Support Services & Academic Adjustments

Support Services & Academic Adjustments

Academic Adjustments

There are a number of appropriate academic adjustments, depending upon the specific disability-related needs of the student. View the Academic Adjustment Guidelines prior to arranging for academic adjustments. Types of academic adjustments include but are not limited to the following:

Request For Alternatively Formatted Books

Students who have a print disability may request copies of their textbooks in alternative formats. The college uses a variety of sources to supply these materials, including files obtained from the publisher and scanning books in house. In order to request texts in alternative formats, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Complete the Form for Application for Texts in Alternate Formats.
  • Submit documentation of your print disability and proof of purchase.
  • You must complete a new application for each term you enroll. Books will not be requested on your behalf unless you submit the form and proof of purchase. Documentation only needs to be supplied once.
  • Requests take approximately 2 weeks, depending on the source of the text. Some texts may be turned around faster, some may take longer. Check with the statewide coordinator after submitting your request for a progress report.

Extended Time

  • This is one of the most common academic adjustments across disability groups. The typical recommendation is time and one-half or double time, but we do not provide unlimited time as an option. (Students working with a reader or scribe may require more than double time.)
  • All tests delivered to the Testing Center will be logged in as having been delivered by an appropriate staff member and then placed in a secure location. The Testing Center will schedule all rooms and proctors for tests.
  • Students who complete a test prior to the beginning of their class, will remain in the Testing Center until their class begins the test.

Reading Services

  • Computer reads to student.

Scribe Services

  • A person who writes down, verbatim, the student's answers, and fills out a scantron sheet, if necessary.

Computer Access

  • Many students can independently complete essay exams on computers; some may need enlargement, speech output or a spell check program, which can be provided at the RAAC, if notified in advance.

Note Taker

  • A student in the class who shares their notes with another student. They are given duplicating notebooks and volunteer service credit.

Converted Format

  • This may include large print, Braille, audio taped exam material, or e-files.

Quiet and Comparable Testing Environment

  • Some students require a reduced distraction testing environment. All students should have testing environments comparable to those of their classmates - - i.e. testing space with limited interruptions with proper writing surface, seating and lighting.