2019 College Leadership Team Notes

December 17, 2019

Strategic Plan - Katie
Leadership reviewed the proposed modifications to the strategic plan recommended by the task force. The original eight themes have been condensed to six themes to reduce redundancy. As we move forward, it is important that everything we do as a campus be linked to our mission and strategic plan. Reminder that our Assessment Day is on Tuesday, January 7.

Procedures for Logo and Branding Permission -Dawn
Proposal to move decision making for approval of the use of the SUNY Delhi logo and graphic representation to the Director and Assistant Director of Athletics for athletic apparel, and the Director of Student Leadership & Engagement for apparel for student clubs and organizations. Those individuals are well versed on our standards of use and were given leadership authorization for approval on those items. This decision does not change the vendors' agreements, as it only moves the decision-making capability to those directors for those specific approvals.

Human Resources will be open on Tuesday, December 24 from 8-12 to hand out paychecks.

December 10, 2019

Sabbatical Requests – Kelli
Discussed sabbatical process and requests. All deans must first approve or deny the requests. For requests that are approved by the dean, the forwarded request to leadership must include details illustrating that the dean is fully prepared to provide academic class coverage and subsequent budgetary impact of the sabbatical request– all details must be presented with the requests.

Admissions Restructure Proposal - Kelli
Due to a position vacancy of a necessary position in admissions in late December, leadership approval was given to fill. The position will be restructured to meet the needs within the office.

Discussion of moving other admissions positions from 10 or 11 month positions was discussed, as well as the budgetary implications of those changes. Kelli will discuss further with Rob.

College Leadership Team Updates – College Leadership Team


  • Submitted final report regarding OCR compliance letter; we are hoping to be cleared by January 1.
  • Developing a new template for our web pages that will be much more visually pleasing, content rich, and funnel visitors through site. Almost through ADA automated testing and then will need to be sent out for manual testing.
  • Movie theatre ads in Oneonta, Binghamton, and Syracuse movie theatres will begin next week, as well as ads at a few ski slopes (Belleayre, Gore, & Whiteface).
  • OTT ads (on YouTube, Hulu, etc.) now through April
  • Unexpected $3,000 budget expense for new Mac computer for Nick George, as current one was deemed a lemon.

John P:

  • RA training for spring semester has been scheduled– new RAs will return on Tuesday, January 14,and on Friday, January 17,leadership will participate in a panel discussion.


  • Leadership permission given for HVAC faculty search to be done.
  • Kelli is budgeting funds for 2020/21 academic year for professors who do independent study with students. A procedure is being developed for this process.
  • Kelli announced Full Day Workshop on January 13 for Global Cultural Diversity and Inclusion with guest speaker Bidhan Chandra, Professor at SUNY Empire State College.
  • The program announcements for both an AAS degree in Baking and Pastry and BBA in Baking and Pastry Management have been forward to SUNY.

Michael S.

  • Changing timing of appeal for gifts message for the annual Delhi Fund (annual giving program)
  • Save the Date –NY Yankees & SUNY Delhi Collaboration & Cap Day on July 11 – Details to follow.


  • Leadership approved filling of campus HVAC & plumbing positions due to necessity of positions.

Michael L.

  • Developing a Strategic Plan for the Delhi College Golf Course.Recommendations for committee members were given.

December 3, 2019

Agenda Items:

Construction Project Update – Carol reviewed the major construction projects on campus and current projected timelines.She discussed how funding is received and reminded us that our campus allocation was reduced this year.

Employee Appreciation Day and Admin Day Lunch – The dates for these events were discussed and feedback on the proposed dates are requested so planning can ensue.

Recommendation that procedures or flow charts for snow cancellation days be created by each Vice President for their respective area.


College Council Reports are due to George.

Commencement Reception is this Thursday in Alumni Hall.

The Holiday Party this Friday is now in Alumni Hall. Gift cards are due to George.

November19, 2019


  • Food challenge is tonight at Bluestone
  • Rose Suarez Celebration on Wednesday in Sanford Hall
  • Assessment Day, Tuesday, January 7
November12, 2019
  • EIT (Electronic Information Technology): Jeff Stedman and Gabriella Vasta discussed the SUNY mandate for all SUNY campuses to identify an EIT coordinator by December and develop a campus plan for accessibility by June 2020. Gabby was appointed to be our campus EIT coordinator and the President will appoint individuals from across campus to form a campus accessibility team to begin working on a campus-wide accessibility plan.

