob reviewed the numbers for both this spring and next fall.

Emeritus status approved for Peter Paluch and Joel Smith.

Reminders: Career Path Event on March 5th , Career Fair on March 11th , and April 2nd College Fair in the Clark Field House.

February 18, 2020

The search committee for the Provost position will meet tomorrow.

Glenda Roberts will be asked to attend a future leadership team meeting to offer staffing ideas for her area.

Budget documents were emailed last week. Stephen Cembrinski is hosting training sessions for the campus.

Assessment is the topic for this week’s Common Hour.

February 11, 2020

Request to fill lines – Kelli
Approval was given to fill two LVT veterinary science faculty lines, an hourly, part-time position for animal husbandry, continuation of a visiting faculty line in Applied Sciences, and a replacement teaching position for the Nursing program. There was a discussion about the future configuration of the Office of Outreach and Workforce Development. A proposal for the configuration will be brought to leadership.

Construction Projects Update – Carol
Update regarding the construction projects on campus was given.The Farnsworth cage washer project is complete and the rest of the building rehab project may be able to be completed in two phases.The Evenden Tower brick and window project is moving forward.We won't know about funding for other projects until the State budget is finalized.

College Council Reminder & Update - George
College Council meeting tonight. Michelle Fisher has resigned from College Council.

Assessment Software – Katie
Discussion of replacement assessment software and spring assessment meetings.

February4, 2020

Leadership approval given to fill 2 lines for Applied Technology – one in HVAC & plumbing and the other in electrical.

Leadership approval given to fill vacancy position in Student Financial Services and IT vacancy position in IT.

January 28, 2020
Budget Process Review: Stephen Cembrinski The budget process was reviewed and discussed, with suggestions given on how to make the packet of information more clear. MC Evaluations – Carol Carol discussed the old process for MC evaluations and proposed an updated process and timeline. Requested that the MC evaluations be done by this summer to make them consistent with the UUP evaluation timeline. Replacement of Maintenance Assistant SG-9 Residence Life – John Padovani Request to fill this position, which is a replacement position for someone who is not returning. Leadership approved the request to fill. A survey created by the O’Connor Center for Community Engagement will be distributed electronically regarding faculty/staff community engagement.
January 14, 2020

Veterinary Science Faculty Lines – Leadership approval was given to fill two faculty lines in this department.

Employee Training – Discussion occurred regarding the various required employee mandatory trainings. Each leadership member will send George a list of the training required for their area.

Strategic Plan Books & Continuing the Assessment Day ConversationKatie discussed the edits that were suggested to the Strategic Plan booklet and how to keep assessment as part of everyone’s conversation and activities.

Hosting Legislative Office Hours/Constituent Services on CampusDiscussion occurred regarding the availability of, and procedure for, space usage for political representatives. All requests must go through the Office of Outreach and Workforce Development. Suggested available office spaces were identified in the library or Farrell.

Vacant Position Replacements in CIS and Student Financial Services Leadership approval was given to fill the vacant positions in these areas.

December 17, 2019

Strategic Plan - Katie
Leadership reviewed the proposed modifications to the strategic plan recommended by the task force. The original eight themes have been condensed to six themes to reduce redundancy. As we move forward, it is important that everything we do as a campus be linked to our mission and strategic plan. Reminder that our Assessment Day is on Tuesday, January 7.

Procedures for Logo and Branding Permission -Dawn
Proposal to move decision making for approval of the use of the SUNY Delhi logo and graphic representation to the Director and Assistant Director of Athletics for athletic apparel, and the Director of Student Leadership & Engagement for apparel for student clubs and organizations. Those individuals are well versed on our standards of use and were given leadership authorization for approval on those items. This decision does not change the vendors' agreements, as it only moves the decision-making capability to those directors for those specific approvals.

Human Resources will be open on Tuesday, December 24 from 8-12 to hand out paychecks.

December 10, 2019

Sabbatical Requests – Kelli
Discussed sabbatical process and requests. All deans must first approve or deny the requests. For requests that are approved by the dean, the forwarded request to leadership must include details illustrating that the dean is fully prepared to provide academic class coverage and subsequent budgetary impact of the sabbatical request– all details must be presented with the requests.