  • Campus Visit & Alumni Event: Michael Sullivan and the President toured the Gene F. HASS Center for Manufacturing at HVCC and attended a successful alumni event in Albany for the Capital District.

  • Campus-wide Career Fair: Katie discussed a campus-wide career fair in Spring 2020 and leadership gave full support for this initiative.

October 30, 2019
  • Guest: Chief Martin Pettit: Discussed initiatives for educating the college campus on safety protocol and reminders, which will include notices in Delhi Today, Common Hour sessions, and hand-outs.


  • Kelli: WCC Articulation Agreement signed, recap of Discover Delhi Open House on Saturday, & discussed visitation from representatives from Japan- hoping to expand our relationship with them.

  • Dawn: Completed press release for WCC signing, developed Exposure story and video for Alumni Homecoming Weekend, finalizing marketing plans for this recruiting cycle

  • Tomas: Announced Food Challenge on November 19th at Bluestone and the Asian Culture Fall Festival Activities this month

  • Katie: Reminders about assessment & updates about strategic plan assessment

  • Michael S: Recap of Alumni Homecoming Weekend; focused now on Capital District Alumni event & next issue of Horizons magazine

  • George: New SEFA college representative for SUNY Delhi.

October 22, 2019
  • Annual Assessment Reports & Action Plans:Katie reported on the assessment meeting last week and urged the leadership team and their direct reports to continue to communicate the next steps for assessment, and to have ongoing conversations with their staff about ongoing assessment activities and expectations.

  • Student Engagement Conference at Oneonta: John reported that several of our students are attending this conference this weekend.

  • Bluestone is Open: Please visit the website at delhibluestone.com for details.

  • Community Foundation Grant: Kelli reported that SUNY Delhi was awarded a Community Foundation Grant for $15,000 for a business innovation hub in downtown Delhi.Details will follow.

  • Discover Delhi Open House & Alumni Homecoming:Reminder that both are this weekend

October 15, 2019
  • President & Michael: traveling to NYC for alumni events this week

  • Kelli: CAO conference was last week

  • Tomas: MOSAIC one year anniversary this Friday

October 8, 2019
  • Japanese Student Recruitment Program: Linnea discussed information about this program. A business plan will need to be developed and the details worked out in order to move forward with this opportunity.

  • Assistant Registrar/Descriptions & Justification for Salary Adjustment: Kelli discussed the realignment of duties within the Registrar’s Office due to a resignation of a staff member. This change will move the TAP and Excelsior certification to Student Financial Services which will require a position.Approval to move forward with the realignment was given.

  • Updates by the Leadership Team: Katie was appointed as the Vice Chair of the newly established Research Commission for NACEP.

  • John: Sunday’s CAN-struction event was a success- received over 2,000 food items & had good participation by student groups. Reminder that residence halls close on Saturday morning for break.

  • Tomas: The Equity Summit was a success. The SUNY System Mental Health Taskforce was just created and Mary Wake and Tomas are both on subgroupsof this taskforce.

  • Carol: Heating plant position open due to resignation. Leadership approved replacement.

  • Michael S: Octoberbeerfest 2019 was successful.

October1, 2019
  • Budget Discussion: The leadership team, academic deans, and Stephen Cembrinski met to discuss the budget and discuss ways in which to reduce spending and increase revenue.

  • Student Crisis Communication Matrix: Tomas shared a communication flow matrix that will used by his staff in times of student crisis.

  • Residential Student Success Scholarship: John proposed a residential student scholarship program to assist with retention of successful residential students.There was discussion of the program and approval was given to move forward.