Admissions Restructure Proposal - Kelli
Due to a position vacancy of a necessary position in admissions in late December, leadership approval was given to fill. The position will be restructured to meet the needs within the office.

Discussion of moving other admissions positions from 10 or 11 month positions was discussed, as well as the budgetary implications of those changes. Kelli will discuss further with Rob.

College Leadership Team Updates – College Leadership Team


  • Submitted final report regarding OCR compliance letter; we are hoping to be cleared by January 1.
  • Developing a new template for our web pages that will be much more visually pleasing, content rich, and funnel visitors through site. Almost through ADA automated testing and then will need to be sent out for manual testing.
  • Movie theatre ads in Oneonta, Binghamton, and Syracuse movie theatres will begin next week, as well as ads at a few ski slopes (Belleayre, Gore, & Whiteface).
  • OTT ads (on YouTube, Hulu, etc.) now through April
  • Unexpected $3,000 budget expense for new Mac computer for Nick George, as current one was deemed a lemon.

John P:

  • RA training for spring semester has been scheduled– new RAs will return on Tuesday, January 14,and on Friday, January 17,leadership will participate in a panel discussion.


  • Leadership permission given for HVAC faculty search to be done.
  • Kelli is budgeting funds for 2020/21 academic year for professors who do independent study with students. A procedure is being developed for this process.
  • Kelli announced Full Day Workshop on January 13 for Global Cultural Diversity and Inclusion with guest speaker Bidhan Chandra, Professor at SUNY Empire State College.
  • The program announcements for both an AAS degree in Baking and Pastry and BBA in Baking and Pastry Management have been forward to SUNY.

Michael S.

  • Changing timing of appeal for gifts message for the annual Delhi Fund (annual giving program)
  • Save the Date –NY Yankees & SUNY Delhi Collaboration & Cap Day on July 11 – Details to follow.


  • Leadership approved filling of campus HVAC & plumbing positions due to necessity of positions.

Michael L.

  • Developing a Strategic Plan for the Delhi College Golf Course.Recommendations for committee members were given.

December 3, 2019

Agenda Items:

Construction Project Update – Carol reviewed the major construction projects on campus and current projected timelines.She discussed how funding is received and reminded us that our campus allocation was reduced this year.

Employee Appreciation Day and Admin Day Lunch – The dates for these events were discussed and feedback on the proposed dates are requested so planning can ensue.

Recommendation that procedures or flow charts for snow cancellation days be created by each Vice President for their respective area.


College Council Reports are due to George.

Commencement Reception is this Thursday in Alumni Hall.

The Holiday Party this Friday is now in Alumni Hall. Gift cards are due to George.

November19, 2019


  • Food challenge is tonight at Bluestone
  • Rose Suarez Celebration on Wednesday in Sanford Hall
  • Assessment Day, Tuesday, January 7
November12, 2019
  • EIT (Electronic Information Technology): Jeff Stedman and Gabriella Vasta discussed the SUNY mandate for all SUNY campuses to identify an EIT coordinator by December and develop a campus plan for accessibility by June 2020. Gabby was appointed to be our campus EIT coordinator and the President will appoint individuals from across campus to form a campus accessibility team to begin working on a campus-wide accessibility plan.

  • Campus Visit & Alumni Event: Michael Sullivan and the President toured the Gene F. HASS Center for Manufacturing at HVCC and attended a successful alumni event in Albany for the Capital District.

  • Campus-wide Career Fair: Katie discussed a campus-wide career fair in Spring 2020 and leadership gave full support for this initiative.

October 30, 2019
  • Guest: Chief Martin Pettit: Discussed initiatives for educating the college campus on safety protocol and reminders, which will include notices in Delhi Today, Common Hour sessions, and hand-outs.


  • Kelli: WCC Articulation Agreement signed, recap of Discover Delhi Open House on Saturday, & discussed visitation from representatives from Japan- hoping to expand our relationship with them.

  • Dawn: Completed press release for WCC signing, developed Exposure story and video for Alumni Homecoming Weekend, finalizing marketing plans for this recruiting cycle

  • Tomas: Announced Food Challenge on November 19th at Bluestone and the Asian Culture Fall Festival Activities this month

  • Katie: Reminders about assessment & updates about strategic plan assessment

  • Michael S: Recap of Alumni Homecoming Weekend; focused now on Capital District Alumni event & next issue of Horizons magazine

  • George: New SEFA college representative for SUNY Delhi.

October 22, 2019
  • Annual Assessment Reports & Action Plans:Katie reported on the assessment meeting last week and urged the leadership team and their direct reports to continue to communicate the next steps for assessment, and to have ongoing conversations with their staff about ongoing assessment activities and expectations.

  • Student Engagement Conference at Oneonta: John reported that several of our students are attending this conference this weekend.

  • Bluestone is Open: Please visit the website at for details.

  • Community Foundation Grant: Kelli reported that SUNY Delhi was awarded a Community Foundation Grant for $15,000 for a business innovation hub in downtown Delhi.Details will follow.

  • Discover Delhi Open House & Alumni Homecoming:Reminder that both are this weekend

October 15, 2019
  • President & Michael: traveling to NYC for alumni events this week

  • Kelli: CAO conference was last week

  • Tomas: MOSAIC one year anniversary this Friday

October 8, 2019
  • Japanese Student Recruitment Program: Linnea discussed information about this program. A business plan will need to be developed and the details worked out in order to move forward with this opportunity.

  • Assistant Registrar/Descriptions & Justification for Salary Adjustment: Kelli discussed the realignment of duties within the Registrar’s Office due to a resignation of a staff member. This change will move the TAP and Excelsior certification to Student Financial Services which will require a position.Approval to move forward with the realignment was given.

  • Updates by the Leadership Team: Katie was appointed as the Vice Chair of the newly established Research Commission for NACEP.

  • John: Sunday’s CAN-struction event was a success- received over 2,000 food items & had good participation by student groups. Reminder that residence halls close on Saturday morning for break.

  • Tomas: The Equity Summit was a success. The SUNY System Mental Health Taskforce was just created and Mary Wake and Tomas are both on subgroupsof this taskforce.

  • Carol: Heating plant position open due to resignation. Leadership approved replacement.

  • Michael S: Octoberbeerfest 2019 was successful.

October1, 2019
  • Budget Discussion: The leadership team, academic deans, and Stephen Cembrinski met to discuss the budget and discuss ways in which to reduce spending and increase revenue.

  • Student Crisis Communication Matrix: Tomas shared a communication flow matrix that will used by his staff in times of student crisis.

  • Residential Student Success Scholarship: John proposed a residential student scholarship program to assist with retention of successful residential students.There was discussion of the program and approval was given to move forward.