September 24, 2019
  • Networking Events: the College Advancement Office is getting ready for several on and off campus events which include an on-campus Alumni Networking Event on October 3rd, several board and donor meetings, and Homecoming and Alumni Weekend in October.
  • Residence Hall Numbers for Fall 2019: As of the census date, the residence halls are at 101% occupancy, which means there are 66 fewer students than last fall. Riverview has remained flat with occupancy.
  • Assessment Activities: Katie is working with several offices/departments on assessment processes and will be applying for NACEP accreditation this year.
  • Budget Update: Census data is in for enrollment. A meeting will be called to discuss the impact on the budget.
  • Family Weekend: The event was successful and was well received by the families who attended.
September 17, 2019
  • Chancellor's Annual Report: Please get updated information to Michael for this report this week.
  • ACEN Accreditors: On campus today for the nursing program
  • Budget Review: Revenue projections for budget purposes are being examined. A meeting to discuss will be called shortly.
  • Delhi Today Archives Update: Archived from the submission form and as a word document but are not on the web.
September 10, 2019
  • BroncoCONNECT Discussion: Nick Wagner went over the capabilities and limitations of BroncoCONNECT and discussed how this platform could work for different groups and projects.
  • Campus Camping Policy: A new campus camping policy is being developed and will be brought to the leadership team for review when finalized.
  • Alumni and Retiree Email Accounts:The team discussed and supported the recommendation to deactivate emails of alumni and retirees after a specified period of time.
September 3, 2019
  • Campus Data & Storage Discussion: Shawn Brislin discussed campus data and storage issues and possible solutions, both short and long term. Different solutions are being evaluated and he will continue to update the team.
  • SEFA (State Employee Federated Appeal) Campaign: Glenda Roberts had been chair of the campaign for 12 years and George Spielman will now be the new chair.
  • Delhi Today/Campus Communications: Examples of campus communications at other SUNY campuses were shared. Delhi’s current system is the most comprehensive and is sent daily. There was a request to make Delhi Today more visually appealing with a header, some colors, and possible categories. Using BroncoCONNECT was discussed and Nick Wagner will be asked to attend leadership to examine what functionality can be used to communicate better with the campus.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday,August 27, 2019
  • Monthly Campus Newsletter:Katie brought up the idea for a monthly campus newsletter to highlight progress on assessment and other projects on campus. Discussion ensued about the ways we currently communicate to the campus already, through Delhi Today, College Council reports, the Business and Finance newsletter, email lists, website, BroncoCONNECT, etc. and the amount of time and effort needed to put together a newsletter. Research on what other campuses do and how to improve communication to the campus using our current resources will be done.
  • College Entrance Sign Update:Dawn updated the group on the college entrance sign. Work will begin shortly as the footers and concrete pillars need to be installed within the next few weeks. Due to the construction, all the plantings in that area will be affected. All plantings that can be saved/transplanted will be. The new sign will be placed on the new pillars this fall, and the patio and benches, and blue stone work, will be completed in the spring.
  • Welcome Weekend Recap:Tomas thanked all who participated and made Welcome Weekend successful and discussed the initial feedback he received about the weekend. There are many things that went well and some things that could be improved. The biggest issue is time and giving our new students the time they need to move in, transition, and make connections. There was discussion of having Welcome Weekend start on Thursday and moving Convocation to a later time in the afternoon.

General Updates:

  • John: Farrell and the Barnes and Noble café were busy this weekend. Residence Life staff are working on finalizing numbers. There are no male vacancies left in the residence halls. Community service and welcome picnic went well on Sunday.
  • Michael S: Horizon’s magazine will go in the mail this week and fall events are being planned.
  • Michael L:Nancy Deming is stepping down from the College Council, which will leave a vacancy in the chair position. We are awaiting notification from the Governor’s Office who approves new members and the chair.
  • Carol: Shawn will be here next week to discuss iCloud based storage. HR will be sending out the list of essential personnel to supervisors to verify. This occurs once per year.
  • Kelli: Reminder that Monday is Labor Day and classes are not in session. Only personnel who are required to work should be working. Common Hour clarification: this is not a time for mandatory training but rather programming and meeting time. Programming is needed for Common Hour dates. Please contact Abby Brannen-Wilson, if interested.
  • Tomas:This year, the two necessary dispatcher positions will be filled for the 10 months left in the year. Next year, they will be 12 month positions, requiring an increase for budgeting purposes. Leadership supported this change.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday,August 20, 2019
  • Scholarship for MSN students: Currently, we offer a one-time, $100 scholarship for select BSN students with whom we have an employer agreement. The School of Nursing would like to offer a similar scholarship to MSN students as an incentive to apply for the program. More research is needed before a decision is made. Carol will report back to the group.
  • Campus Data Storage: Discussed campus-wide data storage issues and possible solutions. Input from CIS is needed. Shawn Brislin will be asked to attend a future meeting to discuss options.
  • Anticipated Residence Hall Occupancy Numbers: John reported on anticipated residence hall occupancy numbers for Fall 2019. Currently, there are 1,484 on-campus students and 109 students at Riverview, an overall decrease from 2018/19 for on-campus housing. Any decrease in resident students will negatively impact our projected budget.
  • Innovation Teams Update: Over 120 faculty and staff are participating on the 10 innovation teams which will enhance communication and collaboration across campus. The teams will meet once a month for an hour, make data driven decisions, use best practices for ideas, and will present their final innovative idea for student success in Spring 2020.
  • SEED Program: The Student Employment Excellence Program was designed to provide professional development for all of our student employees, and has begun to take shape with the help of Christina Viafore and the rest of the committee. An Employee/Supervisor Agreement Form has been started and is being reviewed.
  • Data Inventory: Katie and JoAnna gathered information about what data is collected and surveys completed at SUNY Delhi. In order to avoid duplication of efforts and notify everyone of this information, a comprehensive spreadsheet is being created for the campus.
  • On-Campus Career Fair: Katie proposed, and was given approval for, offering a campus career fair that will be combined with our summer employment fair in the spring, for our students and alumni. Kim Muller, who will be starting on Monday as our new Applied Learning and Career Specialist, will be assisting with this project.
  • Assessment Plan Feedback: All assessment information is in Vancko Hall. Area representatives should be speaking about those reports with direct reports, and are encouraged keep the conversation of assessment going.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday,August6, 2019