September 24, 2019
  • Networking Events: the College Advancement Office is getting ready for several on and off campus events which include an on-campus Alumni Networking Event on October 3rd, several board and donor meetings, and Homecoming and Alumni Weekend in October.
  • Residence Hall Numbers for Fall 2019: As of the census date, the residence halls are at 101% occupancy, which means there are 66 fewer students than last fall. Riverview has remained flat with occupancy.
  • Assessment Activities: Katie is working with several offices/departments on assessment processes and will be applying for NACEP accreditation this year.
  • Budget Update: Census data is in for enrollment. A meeting will be called to discuss the impact on the budget.
  • Family Weekend: The event was successful and was well received by the families who attended.
September 17, 2019
  • Chancellor's Annual Report: Please get updated information to Michael for this report this week.
  • ACEN Accreditors: On campus today for the nursing program
  • Budget Review: Revenue projections for budget purposes are being examined. A meeting to discuss will be called shortly.
  • Delhi Today Archives Update: Archived from the submission form and as a word document but are not on the web.
September 10, 2019
  • BroncoCONNECT Discussion: Nick Wagner went over the capabilities and limitations of BroncoCONNECT and discussed how this platform could work for different groups and projects.
  • Campus Camping Policy: A new campus camping policy is being developed and will be brought to the leadership team for review when finalized.
  • Alumni and Retiree Email Accounts:The team discussed and supported the recommendation to deactivate emails of alumni and retirees after a specified period of time.
September 3, 2019
  • Campus Data & Storage Discussion: Shawn Brislin discussed campus data and storage issues and possible solutions, both short and long term. Different solutions are being evaluated and he will continue to update the team.
  • SEFA (State Employee Federated Appeal) Campaign: Glenda Roberts had been chair of the campaign for 12 years and George Spielman will now be the new chair.
  • Delhi Today/Campus Communications: Examples of campus communications at other SUNY campuses were shared. Delhi’s current system is the most comprehensive and is sent daily. There was a request to make Delhi Today more visually appealing with a header, some colors, and possible categories. Using BroncoCONNECT was discussed and Nick Wagner will be asked to attend leadership to examine what functionality can be used to communicate better with the campus.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday,August 27, 2019
  • Monthly Campus Newsletter:Katie brought up the idea for a monthly campus newsletter to highlight progress on assessment and other projects on campus. Discussion ensued about the ways we currently communicate to the campus already, through Delhi Today, College Council reports, the Business and Finance newsletter, email lists, website, BroncoCONNECT, etc. and the amount of time and effort needed to put together a newsletter. Research on what other campuses do and how to improve communication to the campus using our current resources will be done.
  • College Entrance Sign Update:Dawn updated the group on the college entrance sign. Work will begin shortly as the footers and concrete pillars need to be installed within the next few weeks. Due to the construction, all the plantings in that area will be affected. All plantings that can be saved/transplanted will be. The new sign will be placed on the new pillars this fall, and the patio and benches, and blue stone work, will be completed in the spring.
  • Welcome Weekend Recap:Tomas thanked all who participated and made Welcome Weekend successful and discussed the initial feedback he received about the weekend. There are many things that went well and some things that could be improved. The biggest issue is time and giving our new students the time they need to move in, transition, and make connections. There was discussion of having Welcome Weekend start on Thursday and moving Convocation to a later time in the afternoon.

General Updates:

  • John: Farrell and the Barnes and Noble café were busy this weekend. Residence Life staff are working on finalizing numbers. There are no male vacancies left in the residence halls. Community service and welcome picnic went well on Sunday.
  • Michael S: Horizon’s magazine will go in the mail this week and fall events are being planned.
  • Michael L:Nancy Deming is stepping down from the College Council, which will leave a vacancy in the chair position. We are awaiting notification from the Governor’s Office who approves new members and the chair.
  • Carol: Shawn will be here next week to discuss iCloud based storage. HR will be sending out the list of essential personnel to supervisors to verify. This occurs once per year.
  • Kelli: Reminder that Monday is Labor Day and classes are not in session. Only personnel who are required to work should be working. Common Hour clarification: this is not a time for mandatory training but rather programming and meeting time. Programming is needed for Common Hour dates. Please contact Abby Brannen-Wilson, if interested.
  • Tomas:This year, the two necessary dispatcher positions will be filled for the 10 months left in the year. Next year, they will be 12 month positions, requiring an increase for budgeting purposes. Leadership supported this change.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday,August 20, 2019
  • Scholarship for MSN students: Currently, we offer a one-time, $100 scholarship for select BSN students with whom we have an employer agreement. The School of Nursing would like to offer a similar scholarship to MSN students as an incentive to apply for the program. More research is needed before a decision is made. Carol will report back to the group.
  • Campus Data Storage: Discussed campus-wide data storage issues and possible solutions. Input from CIS is needed. Shawn Brislin will be asked to attend a future meeting to discuss options.
  • Anticipated Residence Hall Occupancy Numbers: John reported on anticipated residence hall occupancy numbers for Fall 2019. Currently, there are 1,484 on-campus students and 109 students at Riverview, an overall decrease from 2018/19 for on-campus housing. Any decrease in resident students will negatively impact our projected budget.
  • Innovation Teams Update: Over 120 faculty and staff are participating on the 10 innovation teams which will enhance communication and collaboration across campus. The teams will meet once a month for an hour, make data driven decisions, use best practices for ideas, and will present their final innovative idea for student success in Spring 2020.
  • SEED Program: The Student Employment Excellence Program was designed to provide professional development for all of our student employees, and has begun to take shape with the help of Christina Viafore and the rest of the committee. An Employee/Supervisor Agreement Form has been started and is being reviewed.
  • Data Inventory: Katie and JoAnna gathered information about what data is collected and surveys completed at SUNY Delhi. In order to avoid duplication of efforts and notify everyone of this information, a comprehensive spreadsheet is being created for the campus.
  • On-Campus Career Fair: Katie proposed, and was given approval for, offering a campus career fair that will be combined with our summer employment fair in the spring, for our students and alumni. Kim Muller, who will be starting on Monday as our new Applied Learning and Career Specialist, will be assisting with this project.
  • Assessment Plan Feedback: All assessment information is in Vancko Hall. Area representatives should be speaking about those reports with direct reports, and are encouraged keep the conversation of assessment going.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday,August6, 2019

John Padovani shared the updates to the Student Code of Conduct

  • Most of the updates were minor, with grammatical or sentence structure changes to make policies more clear and inclusive.
  • Gender neutral language will be used throughout the Code.
  • John will review the changes with the College Council at the next meeting.

Carol Bishop shared the Chart of Accounts
The chart of accounts is used in purchasing and the business office. She shared the list of accounts and the administrator and authorized approvers for each account. Any changes go through the Business Office.

College Leadership Team Updates – College Leadership Team

Carol Bishop– Budget Updates

  • Additional requests have been made after the budget approval process which go through the Resource Allocation Committee.
  • Capital Projects were reviewed. The list of projects include the completion of the Dubois roof, new fire alarms and boilers and chillers were installed, the Barnes & Noble Café opening on Monday, the new sculpture outside of Farrell was placed, and the Mac Elevator and campus generator projects were completed. Masonry repair and some window replacement for Evenden Tower will begin soon. Other future projects include Thurston, South, and North Hall projects, as well as others.
  • Student Financial Services did online summer billing but they are having issues with HESC for Excelsior and Dream Act awards. They are working hard to resolve issues with any families impacted by these issues

Dawn Sohns

  • The Beautification Committee is working on its first project, the circle outside of Farnsworth Hall. Work is almost complete and will give community a space to relax and enjoy the artwork.
  • Marketing requests have started coming in. Reminder to use the marketing request form for projects.

John Padovani

  • Reminder that R.A.s arrive early next week and athletes arrive next Thursday.
  • Updates to Farrell Center: The O’Connor Center & Regalia have moved downstairs in Farrell – where Student Government was; Greek Leadership is now with Student Government where Regalia was.

Michael Sullivan

  • Homecoming weekend will be in October.
  • Alumni and regional fall events are being planned.
  • Next edition of Horizons is going to print this week.
  • Working with academic deans to get classroom visits with alumni scheduled.


  • Counseling Center was redesigned for confidentiality & access. Work is completed and looks great.
  • Successful EOP Bridge Program in July
  • Antonio Delgado is looking for a student intern for the Delhi Office.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Joel Smith has retired from his V.P. role. He will remain on staff as the Executive Director of the College Foundation. Michael Sullivan has been promoted as the new V.P. of College Relations and Advancement. Due to Joel Smith’s retirement, there will be changes in responsibility which include:

  • All FOIL Requests and the Solar Project will be handled by V.P. of Finance & Administration, Carol Bishop.
  • Government Relations will be handled by V.P. of College Relations & Advancement, Michael Sullivan.
  • Trademark management and graduation protocol & scripts will be handled by V.P. of Marketing & Communications, Dawn Sohns.
  • College Council, SUNY Communications, & College Leadership Team Meeting notes will be handled by Dawn Sohns and George Spielman.

Updates from the Board of Trustees Meeting from Carol Bishop:

  • Approval of a $200 tuition increase and a $25 increase in the College Fee.
  • Student bills go out next week, which will reflect the increases.
  • State support will remain consistent with the prior year's funding.
  • There was discussion of a possible MC salary increase.

Library Café Space: Discussion of the temporary use of the Library Café space occurred. Kelli will set up a meeting to look at options for this space.