John Padovani shared the updates to the Student Code of Conduct

  • Most of the updates were minor, with grammatical or sentence structure changes to make policies more clear and inclusive.
  • Gender neutral language will be used throughout the Code.
  • John will review the changes with the College Council at the next meeting.

Carol Bishop shared the Chart of Accounts
The chart of accounts is used in purchasing and the business office. She shared the list of accounts and the administrator and authorized approvers for each account. Any changes go through the Business Office.

College Leadership Team Updates – College Leadership Team

Carol Bishop– Budget Updates

  • Additional requests have been made after the budget approval process which go through the Resource Allocation Committee.
  • Capital Projects were reviewed. The list of projects include the completion of the Dubois roof, new fire alarms and boilers and chillers were installed, the Barnes & Noble Café opening on Monday, the new sculpture outside of Farrell was placed, and the Mac Elevator and campus generator projects were completed. Masonry repair and some window replacement for Evenden Tower will begin soon. Other future projects include Thurston, South, and North Hall projects, as well as others.
  • Student Financial Services did online summer billing but they are having issues with HESC for Excelsior and Dream Act awards. They are working hard to resolve issues with any families impacted by these issues

Dawn Sohns

  • The Beautification Committee is working on its first project, the circle outside of Farnsworth Hall. Work is almost complete and will give community a space to relax and enjoy the artwork.
  • Marketing requests have started coming in. Reminder to use the marketing request form for projects.

John Padovani

  • Reminder that R.A.s arrive early next week and athletes arrive next Thursday.
  • Updates to Farrell Center: The O’Connor Center & Regalia have moved downstairs in Farrell – where Student Government was; Greek Leadership is now with Student Government where Regalia was.

Michael Sullivan

  • Homecoming weekend will be in October.
  • Alumni and regional fall events are being planned.
  • Next edition of Horizons is going to print this week.
  • Working with academic deans to get classroom visits with alumni scheduled.


  • Counseling Center was redesigned for confidentiality & access. Work is completed and looks great.
  • Successful EOP Bridge Program in July
  • Antonio Delgado is looking for a student intern for the Delhi Office.
College Leadership Team Meeting Notes: Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Joel Smith has retired from his V.P. role. He will remain on staff as the Executive Director of the College Foundation. Michael Sullivan has been promoted as the new V.P. of College Relations and Advancement. Due to Joel Smith’s retirement, there will be changes in responsibility which include:

  • All FOIL Requests and the Solar Project will be handled by V.P. of Finance & Administration, Carol Bishop.
  • Government Relations will be handled by V.P. of College Relations & Advancement, Michael Sullivan.
  • Trademark management and graduation protocol & scripts will be handled by V.P. of Marketing & Communications, Dawn Sohns.
  • College Council, SUNY Communications, & College Leadership Team Meeting notes will be handled by Dawn Sohns and George Spielman.