Updates from Leadership:

Kelli: Convocation will be held on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Clark Field House. Kelli requested that all speeches be sent to her.

Michael Sullivan: Continuing to meet with external constituents and moving forward on the turf field project.

Dawn: Developing the marketing plan for the college for next year.

Katie: Working on the assessment of the Strategic Plan.

John:NYSSSA has arrived on campus and they will be here until the end of the month. This week, the EOP transition program starts and they will be here for two weeks. Barnes and Noble Café construction is on schedule.

May 21 & 28, 2019
  • Trademark and Logo—Licensing requirements, use of the college logo and soft goods purchases were discussed.
  • Swipe It Forward—Representatives from SUNY and the Governor’s Office will be on campus May 29 to recognize our Swipe It Forward initiative to address student hunger and food insecurity.
  • Academic Programs—Kelli Ligeikis provided an update on SUNY’s review of new academic program proposals.
  • Graduation—Commencement was reviewed. Commencement Committee did an excellent job of planning and managing the ceremony.
  • Employee Appreciation Day—The May 22 schedule was reviewed.
  • Leadership Development—Sara Regan of Strengths Now outlined the upcoming leadership professional development program for team members.
  • Commencement—Based on Saturday’s weather forecast, commencement will be held outside.
May 14, 2019
  • 2019-20 Budgets—Steve Cembrinski provided an update on the budget process and demonstrated analytics developed to review budget requests.
  • Summer Hours—Leadership discussed summer hours for administrative offices. Human Resources will prepare an announcement for Delhi Today.
  • Employee Appreciation Day—The May 22 schedule was reviewed.
  • Leadership Development—Sara Regan of Strengths Now outlined the upcoming leadership professional development program for team members.
  • Commencement—Based on Saturday’s weather forecast, commencement will be held outside.—Based on Saturday’s weather forecast, commencement will be held outside.
April 30 and May 7, 2019
  • Admissions—Ways that the campus community can contribute to the enrollment process were discussed.
  • Approval—The AOS/AAS in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations has been approved by the State Education Department.
  • Middle States—Katie Bucci distributed a summary of evidence required to meet each Middle States standard. It will also be posted in Vancko Hall.
  • SUBOA—Carol Bishop reported on major discussion topics from last week’s State University Business Officers meeting.
April 23, 2019
  • Budgets—Carol Bishop reported on the status of unit budget submissions and the process for review.
  • Nursing—The School of Nursing has submitted an application to become a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence in Nursing Education. Only 16 colleges in the nation are currently recognized as Centers of Excellence.
  • Advising—Twenty-one faculty and staff have volunteered to serve on the new Advising Task Force. Survey—The Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board has developed a short survey to help identify priorities for the group.
April 2, 2019
  • Summer Schedule—Construction projects scheduled for this summer were reviewed.
  • State Budget—Funding for SUNY in the new state budget is flat. The budget includes a new approach toward allocating critical maintenance dollars to campuses.
  • Visitations—Over 300 prospective students attended last Saturday’s Discover Delhi Day. Over 100 students have registered for Delhi Decision Day on Friday.
March 26, 2019
  • CADI Budget—The 2019-20 CADI operating budget received board approval last week. Leadership Team has been provided with a copy of agency account allocations for next year.
  • Program Approved—SUNY has approved our proposal to introduce an associate’s in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations. The program must still be approved by the State Education Department.
  • Follow Up—Tomás Aguirre shared feedback from the Student Life review of the campus response to the recent student death. Information gathering meetings were held with Resident Directors, Student Life Leaders, Student Senate, Resident Assistants and the Leadership Team.
  • Residence Life Survey—JMZ Architects and Planners, a residence hall master planning consultant, will be surveying students to assess their needs and desires.
  • Deadlines—The Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For survey closes April 5. The Campus Climate survey closes April 1.
March 19, 2019
  • Follow Up—With the goal of continuous improvement, Student Life is conducting a review and assessment of its campus response to last week’s student death.