Updates from the Board of Trustees Meeting from Carol Bishop:

  • Approval of a $200 tuition increase and a $25 increase in the College Fee.
  • Student bills go out next week, which will reflect the increases.
  • State support will remain consistent with the prior year's funding.
  • There was discussion of a possible MC salary increase.

Library Café Space: Discussion of the temporary use of the Library Café space occurred. Kelli will set up a meeting to look at options for this space.

Updates from Leadership:

Kelli: Convocation will be held on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 2 p.m. in the Clark Field House. Kelli requested that all speeches be sent to her.

Michael Sullivan: Continuing to meet with external constituents and moving forward on the turf field project.

Dawn: Developing the marketing plan for the college for next year.

Katie: Working on the assessment of the Strategic Plan.

John:NYSSSA has arrived on campus and they will be here until the end of the month. This week, the EOP transition program starts and they will be here for two weeks. Barnes and Noble Café construction is on schedule.

May 21 & 28, 2019
  • Trademark and Logo—Licensing requirements, use of the college logo and soft goods purchases were discussed.
  • Swipe It Forward—Representatives from SUNY and the Governor’s Office will be on campus May 29 to recognize our Swipe It Forward initiative to address student hunger and food insecurity.
  • Academic Programs—Kelli Ligeikis provided an update on SUNY’s review of new academic program proposals.
  • Graduation—Commencement was reviewed. Commencement Committee did an excellent job of planning and managing the ceremony.
  • Employee Appreciation Day—The May 22 schedule was reviewed.
  • Leadership Development—Sara Regan of Strengths Now outlined the upcoming leadership professional development program for team members.
  • Commencement—Based on Saturday’s weather forecast, commencement will be held outside.
May 14, 2019
  • 2019-20 Budgets—Steve Cembrinski provided an update on the budget process and demonstrated analytics developed to review budget requests.
  • Summer Hours—Leadership discussed summer hours for administrative offices. Human Resources will prepare an announcement for Delhi Today.
  • Employee Appreciation Day—The May 22 schedule was reviewed.
  • Leadership Development—Sara Regan of Strengths Now outlined the upcoming leadership professional development program for team members.
  • Commencement—Based on Saturday’s weather forecast, commencement will be held outside.—Based on Saturday’s weather forecast, commencement will be held outside.
April 30 and May 7, 2019
  • Admissions—Ways that the campus community can contribute to the enrollment process were discussed.
  • Approval—The AOS/AAS in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations has been approved by the State Education Department.
  • Middle States—Katie Bucci distributed a summary of evidence required to meet each Middle States standard. It will also be posted in Vancko Hall.
  • SUBOA—Carol Bishop reported on major discussion topics from last week’s State University Business Officers meeting.
April 23, 2019
  • Budgets—Carol Bishop reported on the status of unit budget submissions and the process for review.
  • Nursing—The School of Nursing has submitted an application to become a National League for Nursing Center of Excellence in Nursing Education. Only 16 colleges in the nation are currently recognized as Centers of Excellence.
  • Advising—Twenty-one faculty and staff have volunteered to serve on the new Advising Task Force. Survey—The Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board has developed a short survey to help identify priorities for the group.
April 2, 2019
  • Summer Schedule—Construction projects scheduled for this summer were reviewed.
  • State Budget—Funding for SUNY in the new state budget is flat. The budget includes a new approach toward allocating critical maintenance dollars to campuses.
  • Visitations—Over 300 prospective students attended last Saturday’s Discover Delhi Day. Over 100 students have registered for Delhi Decision Day on Friday.
March 26, 2019
  • CADI Budget—The 2019-20 CADI operating budget received board approval last week. Leadership Team has been provided with a copy of agency account allocations for next year.
  • Program Approved—SUNY has approved our proposal to introduce an associate’s in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations. The program must still be approved by the State Education Department.
  • Follow Up—Tomás Aguirre shared feedback from the Student Life review of the campus response to the recent student death. Information gathering meetings were held with Resident Directors, Student Life Leaders, Student Senate, Resident Assistants and the Leadership Team.
  • Residence Life Survey—JMZ Architects and Planners, a residence hall master planning consultant, will be surveying students to assess their needs and desires.
  • Deadlines—The Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For survey closes April 5. The Campus Climate survey closes April 1.
March 19, 2019
  • Follow Up—With the goal of continuous improvement, Student Life is conducting a review and assessment of its campus response to last week’s student death.
  • Partnership—A partnership to deliver the bachelor’s in Criminal Justice at Hudson Valley Community College is being developed.
  • Assessment—Katie Bucci reported that 85 percent of Assessment Plans were submitted on time.
  • Alumni Events—Events and individual meetings last week with alumni and donors in Southwest Florida were very successful.
March 12, 2019
  • Campus Response—The campus response and reaction to the tragic death of Alec Zarkower was reviewed. President Laliberte plans to share additional information with the campus community.
  • Emeriti—Two requests were approved.
  • Student Meal Plans—Proposals for 2019-2020 meal plan charges and operating hours for campus venues were discussed. A presentation to Student Senate on the proposals is scheduled for later this week.
  • Broad Based Fees—Broad based fees for 2019-2020 were discussed. The Higher Education Price Index limits increases to 2.8 percent.
March 5, 2019
  • Celebrating December Graduates—Leadership reviewed a proposal for a new event to honor December graduates.
  • Vape Education—A proposal from the Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force on ways to educate the campus community about smoking or using vape pens in inappropriate locations was discussed.
  • New Programs—Proposals to introduce an AOS/AAS in Electrical Construction and Utility Operations, Bachelor of Science in Sustainability and Bachelor of Architecture degrees have been submitted to SUNY.
February 19, 2019
  • Delhi Delight Program—Doug Gulotty outlined a civility initiative designed to provide opportunities to say thank you to faculty and staff, be appreciated by our peers and acknowledge the great service we provide to the campus community. The program, developed by the Strategic Planning Subcommittee on Human Capital, is expected to be launched later this semester.
  • Enrollment—Leadership reviewed fall enrollment reports and discussed strategies to increase enrollment.
February 12, 2019
  • SUBOA—Carol Bishop reviewed major topics discussed at the recent State University Business Officers Association meeting.
  • Data—Katie Bucci and JoAnna Brosnan have begun developing a campus data inventory.
  • PRODI-G—Chancellor Johnson’s initiative to increase minority and women faculty members in STEM areas was discussed.
February 5, 2019
  • Budget Process—Steve Cembrinski led a detailed presentation on the new budget process and the packet that has been distributed to account managers. The new budget process ties directly to assessment plans, the strategic plan and Middle State requirements.
  • Extra Funding Requests—Carol Bishop reviewed the four extra funding requests that had been received and the decisions that were made.
  • New Programs—Kelli Ligeikis provided updates on the status of the Engineering Science and Bachelor’s of Architecture proposals.
  • Master Planning—John Padovani reported on Residence Hall Master Plan progress to date.
  • Upcoming Events—The first Summer Job Fair and Student Philanthropy Day is scheduled for February 13.
January 29, 2019
  • Barnes and Noble Café—John Padovani showed preliminary designs for the new Barnes and Noble Café in Farrell Center. The café, featuring Starbucks coffee, will increase traffic and make Farrell more of a student center. This new initiative will replace the Library Café and create more academic and student support space in the Resnick Library and Academic Achievement Center.
  • Student Employment—Hourly pay rates for student employees during the summer were reviewed.
  • Executive Budget—Carol Bishop reviewed key highlights from Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget.
  • SUNY Provost—Todd Laursen, the new SUNY Provost, met with the Leadership Team and also toured the campus.
January 15, 2019
  • Merit—Karyn Wendrow gave an overview of Merit, an online resource for students to highlight their achievements. Merit is also used for distributing press releases and engaging influential audiences.
  • Elevating Customer Service—Tomás Aguirre shared a PowerPoint on customer service and its connection to retention and student success. The presentation was part of the Student Life Division Spring Meeting.
  • Retention—First-time student retention increased seven percent compared to last year.
  • Federal Government Shutdown—SUNY has indicated that the shutdown may result in financial aid delays for new students. SUNY does not expect it to impact financial aid for returning students.
  • Assessment Day—Over 200 faculty and staff participated in this year’s Assessment Day.
  • CADI Leader—Ralph Perez-Rogers begins his new duties as Executive Director of CADI on January 16.
  • Student Opportunity—Sponsorship from Alumni Association is making it possible for four PGM majors to attend the PGA Merchandise Show and a SUNY Delhi Alumni Networking reception next week in Orlando Florida.
Office of Admissions

118 Bush Hall