  • Partnership—A partnership to deliver the bachelor’s in Criminal Justice at Hudson Valley Community College is being developed.
  • Assessment—Katie Bucci reported that 85 percent of Assessment Plans were submitted on time.
  • Alumni Events—Events and individual meetings last week with alumni and donors in Southwest Florida were very successful.
March 12, 2019
  • Campus Response—The campus response and reaction to the tragic death of Alec Zarkower was reviewed. President Laliberte plans to share additional information with the campus community.
  • Emeriti—Two requests were approved.
  • Student Meal Plans—Proposals for 2019-2020 meal plan charges and operating hours for campus venues were discussed. A presentation to Student Senate on the proposals is scheduled for later this week.
  • Broad Based Fees—Broad based fees for 2019-2020 were discussed. The Higher Education Price Index limits increases to 2.8 percent.
March 5, 2019
  • Celebrating December Graduates—Leadership reviewed a proposal for a new event to honor December graduates.
  • Vape Education—A proposal from the Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force on ways to educate the campus community about smoking or using vape pens in inappropriate locations was discussed.
  • New Programs—Proposals to introduce an AOS/AAS in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations, Bachelor of Science in Sustainability and Bachelor of Architecture degrees have been submitted to SUNY.
February 19, 2019
  • Delhi Delight Program—Doug Gulotty outlined a civility initiative designed to provide opportunities to say thank you to faculty and staff, be appreciated by our peers and acknowledge the great service we provide to the campus community. The program, developed by the Strategic Planning Subcommittee on Human Capital, is expected to be launched later this semester.
  • Enrollment—Leadership reviewed fall enrollment reports and discussed strategies to increase enrollment.
February 12, 2019
  • SUBOA—Carol Bishop reviewed major topics discussed at the recent State University Business Officers Association meeting.
  • Data—Katie Bucci and JoAnna Brosnan have begun developing a campus data inventory.
  • PRODI-G—Chancellor Johnson’s initiative to increase minority and women faculty members in STEM areas was discussed.
February 5, 2019
  • Budget Process—Steve Cembrinski led a detailed presentation on the new budget process and the packet that has been distributed to account managers. The new budget process ties directly to assessment plans, the strategic plan and Middle State requirements.
  • Extra Funding Requests—Carol Bishop reviewed the four extra funding requests that had been received and the decisions that were made.
  • New Programs—Kelli Ligeikis provided updates on the status of the Engineering Science and Bachelor’s of Architecture proposals.
  • Master Planning—John Padovani reported on Residence Hall Master Plan progress to date.
  • Upcoming Events—The first Summer Job Fair and Student Philanthropy Day is scheduled for February 13.
January 29, 2019
  • Barnes and Noble Café—John Padovani showed preliminary designs for the new Barnes and Noble Café in Farrell Center. The café, featuring Starbucks coffee, will increase traffic and make Farrell more of a student center. This new initiative will replace the Library Café and create more academic and student support space in the Resnick Library and Academic Achievement Center.
  • Student Employment—Hourly pay rates for student employees during the summer were reviewed.
  • Executive Budget—Carol Bishop reviewed key highlights from Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget.
  • SUNY Provost—Todd Laursen, the new SUNY Provost, met with the Leadership Team and also toured the campus.
January 15, 2019
  • Merit—Karyn Wendrow gave an overview of Merit, an online resource for students to highlight their achievements. Merit is also used for distributing press releases and engaging influential audiences.
  • Elevating Customer Service—Tomás Aguirre shared a PowerPoint on customer service and its connection to retention and student success. The presentation was part of the Student Life Division Spring Meeting.
  • Retention—First-time student retention increased seven percent compared to last year.
  • Federal Government Shutdown—SUNY has indicated that the shutdown may result in financial aid delays for new students. SUNY does not expect it to impact financial aid for returning students.
  • Assessment Day—Over 200 faculty and staff participated in this year’s Assessment Day.
  • CADI Leader—Ralph Perez-Rogers begins his new duties as Executive Director of CADI on January 16.
  • Student Opportunity—Sponsorship from Alumni Association is making it possible for four PGM majors to attend the PGA Merchandise Show and a SUNY Delhi Alumni Networking reception next week in Orlando Florida.